How can I have a cake sale

For a good cause: sell cakes

A colorful cake buffet can be organized quickly with helpers who love to bake and is a good opportunity for schools to collect donations for a school or class sponsorship or for a plan aid project.

Occasions for a cake buffet

A cake buffet is ideal for many occasions, for example as part of a flea market, at a school festival or during a day of action, at sporting events and at general information events. Because: Everyone: r feels like having a piece of cake and if it supports a good cause - so much the better!

Collect donations bit by bit

To organize a sweet buffet you need one thing above all: help that is happy to bake. The cakes can, for example, be donated by students, teachers or parents as well as neighboring bakeries and pastry shops and then sold together with coffee, tea and cocoa via a cake buffet. Either through a fixed price system or through a voluntary donation.

Tips for selling cakes

A fixed price system can prevent surprises for the buyer and create clarity for the wallet. Large biscuits can be offered for 50 cents, a piece of cake for one and a piece of cake for two euros. Another advantage: A financial donation goal can be calculated and displayed in advance. For example via a poster: "Another year: We are collecting 336 euros for our school sponsorship at Plan International Germany!"

Voluntary donations are an alternative to fixed prices. Everyone decides for himself how much a piece of cake is worth to him or her or how much money someone would like to give for a good cause. Another advantage: people usually like to give more of their own accord for a good cause.

Example: A fourth class sells a cake

"All fourth grade children heard about the typhoon in the Philippines in the news. We talked about it in school over the following days because there was always new information. The children were especially important to us. So we thought about it how we could help them somehow. That is when we came up with the idea of ​​the cake buffet. For this purpose, we wrote a parenting letter to our parents and to the parents of the other students in our school so that they could find out about the campaign.

The next day the first cake donations came from our class parents and everyone really supported us. Thanks again!

The rush on the three designated days was great! All students wanted to donate and help. Each time the cake was sold out within twenty minutes. "