What do junk yards do with broken windshields

Damaged windshield - causes and repair guide

The windshield plays a special role in the car. It allows the driver of the vehicle to see the road in front of the car at any time. For this reason, the windshield also has a special legal role. Our guide contains everything you need to know about the windshield and what to do in the event of cracks, stone chips and scratches.

Windshield - construction and assembly

The windshield of the car protects the occupants from the wind, dirt and foreign bodies. In the event of a rockfall or an accident, the windscreen must also be used extreme loads withstand. It therefore consists of three layers:

  • hardened top disc
  • Inner pane
  • Adhesive layer between the two panes

The windshield will firmly attached to the car. In the past, front windows were used in cars with a rubber window. You could easily push them out from the inside to change them. This no longer works with modern cars because the windshields are there today glued. In addition, these do not represent a pure Viewing window more represent, but contribute to Body stability of the car. The Replacing a broken windshield is therefore a job for him Professional.

Special functions of the windshield

The windshield serves as a field of vision, as a holder for the rearview mirror and helps to stabilize the body. In modern cars, however, it still has quite a few Special functions:

  • Attachment of a camera or dashcam to the window or inside mirror
  • Tint strips as glare protection
  • Reduction of solar radiation through special adhesives
  • Window heating via invisible heating wires
  • Installation of an invisible antenna
  • Integration of assistance systems (e.g. rain sensor, traffic sign recognition)

Damage to the windshield - causes and consequences

The driver must have a clear field of vision at all times. The windshield of the car is therefore also of legal interest. With a defective windshield passes the car no general inspection by the TÜV. In this case, it is important to carry out a diagnosis. Depending on the symptoms, it is then necessary to repair or replace the windshield. In the following sections we define the most common damage more accurate.


The heavy use of the windshield and the Contact with dirt, dust and wind leads to one over the years slight local blindness. This is not about damage, but rather about wear. In this case, it is usually not necessary to replace the front screen. With modern devices, blind spots in the windshield can be reduced or removed. Polishing instructions follow below.

Falling rocks

As the name suggests, rockfall is caused by hard objects. Usually these are stones that are thrown up by the roadway. The rockfall usually has one round shape around the point of impact around. In the middle at the point of impact there is usually a visible and manageable crater. Under certain conditions there is a Repair possible, but often it is also necessary to change the windshield.


Fine and coarse scratches are caused by contact with foreign bodies. These are mostly stones, fine sand or others things thrown up by the floor. Has serious consequences Defect in the windshield wiper, because then bare metal grinds over the disc. Also the ice scraper in winter leaves fine scratches in the long term. Up to a certain size and depth can be Repair scratches if necessary. Below are instructions for polishing up the car windshield.

Crack or crack

A crack or crack in the windshield is caused by extreme overload. Usually this happens in Result of an accidentin which the body was warped. But a crack can also be homemade. Hot water in winter For example, defrosting a cold pane causes great internal stresses. These can certainly cause a crack in the glass. It is therefore better to use the car's ventilation for defrosting.

At the Crack or crack it is the most serious damage. These cannot be repaired, only that helps here Changing the windshield. If a crack occurs for no apparent reason, the car should also be examined more closely to find out the cause.

Guide to fine scratches and blind spots

Over time, fine scratches and blind spots appear on the car windshield. These can be combined with a Polishing machine and a special one Glass polish remove. The polishing of glass works the same way as with paint: it will microscopic layers removed and what remains is a smooth surface.

If you want to polish the windshield on the car yourself, use one polish suitable for glass. However, when sanding scratched areas Attention commanded: The wrong treatment causes deeper scratches. In this case it is Changing the windshield necessary.

Advice for small rockfalls

Small rockfalls usually occur while driving. React quickly here and glue the point in question as soon as possible with a sticker from. There are also special ones in workshops for this Rockfall pavement. This preventedthat water penetrates and in winter freezing water the window blows.

In the case of minor damage, there may be a Rockfall repair into consideration. Various workshops offer repairs in which the pane is restored. However, the repair may only be carried out if certain requirements are present.

Cost of repairing the windshield

The repair of the windshield works through the injection of synthetic resin. This fills in the fine cracks and scratches and is invisible. The stability is then restored and the pane looks like new. The costs usually amount to about 100 €. There are a few, however Conditions for a repair with synthetic resin:

  • Damage not in the direct field of vision of the driver
  • at least 10 cm from the edge of the windshield
  • Impact point maximum 5 millimeters in diameter and only in the upper pane
  • The maximum size of the damage is a 2 euro piece

Repairing the windshield is much cheaper than changing it. Although the deductible would generally be due, many insurance companies do without it. The Repair costs takes over in these cases Partial comprehensive insurance. So it is mostly one for the owner of the car free repair.

Advice for large rockfalls, cracks and cracks

At Cracks, cracks and larger stone chipsthat do not meet the above criteria is that Change the disc due. The windshield should also be changed immediately, as the Stability no longer given is. In the worst case, the pane can splinter at an unfavorable moment and endanger people.

You can basically replace the car window yourself. However, this work requires special knowledge of the windshield, the strict procedure according to installation instructions and special tools. It's easier Installation of a new pane in a Specialist workshop. This not only takes on the gluing of the windshield, but also re-integrates the special functions and assistance systems of the car.

Cost of replacing the windshield

Renewing the windshield of the car is done by almost every workshop. Here, disturbing parts are first dismantled, then the old pane is removed and then the new one is glued in. The total cost usually amount to € 600 to € 1500. This mainly depends on which one Special functions fulfills the disc in the respective car.

The Costs for the owner the cars are based on the insurance. Glass breakage is usually covered by partial comprehensive insurance. In this case the holder pays the Deductible from the comprehensive insurance, for example 150 €. The Balance takes over insurance.

Save costs when changing car windows through preparatory work

The Workshop calculated usually according to the actual effort. Changing the windshield is time-consuming. However, it is possible to do some small preparatory work. Discuss with the workshop which steps will help the employees to replace the window more quickly. You can also agree that you will reassemble these parts yourself after changing the windshield in order to further reduce the effort.

Typical Preliminary work, with whom you save money can are:

  • Disassembly of the wiper arms
  • Remove the vestibule including the rubber lip
  • Loosen any other disruptive cladding parts
  • Loosen the inside mirror (usually bayonet lock), including bracket, depending on the car
  • Dismantle the A-pillar trim on both sides
  • If necessary pull out the rubber seal of the disc

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