What made Feanor so special


I have to honestly say, for me, Fingon, Maedhros and especially Maglor are much more fascinating (and impressive).

The first thing I noticed about Feanor was that he must have been a very spoiled kid. Which is only natural; he was practically the only thing that Finwe had left of Míriel and he loved her very much. Later he was massively jealous of Fingolfin and Finarfin, and he probably didn't get along with Indis either. All his actions seem to me more like reactions of defiance, he does not even act (mMn) mature and grown up. Sure, he is talented, the greatest craftsman of his time, etc. But he is also impulsive, does not reflect enough on his own actions and is extremely self-centered. I never really liked him.

To answer your question: yes. In this constellation of events, it was absolutely no surprise how Feanor reacted. I would be astonished or interested if Tolkien had blamed someone like Fingolfin for the whole misery; someone who the reader actually expects to think first and then act. This is not expected of Feanor, because although he was intelligent, ingenious and brilliant in his field - he was not wise. He wasn't lenient. And the words "I forgive you" have probably never left his lips, let alone that he would have apologized. In fact, I found that he reacts like a child in the defiant phase. Running away is not a solution;)

I can only agree with you. I find him a very interesting character, but he doesn't interest me as much as Maglor and Maedhros ... even if Maglor is my favorite character :)