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Record in the pandemic : Trust in government reaches maximum value in corona crisis

The fight of the federal government against the corona pandemic has raised the trust of the citizens in it to a new record level. This is the result of a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation, which is available to the Tagesspiegel. 49 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that the government is strong enough.

That is an increase of 20 percentage points compared to the values ​​from six months ago (19 percent). This is the "highest absolute value" since Allensbach first asked the question in 1999, said Robert Vehrkamp, ​​democracy expert at the Bertelsmann Foundation, the newspaper. “The population trusts very largely the measures taken by the government during the first phase of the pandemic. The values ​​are extraordinary and the changes are more than clear, ”said the expert.

However, these assessments could change again, warned the representative of the Bertelsmann Foundation: “The federal government should therefore not rest on these figures. They are not a blank check for the future. "At least they showed a very good preliminary final balance of the now completed first phase of the fight against the virus.

26 percent of respondents said they were concerned that the government was too weak. In November 2019, this value had reached the previous high of 58 percent.

[You can find the latest developments on the coronavirus pandemic here in our news blog. The developments especially in Berlin at this point.]

The Corona crisis also has a significant impact on confidence in the political system. In the survey carried out at the end of April, 68 percent of those questioned stated that they perceive the state in Germany as very or rather strong. This is 23 percentage points more than in November 2019, when 45 percent shared this opinion. 23 percent, and thus far fewer than last year, now said they found the state to be very or rather weak (November 2019: 44 percent).

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