Clash Royale is a card game

Clash Royale

The mix of card game and tower defense

The free mobile game "Clash Royale" is a mixture of card game and tower defense. With the help of cards you summon troops that lay siege to the enemy towers in order to overthrow the king. In the game you fight against other players in real time. Do you want to play it? You can download it here.

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Clash Royale: Supported Platforms

You can download Clash Royale for the following platforms. Information about the last update: The Apple iOS version "3.5.0" of Clash Royale was updated on March 30th.

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All versions of Clash Royale available for download can be found on the download page. There you will also find further details about the individual versions.

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Clash Royale 3.5.0 for: Apple iOS
Clash Royale 3.5.0 for: Android

Clash Royale: App for Android

You can download the Clash Royale app for Android smartphones and tablets in the Google Play Store. There you will find the current version "3.5.0" from March 26th.

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Clash Royale rating in the Google Play Store Unfortunately it became a rip-off! Game idea, graphics ok, BUT PAY-to-WIN! If you don't buy anything, in 8 out of 10 games you already know at the beginning who will win (yawn, super boring), opponents 2 to 3 levels stronger, matchmaking sooo underground, tie-break last shit !!! Sayings are funny and, by the way, okay if you don't pay anything. Therefore a star. You only get annoyed when you pay money !!! Is NOT a strategy game! Incidentally, I've been around for a long time at over 5,500, lvl 12.

Clash Royale: iOS app for iPhone and iPad

You can download version "3.5.0" of Clash Royale for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. This was last updated on March 30, 2021 and is available free of charge.

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Clash Royale rating on the App Store Free2Play is very, very difficult - I've been playing the game for 2 years now, I've achieved 5300 trophies and an okay good clan, but when I play ladder (trophy-based game) more and more often I find people who only have level 13 troops and also already Level 13 is (the highest attainable level) and it's hard to keep up with level 12 with a single level 13 card because most of my cards are on 11 or 12. In addition, Clan War 2 is the biggest rubbish in the world because you have to play against the same clans for 5 weeks and if you are a little worse than another clan you lose about 5 members in first place and you get much fewer rewards. What I mean by saying that you should always spend 1 week with the clans and then switch opponents. Otherwise I have no big problems except that Eriesen should be made worse and if you developers should read this then remember that the update with Magic Items was very good. Lg X-Walker from the Chill Dragons clan

The free mobile game "Clash Royale" is a colorful mixture of card game and tower defense. With the help of your deck of cards you summon troops in Clash Royale, which besiege the enemy towers in order to overthrow the king.

  1. Clash Royale: The mix of card game and tower defense
  2. Operation and functions of Clash Royale
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Operation and functions of Clash Royale

If you are starting the game for the first time, an assistant will guide you through your first game. Here you learn the basics. Of course, you can also have a look at our tips for Clash Royale to help you find your way.

The Clash Royale playing field is divided into two halves. If you have placed one of your cards, the respective units usually move to the side of your opponent and start attacks on his building. The winner is whoever has more towers than the opponent when the time runs out. The destruction of the enemy royal tower always leads to victory immediately.

You don't play against a calculating computer, but against real players from all over the world. There is an opponent for a game almost at any time, and a match starts in a few seconds.

Clash Royale: These are the best decks of cards

If you want to win often in Clash Royale, you should know the best decks. With the right combination of cards and the right strategy, your chance of winning increases. Here you can see an overview of the best decks.

If an enemy crown tower is destroyed, your area of ​​influence expands to the side of the enemy, so that you can place your units closer to the respective target. If you have destroyed all of an opponent's towers, the round is over. As a reward, you will get a chest that contains all kinds of things. For example, you get cards, gold coins and the premium currency jewels.

You can then use the gold coins and jewels to improve your cards and prepare yourself for the next battle. On the one hand, collecting new cards motivates, on the other hand, players can strengthen their cards by spending money. This is how they gain advantages in multiplayer and to a certain extent this is pay-to-win. The one who spends more money will get better cards faster and may thus win more often than before - not a nice system in games.

Our conclusion on Clash Royale

Clash Royale uses the characters of the famous units from Clash of Clans, but is a stand-alone game with new gameplay. The mix of card games and tower defense is an interesting approach and makes for exciting multiplayer battles.

The rewards as well as the upgrading for cards arouse the desire to collect and motivate to continue playing. Fans of tower defense games and card games will enjoy this game as long as they can overlook a certain pay-to-win factor. By the way: In a separate article we have compiled other exciting mobile games for iPhone and Android for you.

Clash Royale: Download possible for these platforms

The game is available for free on iOS and Android. You can use the respective download button above, below or on the right to download and play Clash Royale.

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