Who will benefit from the destabilization of the United States

Europe's future : Germany has to pay to save the EU

The history of the European Union is the history of the expansion of a great idea of ​​freedom on a continent torn by centuries of wars. It is a story that would not have been possible without the constant encouragement and support of the United States of America. And it's a story whose success in the end is also related to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This story could now come to an end.

We know that Vladimir Putin's Russia has no interest in the continued existence of the EU. He wants to regain influence and power in Eastern Europe. Almost any means of destabilizing this region is fine with him. Since the election of Donald Trump as US President, we have also known that his America first wants to drive a united Europe into discord and then destroy it. His cheers over Brexit and his attacks against Germany prove it. Instead of one, the European Union suddenly has two powerful opponents - and since the EU itself has no idea of ​​its future, the third enemy of the unity of the continent could be its division.

As it stands, there is one country ahead of anyone else that the EU can save, and that is Germany. Because both Putin and Trump know this, they are trying to discredit the role of the Federal Republic in Europe and isolate our country. Don't both of them understand that Germany's embedding in Europe is an anchor of stability for everyone? German politics must react to this, but not through defiant contradiction, but through clever diplomacy - and a change of direction.

Germany benefits from the weak euro more than others

Trump and his advisors accuse Germany of abusing Europe for selfish reasons and weakening the euro in order to take advantage of its trading partners. Germany is not to blame for the weak euro. But it benefits from this more than any other EU country due to its permanently growing exports.

From the community

We have to take care of core Europe, with all the consequences. We can support all others as far as our strength allows. To recognize and tackle this would be politically courageous, but also absolutely necessary, in our own interest

... writes user Gophi

At the same time, the rest of Europe benefits little from this German dominance. On the contrary. For a long time Germany liked the role of the disciplinarian of the Europeans when it came to the implementation of stability goals. But we have seen the dangerous youth unemployment and the social crises in southern Europe. And believed that they could not contribute much to their solution. That is a mistake. We should neither transfer German mentalities to other countries nor imagine that countries without our industrial tradition can at some point achieve prosperity through similar export successes. The EU's structural funds are already a redistribution of resources from rich to poor countries, with great success.

Germany will also have to get used to the idea that without some kind of horizontal financial equalization in the Union it will not work in the long term. The catchphrase of the “socialization of debt”, which is used to polemicize against it, does not help. With the fact that no one benefits from Europe as much as Germany, we have also settled down well. Actually, the two together are two sides of the same coin.

Yes, we will have to pay. Because it benefits everyone. Everything else would be more expensive and would be detrimental to Europe.

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