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The 8 Most Popular Barbie Dolls

Let's be honest: Barbie is simply THE doll. Nice since the 1960s she conquers the hearts of children. So a long time to go tomost famous Doll the world to become. The good old Barbie kept getting smaller and bigger changes on the journey.Barbara Millicent Roberts - as Barbie is called in its full name - has already conquered countless everyday, but also special places. At home, in the big onesDollhouses she has everything she needs for daily living with her husbandKen needs by her side. In the free time it goes toRiding stables or for shopping andprofessional she was able to work as a firefighter, pilot, flight attendant, make-up artist, singer or office clerk, among other thingsrealize

With theBarbie dolls and the accessories that go with it, you can really experience a lot. However, not everyone is comfortable with thatLook and theValues, whom Barbie often represents, satisfied. The developers try again and again in thissocial Area Making improvements, but for some it's not enough.

In ourChecklist let's summarize for you the most important things about the world of the legendaryBarbie dolls together.

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Checklist for the Barbie dolls

  • Age: Barbie's dolls are mostly suitablefrom 3 years. Some extensive accessory sets with electronic components gofrom 4 years Come on.
  • roll: Barbie already has a lotroll andjobs experienced. From the classic housewife to singer, pilot, policewoman and mermaid there was a lot here. Of course, this offers a lot of possibilities to constantly expand your own doll collection.
  • equipment: This extension also includes the right oneequipment. Of course, Barbie also offers the full rangeDollhousesStrollerscars or evenAircraft
  • criticism: Over the years, however, Barbie was far from free fromcriticism. Many reviewers have problems with thatIdeal of beauty and thelifestylethat the dolls convey from Barbie. The Barbie makers keep trying by small onescorrections or by special dolls that too“Male” professionsseize, take countermeasures. Barbie will never completely get rid of this subject, although she is also the only really famous doll that has oneAdults Mrs represents. Of course, cute babies or toddlers offer less surface to attack.

Recommended dolls toys from Barbie

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Barbie FXN98 - Professions singer doll with pink hair, dolls toy from 3 years
  • With the Barbie career dolls there are no limits to your imagination
  • The Barbie Singer Doll is ready for the big show. Her outfit lets her shine, consisting of a sparkling top in silver, a shimmering skirt, ...
  • Thanks to the microphone stand and detachable microphone, the singer-doll is ready to rock the stage
  • The Barbie singer doll is the perfect gift for young music fans
  • Girls can collect the Barbie career dolls and play sets and act out their career aspirations (all items sold separately)
Barbie DJR88 - dream wedding dolls gift set, with Ken, Chelsea, Stacie and accessories, dolls toys ...
  • This complete dream wedding gift set makes wonderful wedding moments possible. It contains a bride doll, a groom doll, two bridesmaid dolls, three ...
  • Barbie is a beautiful modern bride with her lavender dress with a classic cut, a detachable headband with veil, a necklace, matching shoes ...
  • Ken is ready to wait at the altar in his classic black and white tuxedo with black bow tie and matching shoes
  • Bridesmaids Stacie and Chelsea look just cute in their lavender dresses and matching shoes. Each one also has its own bouquet
  • The wedding cake provides more realistic game moments
Barbie FRV36 - dream horse and doll, running and dancing horse with touch and ...
  • Age: 5+
  • A world full of possibilities: This product is ideal for combining with other Barbie dolls and accessories (sold separately) to create an infinite number of play worlds ...
  • Barbie's horse not only inspires with sounds and movements, but it can also interact with the girl via touch and sound sensors
  • Thanks to different settings, there are several ways to play
  • The dream horse runs and dances optimally only on smooth ground
Barbie FRH73 - Cooking and Baking Deluxe kitchen play set and doll, with accessories and play dough, girl ...
  • The different play areas include an oven with a cake pan, a french fry cutter, a sandwich maker and a pan for vegetables
  • Fill the french fry cutter with yellow plasticine. Then fold down the lid and the french fries are cut and fried hissing - ...
  • Vegetable fans can fill the vegetable molds with modeling clay and, by folding down the lid, conjure up delicious-looking vegetables, which they then prepare on the stove or in the ...
  • With her blue dress, dotted apron and white shoes, the Barbie doll goes well with every dish that young cooks want to conjure up in the kitchen
  • Three alkaline batteries AAA (LR03), excl
Barbie FJB00 Skipper Babysitters Dolls and Stroller Playset, Multi-Color
  • The classic babysitter game with the Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. playsets include a babysitter doll, a baby doll and thematically suitable for walking ...
  • The stroller gets the imagination rolling with the hopping seat: Simply place the toddler doll in the seat and push the stroller so that it can ...
  • The baby doll - and the children - have fun with accessories such as the teddy bear, toy cell phone and baby bottles that the little doll can hold in her hand.
  • The Skipper doll is well prepared and has a blue diaper bag with her that contains her cell phone and a snack for the baby
  • Other Barbie babysitting toys and accessories ensure even more fun and new ideas, because everything is possible with Barbie (sold separately)
Barbie DHC40 - Dreamtopia rainbow light mermaid doll with light show, toys for the ...
  • Age: 3+
  • A world full of possibilities: This product is ideal for combining with other Barbie dolls and accessories (available separately) to create an infinite number of play worlds ...
  • The mermaid base of this Barbie doll can shine in bright rainbow colors
  • For this mesmerizing effect, just press the button on Barbie's necklace to turn it on and dip the doll in the bathtub or pool and watch the colorful ...
Barbie DYL42 Chelsea and Horse, Multi-Color
  • Just like in the Barbie film The Great Dog Search, Chelsea and her lovely pony gallop towards new adventures
  • Chelsea wears a shimmering blue outfit with a detachable skirt and also has a helmet with her
  • Your adorable animal lover is equipped with a detachable saddle and a bridle with reins
  • Thanks to the movable legs, the Chelsea doll can sit properly on the pony to re-enact movie scenes or for self-made riding adventures
  • From 3 years

Dollhouses from Barbie

Barbie house
  • This compact Barbie house with different areas offers lots of classic dollhouse play fun
  • A bathroom, kitchen and living room on two levels with numerous furniture and accessories offer realistic gaming fun
  • The included Barbie doll wears a versatile dress with trendy accents and matching shoes
  • From 3 years
Barbie DLY32 - 3 floors townhouse dollhouse with 4 rooms, elevator and accessories, approx. 75 cm high, girl ...
  • Age: 3+
  • A world full of possibilities: This product is ideal for combining with other Barbie dolls and accessories (available separately) to create an infinite number of play worlds ...
  • With three deluxe play levels, this Barbie townhouse offers plenty of space for a wide variety of stories
  • Barbie's super-luxury home has four rooms and a rooftop lounge, all of which are realistically designed
  • The levels are connected by a manually operated elevator - as soon as Barbie (doll sold separately) has arrived on the second level, the roof opens and a ...
Barbie FBR34 - Super Adventure Camper, Dolls Camping Caravan with Accessories, Girls Toys from 3 ...
  • Age: 3+
  • A world full of possibilities: This product is ideal for combining with other Barbie dolls and accessories (sold separately) to create an infinite number of play worlds ...
  • This great Barbie camper can be transformed from a mobile home into an approx. 60 cm long play set using a magical fold-out function
  • The play set offers a pool with a water slide, a bathroom, a kitchen and two hammocks
  • In addition, the front seats are folded out so that the girls can picnic on the floor
Barbie CHF54 - Glam holiday home, portable dollhouse with 3 rooms, 20+ accessories, approx. 76 cm wide with ...
  • Age: 5+
  • A world full of possibilities: This product is ideal for combining with other Barbie dolls and accessories (available separately) to create an infinite number of play worlds ...
  • A glamor girl needs a glamorous house as a place of retreat to relax
  • Folded up and locked with the latch, the house can be taken anywhere with the practical handle
  • If you open the house, you will find a pretty kitchen area and an enchanting bedroom with an adjoining bathroom

Bestsellers: Barbie dolls

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1Barbie Color Reveal doll with reveal effect with 1 surprise doll and more ... Currently no reviewsEUR 22.99 EUR 18.67Get it here
2Barbie GML76 - Barbie princess adventure doll (approx. 30 cm) with fashion and dog, for children ... Currently no reviewsEUR 24.99; EUR 14.99Get it here
3Barbie FXH13 horse with mane and doll with posable knees, dolls toys and doll accessories ... Currently no reviews21.48 EURGet it here
4Barbie GKH26 - Dreamtopia Snow Magic Princess doll with hairbrush and tiara, toys from 3 ... Currently no reviews29.99 EUR18.99 EURGet it here
5Barbie FWV25 - travel doll with blonde hair including travel accessories and dog, dolls toys ... Currently no reviewsEUR 29.99 EUR 19.99Get it here
6Barbie GBK24 - curly style doll (blonde) with curling iron and accessories, dolls toys from 5 years Currently no reviews29.99 EUR 19.95 EURGet it here
7Barbie GBK12 - Portable wardrobe with clothes hanger including doll, doll accessories and dolls ... Currently no reviewsEUR 49.99 EUR 36.99Get it here
8Barbie DHC40 - Dreamtopia rainbow light mermaid doll with light show, toys for the ... Currently no reviewsEUR 27.99, EUR 20.99Get it here
9Barbie GJK08 - Dreamtopia mermaid doll (pink and blue hair), toy from 3 years Currently no reviewsEUR 16.99 EUR 9.99Get it here
10Barbie GJK40 - Dreamtopia 3-in-1 fantasy play set, doll (blonde) with 3 outfits and accessories: ... Currently no reviewsEUR 31.99, EUR 24.22Get it here
11Barbie GML79 GYK64 - Princesses Adventure Dancing Horse and Doll, Girls Toys from 3 ... Currently no reviewsEUR 74.99 EUR 39.99Get it here
12Barbie GHN04 - Barbie fantasy hair doll with mermaid and unicorn looks, for children from 5 ... Currently no reviewsEUR 29.99 EUR 21.99Get it here
13Barbie GTF89 - Dreamtopia rainbow magic mermaid doll with rainbow hair and ... Currently no reviewsEUR 24.99Get it here
14Barbie GKH23 - Pediatrician doll (blonde) and play set with accessories, toys from 3 years Currently no reviews33.99 EUR 25.72 EURGet it here
15Barbie GHR61 - Dream Villa Adventure Ken Doll Currently no reviews19.98 EURGet it here
16Barbie GHV92 - Barbie dog buggy playset with Barbie doll, 2 dogs and a buggy for the ... Currently no reviewsEUR 29.99 EUR 19.99Get it here
17Barbie GJK50 - Dreamtopia Tea Party Playset, doll and accessories, toys from 3 years Currently no reviewsEUR 31.99 EUR 17.54Get it here