We have to learn tolerance

Tolerance? One can learn!

One can learn to be tolerant

So, although we were all tolerant as children, most of us become more and more intolerant as life goes on. Fortunately, however, this development is not a one-way street, because we can make new decisions every day how we treat our fellow human beings. Ideally, life experience creates a knowledge that otherness is something completely natural. This realization makes tolerant behavior easier. However, tolerance cannot be taken for granted. Day after day, our tolerance is challenged anew at school or university, at work or in our free time. As is so often the case here, too: Practice makes perfect. The following tips will help.

To listen
Everyone has the right to express their personal opinion. The first step on the way to more tolerance is to first listen to the other person and try to understand what they are saying. Often something that you initially found completely nonsensical then suddenly turns out to be completely conclusive.

Be open
Not only expressing your own opinion loudly, but also allowing objective criticism and being open to new thought impulses is a sign of strength and can be a great enrichment.

Recognize intermediate tones
Intolerant people only know two dimensions, right and wrong. In fact, life is much more diverse. Those who accept this get a more realistic picture of reality and automatically become more tolerant.

Don't dramatize mistakes
New York is the largest city in the world? Not exactly, but tolerance also means not judging another person just for talking nonsense. Anyone can be wrong, there is no reason to disapprove of them.

Enjoy recognition
Tolerance also has a positive effect on the relationship with other people, as they feel accepted. As soon as you have consciously experienced that you are recognized for your tolerant behavior, it becomes easier and easier for you.

Check prejudices
Admittedly, most of us have one or the other prejudice. It's human, but tolerance often gets in the way. That is why it is important to admit your own prejudices and to put them to the test every now and then.

Admit fears
If you totally reject something, you should go inside and consider whether you are afraid of it for deeper reasons. Because: Fear can be overcome if you know the cause and deal with it.

have patience
Very important: Nobody can become a more tolerant person from one day to the next - this requires a longer learning and experience process. That's why you should be patient with yourself and just be happy about every little progress.