What is the best forklift brand

Forklift Test 2021 • The best forklifts in comparison

What is a forklift?

According to the comparison test, a forklift is a motorized vehicle, the front side of which is provided with a practical device.

According to Forklift comparison test this device is intended to pick up and load heavy piece goods. Conveniently, the goods can also be stacked on top of each other, such as heavy stone tiles.
Corresponding superstructures can be seen in every home improvement store and these were not draped like that by hand.

How does a forklift work?

By human hands - but not by everyone! Contrary to what many people think, a normal one Car driving license the class B would also entitle the driver to drive a forklift, there is a statutory survey.
Corresponding driving experience with the car is certainly an advantage according to the comparison test - but it does not make the necessary training for the forklift truck superfluous!

Knew how… Dealing with the so-called industrial truck has its own laws and these cannot be compared with a normal driver's license.
A Minimum size Everyone who operates a forklift truck should have responsibility, because it is not a funny toy.

The property damage could be great and the risk of injury to yourself and other people should not be underestimated.
One forklift takes five important functions by:

  • Picking up the object
  • Lifting the object
  • Driving to the destination
  • Lowering the object
  • Set down the object at the desired location.

The Driving style differs significantly from that of a small car and carrying the cargo at the front requires a certain skill - especially since there are other obstacles lurking within a construction site or warehouse.

Summarized the driver of such a forklift truck requires the following skills:

1. Sense of responsibility For:

  • the health and life of others
  • health and life towards itself
  • the cargo
  • the forklift itself

2. Skill, to avoid obstacles and to cope with narrow aisles.

Accordingly, there is an extensive forklift suitability test according to the comparison test the least.

Areas of application of a forklift

To even one Comparison test To be able to carry out with added value for the customer, the test teams also explain the possible Areas of application of the respective product -
in this case the areas of application of a forklift:

  • Forklift for construction site use
  • Forklifts for agriculture
  • Forklifts for gardening and landscaping
  • Forklifts for warehouse logistics
  • Forklift trucks for building, gardening and home improvement stores.
Danger: for point 5 there are also two alternatives, but more on that later under the heading "Alternatives to the forklift”More.

What types of forklifts are there?

According to the comparison test, there is a certain congruence with all forklift models. On closer inspection, besides the typical similarities, there are still fine ones
Differences. Here are 5 examples of forklift truck types:

Container stacker

as the name suggests, are suitable Container stacker according to the comparison test excellent for loading and unloading Containers and TRUCK'S.


  • inexpensive alternative to more exclusive large-scale solutions
  • space saving
  • agile
  • high reliability
  • low operating costs.


  • rather suitable for smaller to medium-sized transshipment points
  • usually only serve the first row of containers or stack empty containers.

Front forklift

according to Forklift comparison test the front forklift is one of the most common variants. It's about one Motor-operated Forklift truck equipped with a lifting device on its front. There are now various engines and sizes, depending on the place of use and the required load.


  • diverse control functions
  • different types of drive
  • individually applicable
  • perfect for use in warehouses and garden centers.


  • Compared to larger forklift solutions, only slightly resilient.

All-terrain forklift

While conventional forklifts were designed for firm and level ground conditions according to a comparison test, the all-terrain forklift is suitable for Bumps of any kind outside. The tires are strong, the engine power and the speed are rather weak.


  • According to the comparison test, rubble, inclines, mud or unpaved terrain cannot harm this type of forklift
  • high lifting capacity thanks to hydraulic units
  • Almost ideal on difficult terrain
  • Low pressure tires offer good grip and maximum spring performance
  • Can be combined with snow chains for winter service.


  • more expensive
  • quite a large version of a forklift truck.

Reach stacker

Strictly speaking, it is the Reach stacker according to the forklift comparison test also by one Container stacker. It's just much more robust and still working more precise and more reliable. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, it saves fuel while increasing performance dramatically.


  • energy efficient
  • state-of-the-art technologies
  • Fuel savings of up to 25%
  • enormous reduction in operating costs
  • maximum working speed
  • no loss of performance
  • optimal use of space.


  • Stacking only works 6 high and 1-3 containers deep
  • these models are significantly more complex and require a corresponding floor space.


When considering which forklift truck is the right one in the end, the Telehandler according to the comparison test definitely not missing.

They are the true trendsetters among forklifts equipped with a practical telescopic arm, they offer an insane one Flexibility.
The boundary between telescopic forklifts and heavy-duty forklifts is fluid, because their properties are very similar.


  • horizontal and vertical movements are possible
  • the height can be individually adjusted up to 30 meters
  • enormous load capacity due to the central arrangement of the telescopic arm in the vehicle itself
  • more than 20,000 kg load can be carried
  • additional support systems increase the overhang.


  • the telescopic arm requires a certain area
  • more suitable for higher buildings or the outdoor area
  • Controlling the telescopic arm requires a certain skill and is not for everyone.

But the forklift experiment continues, because the following types also exist:

  • tractor
  • Pallet truck
  • Reach truck
  • Heavy-duty forklifts
  • Transportable forklifts
  • Picking devices
  • Order picker as well as
  • Narrow aisle truck.

This is how forklifts are tested - product features and test criteria

Extensive Product- and Comparison Tests on forklift trucks are necessary at regular intervals simply because they are very special Surveys- respectively Guidelines subject. The following Attributes are conscientiously tested as part of a professional examination:

  • the general driving behavior of the forklift
  • the security
  • the necessary maintenance and
  • the ease of use.

The Test result is therefore based on the content of the practical test within the different categories. Practical tests, theoretical studies in terms of similarity or agreement with one another, as well as the non-stop controls contribute to the determination of a neutral test result.

The Test grades are distributed among the tested manufacturers according to the advantages of the forklift trucks and presented in a kind of juxtaposition in tabular form.
A Product test comparison winner is quickly found. Customer reviews are also part of this complex analysis.

"Why does a comparison test also speak of an adequate guide for consumers?"

In a nutshell:
because of what is presented Exclusion criterion. The Testing are not carried out by us, but by competent and independent test teams. They not only check the products, they also carry out a well-founded evaluation.

In form of a Comparison table the products with the most important product features are compared so that everyone can decide for themselves what is most important. In this case, the product with the most matches is this Best, even if it is not the comparison winner or the test grade "very good" wearing.

8 possible test criteria that you as a consumer can use to orient yourself


It exists different types of drive under the forklifts. When comparing test the models are generally divided into appropriate categories so that a fair evaluation is required. For the forklift comparison test, models with the following drive types were tested:

  • Electric drive
  • Gas drive and
  • Diesel drive.

Type of forklift

As mentioned at the beginning, there are different types of forklifts depending on requirement can be used. The most popular is still the Front forklift, because it is very efficient and has some advantages to offer.

When listing the individual forklift truck variants, the most distinctive ones are shown Product features Highlighted briefly and succinctly, so that the consumer can orientate himself very quickly on the information and find out the right model. Front forklifts, telehandlers or Container stacker are just three examples of many.


Forklifts are noisy Comparison test no Seasonal items, They have to function in wind and weather, especially outdoors.

A robust workmanship is absolutely necessary - if you mess around at this point, unattractive side effects very quickly arise, which can immensely reduce the life expectancy of a forklift truck. Rust and damage of any kind reduce the value and the successful work effort.


Forklifts should be constructed logically and self-explanatory to be used. As soon as individual components do not grip or block properly, the work steps cannot proceed smoothly. Sometimes it can also be dangerous.

Condition of the mast

Lifting height and maximum load capacity are just as important as the inclination and the free field of view.

If you cannot permanently see the area around the forklift without restriction, you have to replace it mirror or Cameras be appropriate so that you can see everything. Otherwise the forklift does not comply with the safety regulations.

Standard equipment

What comfort is offered? Is the Position ofHandbrakeadvantageous or completely out of place? All of these points are an important criterion for or against a purchase decision.

Driving behavior

Does the steering flawless, pulls the vehicle is good, does it often grease, how can the forklift truck move around with heavy bulky goods without any problems?
All these Points play an important role and that is why you should pay close attention to them!

Safety devices

  • Entry and exit
  • Reverse warning device would be perfect
  • good vision / barrier-free vision -

these Points are of great advantage!

What should be considered when purchasing a forklift

The work requirement is the most important criterion for answering the question of which forklift model is ultimately the right choice.

According to the comparison test, a corresponding checklist with the personal requirements of the forklift is expedient.

Checklist - which criteria should be met:

1. What types of loads should be transported by forklift?

  • Pallets (all forklift models are possible)
  • Piece goods (e.g. reach truck)?

2. What is the average weight of the loads?

According to the comparison test, forklifts are used in Load capacity classes divided, so the maximum weight is decisive (both electric and diesel models are possible).

3. How high should the loads be raised as a rule?
(Lifting height is decisive for the maximum height of the storage space)

4. Which type of drive is preferred?

  • Electric drive (perfect for closed halls)
  • Gas or diesel drive (perfect for outdoor use, not least because of the exhaust gases)

5. How generously are the work aisles arranged?

6. What is the soil like?

According to a comparison test, diesel-powered forklifts are best for uneven surfaces.

7. Use primarily indoors or outdoors?

You can save a lot of money when buying used forklifts.
Still you should The following points find out so that you don't end up paying extra:

  • Year of manufacture of the forklift
  • Forklift operating hours
  • Lift height of the forklift
  • Load capacity of the forklift
  • Guarantee for the forklift
  • Service offerings that go beyond the purchase.

Presentation of the top 10 manufacturers / brands

  • Buyer Portal
  • Kaiser & Kraft
  • Hyster
  • Jungheinrich
  • Kion Group
  • Mitsubishi
  • Manitou
  • Crown
  • Linden tree
  • Quiet

According to the forklift comparison test, the buyer portal describes itself as a marketplace for large purchases. From the consumer's point of view, Buyer Portal is really a real blessing;
Instead of searching laboriously in telephone books or hoping for the bulletin board of a supermarket or the like, you can quickly find a suitable dealer for the forklift you trust via the buyer portal.
What started in 2008 with only 4 employees by the clever minds Robin Behlau and Mario Kohlen, can today rightly call itself the market leader in this sector and has meanwhile increased the number of its employees a hundredfold.
The idea behind it is clear:

  • go to the buyer portal
  • describe what you want
  • Find suitable dealers

clear structures for unconventional help. This idea was also really well received in the forklift comparison test, because that is actually customer service.

Office chairs, roll container solutions and forklifts are part of the diverse repertoire of the Stuttgart company Kaiser & Kraft.
The motto is “Everything for the company” and according to the forklift comparison test that is not an exaggeration!

When looking through practical office furniture, who knows that scaffolding and forklifts are also part of the portfolio?

Over 60,000 products are sold with a high level of competence, reliability and unparalleled service. According to the comparison test, you can always rely on the delivery agreements and the quality does not fall by the wayside;

  • Functionality
  • design and
  • Ergonomics are very important to Kaiser & Kraft!
Innovative design, high quality material properties and self-explanatory usability
all of this is hyster! According to the comparison test, you work there with the setting;
The best is just good enough!
It was precisely this fact that made Hyster the market leader in high quality forklifts.
Whether for industrial outdoor use or in the field of warehouse logistics -
there is the right model for everyone at Hyster!
Hyster originally started out as a manufacturer of lifting machines - after a leap of around 60 years, the branch in the Netherlands became the absolute record breaker for large and container forklifts.
As discussed in the forklift comparison test, the Hamburg company Jungheinrich sees itself as a specialist in industrial trucks and warehouse and material flow technology. In 2017 alone, Jungheinrich posted sales of around 3.44 billion. Over 5500 employees in Germany give everything every day to supply their customers with solution-oriented products from all conceivable industries. In the logistic area, it is about expedient and quick work steps;
Loading and unloading at lightning speed, safe transport of goods and loads, trouble-free storage and retrieval, as well as precise and reliable order picking -
As a customer at Jungheinrich, you get all of this from a single source and that was also very impressive in the comparison test.
Founded in 1904 as a manufacturer of diesel engines, the first forklift truck rolled off the production line in 1949, 1977 Takeover of the American industrial truck manufacturer Baker Material Handling Corporation from Cleveland, 2006 the major forklift truck brands Linde, Still and OM are united under the umbrella of the Kion Group, 2016 the Kion Group takes over Dematic; The success story with regard to the forklifts does not stop and the models convince regularly even in comparison tests and occupy the top places.

According to a comparison test, electric forklifts or forklifts with internal combustion engines are just as much a part of the portfolio of the Japanese company Mitsubishi as the high-quality automobiles for everyone.
According to its own statement, the company always likes to go a step further;

  • more efficient
  • more quality
  • more reliability

In the areas of warehouse technology and forklifts, things are making great strides
Mitsubishi, because one cannot do without the other.
But sustainability is also right at the top of the agenda, because the machines are low-maintenance, environmentally friendly and work efficiently.

In 1958 Manitou was officially registered in France as its own brand and the Manitou forklift was born. In 2004 the company celebrated the
200,000th forklift truck that could be completed. And that had consequences;
the industrial forklift range was launched worldwide. A Manitou subsidiary opened in Australia in 2005, after Russia had opened its doors to the company shortly before.
2006 was the legendary year in which Manitou passed the one billion euro mark. Since 2013, the company has been strengthened by going public.
In the comparison test, the brand convinced in some categories.

The forklifts of the Crown brand can be assumed to be capable of multitasking, because every single model can be used almost anywhere.
The division of the company into 3 categories was particularly praised in the comparison test:

  • Category 1 - as good as new forklifts
  • Category 2 - rental forklifts
  • Category 3 - Used forklift trucks

So everyone has the chance of a high-quality forklift model and every wallet or economic situation is served. Even after the purchase, the Crown service team is available to its customers with advice and assistance in terms of training, queries or maintenance issues.

Linde brand electric forklifts can handle loads within a weight class between 1,000 and 8,000 kilograms.
This increases flexibility many times over, because the high-quality forklifts can be used in all areas of industry.
Maneuverability and precision enable maximum handling performance and this fact was 100 percent confirmed in the comparison test.
But the recipe is also extremely promising, because the powerful drive technology, paired with sensitive traction and backlash-free steering, make Linde forklifts very special.
The complex security concept scored particularly well in the comparison test.
Intralogistics is also Still's specialty.
For some time now, this brand has been one of the world's leading in the field of forklift designs. But wagons and tractors are also part of the diverse company portfolio.
14 branches, 4 production sites, 20 subsidiaries abroad and around 9,000 employees belong to the company for modern intralogistics systems.
A maximum quality standard and innovative ideas reflect the company philosophy. This also proves the unwavering commitment to constantly incorporate the latest technologies into the constructions.

The internet or rather the specialized trade: where can the best forklift offers be used?

Certainly belong Forklift not to the products that you can just buy in a shop, bag and take home with you. Nonetheless, there is of course the option of looking into appropriate Specialty stores To inform about the existing models and maybe even to “try it out”.

Such a forklift must not be driven so easily on the streets of Germany - as with Comparison test mentioned, there are special regulations that have to be complied with, especially for commercial vehicles.
Also forklifts are exclusively for use within the Industry permitted and may be moved accordingly.

What now? Business or internet?

This question is not difficult to answer:

Optimal is to whet your appetite in a specialty shop and get detailed information and then gain knowledgeOn-line to refine.
Whether you can Buyer Portal uses or looks around on the websites of the manufacturers presented - you will be with information supplied like nowhere else.
Also, you can get the model you want with enormous Price advantages arise and all Amenities all about the topics of delivery service, aftercare and payment options
however you turn it;
The forklift you trust will be delivered to the desired address and there will be no need for any problems regarding the transport to the forklift's area of ​​use!

The following advantages and disadvantages can be derived from the numerous customer reviews

1. Diesel and LPG forklifts:

  • very high efficiency
  • the air filters are nowadays optimized with an eye to the environment
  • robust and powerful
  • reliable and precise
  • flexible use both indoors and outdoors
  • modern engine technology that can also cope with dusty construction sites
  • the latest and most modern LPG variants are all equipped with low-emission engines
  • uncomplicated maintenance
  • long life span
  • perfect operational safety
  • spacious driver's seat.

10 aspects that should play an important role when buying

  1. the possible load
  2. Flexibility with regard to the area of ​​application
  3. Sustainability & environmental protection
  4. Maintenance - low-maintenance forklift variants should be preferred
  5. Resilience of the engine - construction sites in particular are very dirty and the engine performance is demanded a lot
  6. the area of ​​responsibility - what will the forklift mainly be used for later on?
  7. Material properties - how robust is the forklift?
  8. the processing - that is also an important criterion for quality
  9. Safety aspect - is it even possible to work safely?
  10. Frequency of use - buy, lease or rent; what is smarter?

Interesting facts & advice

The history of the forklift

In the past, heavy objects had to be laboriously transported from A to B with a hand truck or a pulley system, but nowadays you can take a deep breath;
the forklift takes over this part reliably and quickly and without any muscle power!

But since when have you been able to benefit from this masterful invention?

It is certainly not due to Donald Trump, but an American was still involved, Eugene Clark developed in years 1917 a platform truck with an internal combustion engine, which he aptly named “Tructractor”. This prototype of a forklift was created in the factory where Clark was also employed.

It only took two more years to pass before the first 75 forklifts were built based on his idea. in the Year 1922 became the Tructractor Replaced by the Truclift model according to the comparison test. This was comparable to a pallet truck, which was also driven by the classic combustion engine.

1924 when the time had finally come, the first forklift truck as you know it today left the factory.
The Clark company still manufactures industrial trucks today.

Within Europe However, the forklifts only became established well after the Second World War!

General facts, important data and a few figures on the forklift truck

- Today's Forklift models are only similar to the earlier models in terms of theirs Area of ​​responsibility

Performance requirements and Locations are no longer comparable with earlier times

- only those Technologies in terms of Engine power have changed considerably

- the Hydraulics has not changed from then to now

- after industrialization, the forklifts' economic turnover has increased dramatically

- Forklifts have become an indispensable part of production

- Forklifts can also be leased or rented

- special ones apply Security conditions and Provisions for using a forklift

- the view of a normal driver's license class B would be sufficient to control a forklift is simply wrong!

- Driving forklifts requires a forklift license; not everyone should move it!

Move the forklift correctly in 3 steps

Step 1

Step 1

Make a forklift license

Any responsible person should be aware that a forklift cannot be moved just like that.
Any company that randomly entrusts any employee with this task is liable to prosecution and is liable for any consequences of this assignment.
A forklift license is compulsory and rules also apply here;

  • the person must be of legal age and therefore at least 18 years old
  • There should be a sense of responsibility
  • the entrepreneur must instruct the relevant employee in writing to carry out the forklift inspection and usually also pay the costs
  • The training for the forklift driver's license can be carried out by qualified persons within the company itself, by a special testing organization or a certified private company.

After passing the test, the participant has acquired the so-called “driver's license for drivers of industrial trucks in internal works traffic” and is therefore entitled to drive a forklift.

step 2

step 2

Check the vehicle for its technical condition

If there are obvious defects, according to the comparison test, a responsible and trained forklift driver may not move the truck. In this regard, the word of the boss does not apply, because he is also liable to prosecution if he exerts pressure - in this case the legislature prohibits the use and both the entrepreneur and the employee are liable for infringement.

step 3

step 3

Observe maintenance and care

According to the comparison test, all those involved should keep records of this precisely because maintenance dates must be adhered to for reasons of security.
This is also immensely important for the lifespan of the truck!

10 tips for the correct operation of a forklift

Tip 1

Tip 1

Note driving functions

At least in this point, the forklift draws level with an ordinary car -
According to the comparison test, the vehicle is controlled via the steering wheel and pedals.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Take automatic transmission into account

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, because unlike the car, there are no two types - a forklift is always equipped with an automatic transmission.
In plain language, this means that manual shifting and coupling is no longer necessary!

Tip 3

Tip 3

Internalize existing devices

On the one hand there is a right accelerator pedal and a left brake pedal - that's all.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Function of the hand lever

According to the comparison test, whether you drive forwards or backwards is conveniently controlled using the hand lever.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Note different brands

some makes have two separate accelerator pedals for driving forwards or backwards. All other components are similar to those of an ordinary car.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Take advantage of comfort

what is available can also be used to the fullest - especially in the area of ​​logistics with all the narrow and narrow routes; Horn, parking brake, travel direction indicator and all-round lighting make driving the forklift much easier.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Operation of the forklift function

In addition to the forward and reverse function, the hand lever has another important function. According to the comparison test, it can be used to raise and lower the fork carriage. In addition, the mast is tilted over it.
Many forklifts have additional levers that considerably expand their functionality. For example, the fork width can be adjusted.
There are also joysticks.

Tip 8

Tip 8

Where is what?

Very important: the steering axle of a forklift is generally at the rear! According to the comparison test, this explains the maneuverability of a forklift.

Tip 9

Tip 9

Correct maneuvering

Thanks to the maneuverability, maneuvering in narrow areas is easy - on the other hand, it is precisely this sequence of movements that can be fatal for colleagues or other vehicles. At this point, it is also very clear how important extensive training with the aim of obtaining a forklift driver's license is. According to the comparison test, special care is required with a strong steering angle.

Tip 10

Tip 10

Note the center of gravity

In principle, the load is at the front of the forklift. Thus, the center of gravity shifts considerably when picking up the load. Inexperienced drivers can tip over when lifting the load - especially when it is lifted too high!

Useful accessories

Working platforms

Such a work platform pays for itself at the latest when the first maintenance of the forklift is due. It offers security for repairs or controls in higher areas.

Fork extensions

You drastically increase flexibility. There are two versions:

  • the closed version and
  • the open version.

Box van

When it comes to bulk goods of any kind, such an accessory is a real help, because the emptying option works at ground level. There are different sizes.


Forklifts can be significantly upgraded with hard-wearing and robust castors.
They are available in different versions:

  • Polyamide rollers
  • Polyurethane castors for heavy loads
  • Polyamide heavy duty castors and
  • Solid rubber rollers

Stiftung Warentest forklift test - the results

A current one test is not available, but was made in cooperation with the Verkehrs-Rundschau 4 electric front forklifts subjected to an intensive vehicle test - carried out
by competent test teams.

  • The result was impressive because the forklift trucks tested;
  • Jungheinrich forklift truck with a load capacity of 2.5 tons
  • Model Traigo from Toyota with a load capacity of 2.5 tons
  • E25 forklift with a load capacity of 2.5 tons and
  • Still RX 50-16 forklift truck with a load capacity of 1.5 tons

all received the Test grade “good”.

That was checked Driving behavior, the Battery handling, the Functionality, the Comfort and the Storage options of the forklift driver.
Further tests are planned in the near future.

Frequently asked questions about forklifts

What does a forklift do?

A Forklift is used to transport or stack heavy loads.

In contrast to hand trucks or pulley blocks, no muscle strength is required and the work is easier.

What does a forklift cost?

You have to be loud for tens of thousands of euros Comparison test Shell out to buy a forklift that is as good as new.

But there is also the possibility used models to buy. Here you should take a critical look at the operating hours, similar to the mileage of a car.

What do I need a forklift license for?

To the legitimate leadership of a forklift. Without these training and the forklift license, this is expressly forbidden!

What does a forklift license cost?

To the 300 Euro should be taken into account - most of the time, however, the costs are borne by the company or employer. The driving license is unlimited and you get the following basics:

  • Structure and function of the truck and the attachments
  • possible drive types
  • What to do in the event of an accident
  • Security / stability
  • general operation / operation
  • necessary regular controls / reviews
  • Load handling
  • Conduct during special operations
  • general traffic rules / ways
  • Driving exercises based on the DGUV principle 308-001
  • Completion with a theoretical and a practical exam.

Where can I buy forklifts?

In specialist shops and on numerous internet portals.

How can you lease forklifts?

In this regard, you should look at various offers, which are usually specially marked. Especially in the Internet there are several Buyer portals corresponding possibilities.

After the Leasing contract you can then decide whether to buy the truck against payment of a certain sum at the end or switch to more modern models and sign a new leasing contract.

Why is it better to rent forklifts?

By the Rent a forklift can be paid for with relatively small installments save money. Economically This variant makes sense when you don't need the forklift regularly, but rather less often.

How fast can forklifts be?

It exist loudly Test comparison No general speed restrictions in the regulations on occupational health and safety.

It is also used in the DGUV regulation 68 formulated in this way for industrial trucks; the vehicles may only travel at a speed that is appropriate for the respective Road conditions are appropriate.

When does a forklift truck need to be checked?

To the prescribed Maintenance period and if the truck has obvious defects. In the second case, it may only be moved again after a repair has been made. Otherwise the company and the driver are liable.

Which forklift is the most popular?

There are some popular models - the Electric models are very much on the rise.
The front forklifts are still in the greatest demand.

Alternatives to the forklift

In direct comparison to conventional forklifts, there are also possible ones Alternatives in question. They are cheaper and sometimes work just as effectively.

Hand stacker

they are almost perfect when it comes to cost-effective lifting and lowering of heavy euro pallets or the like.
It is a right one compact forklift, which can only be operated by hand and has no motor. According to the comparison test, there are two variants:

  • Variant 1 with Lever function, which is used to pump so that the load can be lifted.
  • Variant 2 with Crank function, over which the fork lift is finally lifted.

The load is generally lowered at the push of a button.
The load capacity is between 100 and 1000 kilograms.


the enterprise ford uses the Tractor technology very successful.
The equipment is constantly being improved and the safety standard is extremely high.

Thanks to these tractor trains, individual parts with a high weight can be safely transported over long distances. Compared to the past, a lot has happened in the field of safe cargo transport.

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