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  • Grand Soleil 44 Performance: very typical - nevertheless different

    30.01.2021 Cantiere del Pardo draws attention to itself with an excitingly powerful 44-footer. The construction comes from Matteo Polli. The test in PDF download

  • Nobel cruiser with a chance to win: Grand Soleil 44 Performance

    2020-02-27 Cantiere del Pardo is expanding its sports program and is working on a new 44-footer. ORC Pope Matteo Polli is now on board as a designer

  • Sea sailing world championship
    Successful experiment on the high seas

    For the first time, a mixed scoring of IRC and ORC handicaps was used at a sea sailing world championship. Germany took silver twice

  • Trend: sailing for everyone

    For a long time, regattas were considered elitist, expensive or boring. But that has changed. Normal sailors are pouring into new formats. The three-part about racing sailing

  • One for all: World Championship 2018 for ORC and IRC

    20.09.2017And it works! The two largest sea sail fleets are gathering for the joint 2018 World Cup. A combined point system should make the joint venture possible

  • Grand Soleil GS 34 Performance
    More sport and performance again, but less luxury

    Back to the roots. Cantiere del Pardo in Italy is bringing a new ten-meter racer for the ORCi and IRC handicap for the summer of 2017

  • The season opener for ORC and One-Design classes took place off Kiel in violent interplay: first there was no wind at all, then too much. It was exciting anyway

  • Puff cake in front of Copenhagen

    This time the World Sailing Championships took place in Ă–resund. There wasn't much wind, so the demand was all the more: strong nerves and good tactics

  • Light wind aces crowned in Copenhagen

    The ORC World Championship near Copenhagen ended on the weekend with the last races in light winds and the award ceremony

  • Welcome race with obstacles

    An extremely early start by the DSV President, a collision on the inner fjord and smaller parcels than usual in Eckernförde

  • "Kiel has earned World Cup status"

    14.06.2016Stadt, Land and DSV are campaigning in and for Kiel. The national team says goodbye and sets course for Rio. 4000 sailors at the start

  • New class limits: fairer with CDL

    02.03.2016A new division of the starter groups is intended to increase equality of opportunity, especially on the start cross at sea regattas

  • Offshore season started off Kiel

    After the lull at the start, the yachts at the Kiel Classic got better and better at the start of the season. More than 70 crews were on duty

  • Over 160 reports on the offshore World Cup

    04/03/2014 As many starters as never before in the history of the event. To ensure fair races, the organizers come up with something

  • Sprint to St. Petersburg

    23.09.2013The British Swan 60 team "Tsaar Peter" prevailed against the Russian "Bronenosec". The lead after 800 nautical miles: 26 seconds

  • Cheering and breaking in the Gulf of Helsinki

    19.09.2013While the crew of the "Haspa Hamburg" is celebrating the arrival in St. Petersburg, the "Blagodarnost" has to give up the race shortly before the finish

  • "Outsider" First Ship home

    09/18/2013 At 14:58 local time, the "Outsider" was the first yacht to cross the finish line in front of St. Petersburg. The lead: almost 140 nautical miles

  • Bad luck at the end of the season

    The sailors waited for the wind for two days until the relieving breeze finally came on Saturday. However, at the end of the season it remained covered

  • With a fresh west wind to the east

    16.09.2013On Sunday the ORC yachts started the Nord Stream Race in front of Sonwik. The second starting shot for the Swan 60 will be given at 4 p.m. today

  • With "El Pocko" to the world championship

    02/21/2013 No joke: This yacht is set to become ORCi World Champion in 2014 off Kiel. An all-star gang brought the old IMS racer from Spain

  • A step towards transparency

    The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) has completely revised its website. The new page brings light into the darkness of the formula

  • A summer fairy tale: ORCi World Cup off Kiel

    11/08/2012 The Offshore Racing Congress has awarded the 2014 continental championships. The World Sailing Championship went to Kiel

  • Is the Admiral's Cup coming back?

    The Royal Ocean Cup off Bornholm, announced for the first time in 2013, brings back memories of the glory days of German ocean sports

  • Italians with double success

    13.08.2012The Farr 40 "Enfant Terrible" was able to defend its title at the World Sailing Championships in Helsinki - a novelty

  • High tech and innovation bundled

    09.05.2012 Judel / Vrolijk & Co draw an ultra-hot ORC Racer especially for Lake Constance conditions. The boat was built on site at Speedwave

  • New world formula in progress

    04.11.2010The two large competing systems ORCi and IRC are to be combined

  • ORC international is launched in Australia

    06.10.2008An interview with the Australian sailing icon Syd Fisher

  • Disputes handicap systems

    14.03.2008ORC International or IRC? The arguments of the protagonists. The most important arguments here in the video. The YACHT has invited to an interview.

  • IMS remains the handicap system in Germany

    27.10.2004Despite some problems, the accounting according to IMS enabled very good regattas

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