How to say justice in Bengali

YEGNA - with music for social justice

YEGNA - with music for social justice

Song, -s (m., From English) - the song

Child marriage, -en (f.) - the fact that in some countries children are married by their parents to a man who is often much older

Educational opportunity, -n (f.) - the opportunities someone has to get a good education / schooling

Fan, -s (m., From English) - someone who thinks something or someone (e.g. a music group) is great

Mission, -en (f.) - here: an important order, an important project

Band, -s (f., From English) - a music group

Amharic (n., Singular only) - one of the main languages ​​of Ethiopia

to stand for something - here: to be a symbol for something; represent something

social change (m., singular only) - the changes in a society

Self-determination (f., Singular only) - independence; the fact that you can choose your own life

Lyrics (plural only, from English) - the lyrics

have a deep meaning - have a meaning that is relevant to many people; not superficial

instructive - so that you can learn a lot from something

Talk show, -s (f., From English) - a program on television or on the radio that discusses certain topics

Radio play, -e (n.) - the story that one z. B. can be heard on CD or on the radio

ambitious - very diligent

City-Girl, -s (n., English) - a girl who lives in the city

maternal - like a good mother; caring; loving; concerned

Street child (n.) - a child who lives on the street and has no home; a child who is very poor and who spends a lot of time on the street, e.g. B. begs for money

Script, -s (n.) - here: the text that the actors speak

Story, Stories (f., From English) - the history

Workshop, -s (m., From English) - a seminar in which participants learn through practical exercises

domestic violence - if someone is beaten or otherwise ill-treated at home (e.g. by one's own parents or one's own spouse)

Forced marriage, -n (f.) - a marriage to which one does not choose freely, but is forced

identify with something - fully agree with something; feel very connected to something; here also: recognizing yourself in something because you have had the same experience

Perspective, -n (f.) - here: the way in which one perceives, understands and evaluates something; the possibilities and chances for someone or something in the future

Solution approach, approaches (m.) - the first ideas / steps to solve a difficult task or problem

in many ways - in many different ways; in terms of many different things

Casting, -s (n., From English) - the selection process in which musicians or actors or similar have to show their skills

Celebrity, -s (m.) - Abbreviation for: the celebrity; the famous person

round - here: about; approximately

lifted - exaggerated; not normal; here: as if something no longer has anything to do with normal human life

Buddy, - (m.) - slang for: the friend

to hurt someone - harm someone very much (e.g. through violence)

rape someone - force someone to have sex

Attitude, -en (f.) - here: the setting; the opinion; Behaviour