How can I trigger the weapon electrically?

What is a "taser"? Are you really supposed to equip all police officers with it?

A "taser" is an electric pulse device that can be used against attackers at close range to prevent the use of a firearm. In Lower Saxony, the "Taser" can only be used by the special task force (SEK).

A “taser” fires two electrodes at a distance of a few meters that get stuck in the clothing or skin of an attacker. The resulting closed circuit conducts electrical impulses, which trigger a brief paralysis of the superficial muscles. The attacker becomes immobilized for a moment.

In Lower Saxony, the "Taser" is only introduced by the special task force (SEK) and may only be used in the event that the use of weapons can be avoided as a result. We refuse to try out the "Taser" outside the special task force and to add the "Taser" to the general equipment of the police.

The public has recently come to the wrong perception that the "taser" is supposedly being introduced across the board. This is wrong. Since the legal classification of electro-pulse devices as a weapon or as a so-called aid to physical violence has so far been legally controversial, the "taser" has been classified as a weapon in the new police law in the interests of legal clarity and legal certainty. Apparently this was the reason for the misunderstanding.

By the way: The use of a "taser" does not have any known consequential damage if it is used properly. Medical studies have even shown that modern cardiac pacemakers and implanted defibrillators, whose electrical power exceeds the electrical impulses emitted by the "taser" many times over, are not impaired by the effect of a "taser".


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