How to use an Echo Dot

What do I need to use Echo at home?

[Update: 10/26/2020]

Alexa should move in: what do I need now? Actually not much, you have to buy an Echo speaker * and we need the Alexa app on the smartphone so that we can use Echo. The setup is then very easy, we explain it to you in the article Set up Amazon Alexa. That's how it's done.

The basic equipment: an echo loudspeaker

In order to be able to operate the smart loudspeaker from Amazon at home, we first need an Echo device. There are different designs and sizes.

Available from the end of October 2020: The new Echo (4th generation) *

The classic in the new 4th generation

The 4th generation * of the classic echo loudspeaker is currently available. We have summarized more about the 4th generation in this article.

Black is too boring? This speaker is also available in light and dark gray (very nice!), Light and dark wood optics and in red.

The little one in the 4th generation: Echo Dot

The Dot is the smallest echo loudspeaker *. Due to its size, the quality of the loudspeaker is not suitable for large rooms, but of course it offers all the functions of the big brothers. If you want, you can connect an external loudspeaker.

The big one with a 2nd generation screen: Echo Show 8

The Echo Show * offers a screen with which, among other things, camera functions can be controlled, e.g. as a video monitor to monitor a child's room or for video calls to grandma and grandpa. In this article we will tell you how to use Alexa as a baby monitor: Using Alexa as a baby monitor.

The Alexa app

In order to be able to use the loudspeaker, we have to download the Alexa app to the mobile phone, as usual in the Play Store and iTunes. You can find out more about the app in this article.

System requirements:

  • iOS 11.0+
  • Android 6.0+
  • Fire OS 5.3.3+

No smartphone? The app is also available for the desktop browser.

Do i need anything else?

Apart from a WLAN connection and the corresponding password, we don't need anything to set up our Echo and then use it straight away. If you then want to go deeper, you can add other products, for example sockets and lights that can be controlled via Alexa.

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