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Little Christmas break

Instead of putting some news on the website every day, I'll retreat to the cozy living room with a few books for a few days. Far away from the Internet, computers and co.

It continues on January 4th, 2017.

Of course it stays that way: New videos appear on HIZ.InVideo on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

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Solar cells to roll out

Solar cells, thin as foil and so flexible that they can be rolled out over large areas on different surfaces such as house and vehicle roofs or glass fronts - that is one of the long-term goals of a German-Danish research project that is now starting.

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Outdoor lighting - the right way

Fairy lights, street lamps and advertising displays: especially in December, we brighten the dark season with outdoor lighting. It has long been known that this not only puts us in a Christmas mood, but can also have negative consequences for people and nature. Researchers publish recommendations for optimal outdoor lighting.

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Qubits retention time improved

New technology removes quasi-particles from superconducting quantum switches. Scientists have succeeded in further improving the storage time of superconducting quantum switches. It is an important prerequisite for realizing high-performance quantum computers that the data stored in them is preserved for as long as possible.

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Malware is not the only problem

The malware "Gooligan" has infected a million Android cell phones worldwide in the last few days. Unfortunately, malware like Gooligan is not uncommon and will continue to make headlines in the future. It is an illusion that users change their behavior and are really able to ensure their safety. We therefore need another solution to counter these and similar threats. A comment from Secucloud CEO Dennis Monner.

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Buy groceries online

One in four has bought groceries online at some point. This shows a high level of satisfaction when shopping for groceries online. More and more consumers are also buying perishables quickly online. Above all, independence from opening times is valued.

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Cloud computing for SMEs

Above all, cloud services offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the potential for relief and savings in the IT system. However, they often lack acceptance and trust in the offers. Researchers are now opening up cloud computing for medium-sized providers and users.

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Destroy the Avalanche botnet

An internationally coordinated group of law enforcement officers and private (business) security enthusiasts have succeeded in bringing the command & control computers of the Avalanche botnet under their control and thereby smashing the botnet. It is up to the user to clean up the infected computers.

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The advantage of smart data transformation

Companies have recognized the potential of big data in a digitized world. What economic benefits can you already realize today? How important are smart data transformation projects? In order to better understand the current and future importance of big data and the implementation of smart data, decision-makers were interviewed.

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Ask the doll!

The majority of all people requiring care are cared for at home. One concern that always resonates is what happens when there is no nursing service or no relative is present? The Quality and Usability Lab at TU Berlin researches communication with an interactive doll in nursing.

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Redefinition of the ampere

By 2018, scientists want to put all basic physical units on a solid, unchangeable foundation - the natural constants. The scientists at PTB have succeeded in representing the ampere much more precisely than in the classic definition.

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The visually impaired can hear the world thanks to radar

Scanned by radar technology and translated into an acoustic image: This is how the environment should be presented to blind and visually impaired people in the future so that they can orientate themselves better. The system should represent obstacles and movements through different sound properties such as pitch or audio frequency coming from the correct direction. Researchers are developing a corresponding sensor system.

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Full concentration at the wheel

The cell phone rings, the navigation system complains, the billboards flash on the roadside: Distractions while driving endanger driving safety and provoke accidents. Novice drivers and older drivers seem particularly prone to distractions. In a study in the driving simulator, researchers are investigating which stimuli are the most distracting at which age in order to give recommendations for traffic design measures and training for different age groups.

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Live video over the Internet

Despite advances in video streaming technology, providing high quality live video is still a challenge for providers. Akamai's experience has shown that the key to success is having the best possible video quality at every stage of the workflow, whether broadcasting global or local events.

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Native 4K versus IP video

In more and more areas, displays at the point of sale, but also as an advertising medium or signposts in heavily frequented rooms are indispensable. Classic advertising is supplemented by digital signage applications. This technology has already become irreplaceable, especially in large and heavily frequented rooms and in many other environments.

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Retrofit for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 requires sensors to record and synchronize data inside and around machines with the utmost precision. Engineers provide the vBox with new connections for existing machines. Existing production systems are equipped with network capabilities in line with Industry 4.0. This saves machine operators high costs for new investments

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New light thanks to nanostructures

In the future, they should let posters light up by themselves or highlight evening joggers in the dark: Light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) offer many advantages over the known LEDs, but there is still a lack of - yes, the right light. For the first time, researchers have been able to selectively change the color and at the same time increase the performance of the LECs.

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Math for Social Behavior

For a long time, the mathematical modeling of social systems and dynamics was considered science fiction. But being able to calculate and thus influence human behavior is well on the way to becoming reality. Scientists develop tools with which scenarios can be calculated in order to increase safety at major events or to make evacuations more efficient.

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