What is a VC pitch deck

The 1 × 1 of the perfect pitch deck

Presentations are an everyday part of business life for startups. The slide sets - so-called Pitch decks - are comparable to a hand of cards where you have to play the trumps at the right moment. But what does this perfect pitch deck look like? And which cards should you play when?

What aces do you have up your sleeve?

Why the pitch deck trumps the business plan

A systematic business concept is the number one success factor for startups. The concept is often summarized in a business plan. Investors can hardly do without this form of written idea. However, there are famous cases in which no business plan had to be presented in order to get money - the pitch deck convinced investors to invest in the millions.

But why were these presentation slides enough to generate millions in investment? And why should you prefer a good pitch deck to a detailed business plan (initially)?

In the pitch deck, all important questions about the startup are answered briefly, crisply and compactly. The advantages of creating a pitch deck are that ...

  • it is much more flexible than a written business plan.
  • Changes can be made more quickly.
  • it is customizable for each audience.
  • Investors rarely take the time to read a 50-page business plan.
  • you can attract more attention with an exciting short presentation.


Countless startups fail to get their ideas after KISS scheme - ie "short and simple" - showcase. If you have to explain the business model or the purpose of the product in a hurry, the listener's interest has long been lost. Such a thing is impossible with an excellent pitch deck.

Does a great pitch guarantee the big rain of money? Maybe. © GIPHY / statechamps


What must be inside

At the beginning of all considerations for a good pitch deck is who the presentation is aimed at. It makes a difference whether you present the slides in front of investors, potential customers or start-ups. Even when submitting an award, there are different requirements for the pitch deck. What information does my audience need? What questions could my audience ask? There is no such thing as a pitch deck that meets all requirements.

There are countless templates for the perfect pitch deck on the Internet. Since the content of a pitch deck can differ depending on the startup and the occasion of the pitch, the following applies: There is no pitch deck for all cases. Not all points need to be covered in every one of your presentations. If you are well prepared for a presentation, it is individually adapted to the needs of the audience - more technological data for technicians, more key figures for potential investors. In general, the decks are not very extensive - everything important must be explained in 10 to a maximum of 15 slides. This "Kit“Helps you put together the right pitch deck (in an indefinite order).

  • The title slide

    The name and logo of the startup should definitely be on the title slide.

  • The mission

    Here the idea is briefly summarized in a concise sentence. A one-liner is sufficient for this mission. This is how the message is imprinted on your audience. The goal: to get to the point and at the same time create enthusiasm for the idea. Comparisons can also be made with existing companies (“the Spotify for computer games”, “the Airbnb for sports cars”).

  • The problem

    At this point the problem is described so that the audience can recognize the "pain point". The aim is to create a connection to a problem that actually preoccupies people and with which they can identify. If you have the solution to such a problem, asking for it should not be a problem. However, it is about communicating these correctly and clearly.
    A good tip comes from Tyler Crowley, CEO of Skweal: "It's not what you said, it's how you made them feel". It is not the features of the product that are in the foreground, but the emphasis on the basic problem and the "pain". Example: "Many don't want to pay the full price for a computer game if they just want to test it."

  • The solution

    The solution should be described simply. Depending on the goal of the pitch deck, you have to present this solution in more or less detail. So watch out for your audience! Technological details can put your listeners to sleep. If there are plans for the future of the product idea, these should also be on the slide. How does my approach differ from other, comparable solutions on the market?
    When presenting this slide, it is also ideal if you can already present a prototype of the product. This is not yet available? Then describe in simple terms your approach and how you would like to contribute to solving the problem.

  • The team

    Who is behind the idea? This is not insignificant information, especially for investors. If your team has the trust of the investor, you are on the right track. Positions and previous experience can be named here.

  • The business model

    A very significant slide. How should money be made with the product? What price do i ask? A well-developed financial plan is helpful for this slide. Ultimately, your audience should also recognize whether your idea has potential for success. If you know when you will reach your break even point, feel free to mention that here.

  • The market and the customers

    Of course, there must also be a market for the product and, accordingly, customers. Who are they? And how big is the market for the product? Please substantiate everything with references!

  • The competition

    At this point, background research is required. The competitors are briefly listed and their approaches explained. But stick to the truth: "We have no competitors" is not a statement that will satisfy your audience. Your solution can also be substitutable in any way. So worry about gaps in your business idea.

  • Goals already achieved & future goals

    You can make a particularly strong impression with this film. If you have already worked through a few milestones, this can be a convincing argument for an investor to invest in you and your idea. Traction and performance indicators are in demand here.

  • Marketing, sales and PR

    Depending on the industry and audience, it is a more or less important slide. However, most of the points are often covered in the business model slide.

  • The investor slide

    When pitching in front of an investor, be sure to think about your capital requirements. In any case, describe what you plan to do with the money, because investors will certainly not make you an offer without a plausible explanation. In addition, the scalability of the startup's business idea should be clearly visible.

  • The relation to the event

    If the pitch deck was created for an award: Why are you participating in the award? What benefit do you promise yourself from it?

  • The contact

    The most important contact persons are listed here. Telephone number, email address, social media profiles - you can and should indicate these on the slide.

The pitch tells a story

If you want to make your pitch deck particularly original and informative, pack it in one all-encompassing story. A story told makes it easier for the audience to understand the business concept.

How could such a story now be structured? Startplatz.de describes an exemplary story:
“We have a mission that is implemented by a team. We have identified a problem which we are addressing with a solution based on the following technology. We are targeting a special market and want to conquer it through our sales strategy. We have many advantages over our competitors. To achieve our goals, we are working towards the milestones and the financing gives you as an investor the opportunity to participate in our success. "

If you have the finished script for the story, it is best to test it out on your friends or family. Is it well received? User stories are also very popular. In any case, the benefit of your business idea must be clearly highlighted. If you can't teach your audience what your idea is about, it can have dire consequences for your business too.

Tell your story! © GIPHY / nerdo


The pitch deck as a gem

You can show your creativity when designing the pitch deck. How one with unusual slides Generates interest, showsReddit's annual ad sales pitch deck. These slides are definitely crazy - they will probably stay in your mind longer. However, it is important that the audience understands the messages. Such a deck would be rather daring for an investor presentation. Before the shot backfires, it is better to bet on a safe variant. For example, you play it safe with the branded pitch decks from LOGOSHUFFLE.

We recommend one slide per item. Typos and other spelling mistakes in the slides are of course taboo. The presentation can also be wonderfully loosened up with pretty infographics. Note: The pitch deck should in any case be a PDF - so that the presentation looks as intended.

When designing your design, you can use pitch decks that have already generated a lot of money - be it initial or follow-up financing. You can also do theeight tips for creating the perfect pitch deck draw in. If you want to pitch in front of investors, would bethis article about pitching in front of VCs recommended for you.

What is also important: Maintain your pitch deck like a piece of jewelry. Are there new quarterly figures, put them in! A well-maintained and up-to-date pitch deck creates interest. in the Seedmatch's Guide and in Article from Deutsche-Startups.de you will receive further good tips on impressive slides.


Are you ready for the next step? In the next post we go to the perfect pitch even more precisely.