Why don't adults have slumber parties

Top 10 To-Dos for a successful slumber party: How to make your sleepover a complete success!

If you want to plan a successful and exciting pajama party, then try to organize it for adults in proper style. From the prestigious invitation card to the very special evening program, everything needs to be carefully thought out and planned so that there is no long delay. Various games and a festive offer to eat should definitely be the cornerstone of every slumber party. Read the top 10 to-dos here!

One thing is clear: throwing a slumber party is not just for little girls, but also for seasoned women. The most important factor is of course the fun factor - no matter what age you are. Of course, one thing is absolutely clear as a basic requirement: it has to be in proper style at this party. In the course of this, you should organize a sleepover party with all friends well and properly.

Top 1: The invitation card

The invitation card to the stylish party is on the to-do list. Classically, instead of just sent by email, this already makes a great and stylish impression on the other person. The lead time for such an invitation card should be at least one week. It should be noted on this card that your friends should all come in their pajamas.

Top 2: The food

For a successful party that is truly memorable, it is essential to ensure that otherwise forbidden and delicious food is on the menu. Junk food such as fries and chicken wings or large amounts of sweets such as popcorn, waffles with hot cherries or ice cream are must-have for the party.

Top 3: wellness treatments for delicate skin

Peelings and subsequent rich masks are simply a great opportunity to cleanse the skin and then take care of it. Your friends' best tips and tricks for beauty care increase the fun factor considerably.

Top 4: The fun games like pillow fights and Co.

Games for entertainment are immensely important for the success of a party, and you should definitely run them up as evening entertainment. The classic pillow fight is of course at the top of the list. You just need a variety of pillows and a relaxed atmosphere. It is also very fun to divide the party guests into small groups and then to divide the zones to be conquered. A Nintendo Wii with fun games also looks good on it.

Top 5: The classic at a slumber party - The horror film

Horror films with zombies, ghosts and other shockers are an absolute classic at overnight parties and give you and your friends some goosebumps.

Top 6: The most popular minor matter in the world: Doing makeup together

At sleepover parties there is a fixed ritual that guests put on make-up and give make-up tips to each other, so you should definitely prepare for this ritual and have the make-up utensils ready.

Top 7: Telling Yourself Secrets: The Truth or Dare Game

With question and answer sessions in the well-known game "Truth or Dare", secrets and puzzles are quickly revealed in your girlfriends. Popular questions here are “Who are you in love with?”, “Who do you think is the best of the group?” Or actions such as “Replay a scene from your favorite film”.

Top 8: Using the karaoke machine

The use of a karaoke machine is also very popular at pajama parties. It is really great for this if you have pop song lyrics ready. You can easily get this on the Internet and then only have to print it out.

Top 9: take photos

It is very clear that this party among friends must be recorded and duly archived. Photos are therefore an absolute must for the later common memory of this successful party.

Top 10: alcohol at slumber parties

Alcohol is not a must for an adult slumber party, but it can really set the mood. Offering sparkling wine and wine is always a good idea that doesn't get into your head that quickly.

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