What is a combat squad

Star Wars Battlefront 2: The star maps at a glance

With the new classes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 you not only have the opportunity to redesign the fight. You can also boost your favorite characters with special star cards and give them skills that can fundamentally change the game for you. We list all star maps for you, including their effects and boosts. Which one shouldn't be missing in your deck?

Especially in multiplayer matches, the star maps are essential to get you ahead:

The more often you play in a class, the higher the rank will be. This determines how many star cards you can equip the soldier of your choice with and thus improve it. The more star cards you collect, the higher yours will be special star map rank. With the corresponding star map levels, further map slots will then be unlocked for your class:

  • Map level 1: You automatically have a slot free.
  • Map level 5: If you reach this level, you can equip two star cards.
  • Map level 10: You get three card slots at the highest level.

As soon as you level up, you can craft upgrades for the corresponding star maps. For this you need manufacturing parts.

What do you need star maps for?

You can get star cards either through loot boxes, during the game, or when you make them yourself. With them you can boost strong attacks of your equipped class and give them more abilities. The cards differ in the rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic) that determine how often the card can be upgraded and are divided into two decks:

  • Boost cards: Improves the individual stats of the character.
  • Skill cards: Substitutes an ability for situational benefits.

In the main menu you can select an appropriate class and then assign the card to a character so that he gets a boost. It should be noted that there are only boost cards for the hero vehicles and star hunters.

You can also find the hero star cards in this series of pictures as well as the special skills of all special characters:

All boost star cards

For all classes there is seven constant star maps as well as a special Star Card that is tailored to the respective group:

  • Assault Trooper: Through the card Attack training you get some life energy back for each defeated opponent.
  • Heavy trooper: By defender you get additional combat points from intercepted hits.
  • Officers: The Officer presence accelerates the self-healing of nearby troop allies.
  • Specialist troopers: By camouflage you do more melee damage and are invisible to scanners while using your weapon.

The following table tells you the unspecific boost star cards that you can use in each boost slot.

Boost star map effect
Marksman Kill an enemy with a headshot and the heat level of your weapon resets. Also, next time it will take longer before the gun overheats.
Expert weapon handling Your gun won't overheat that quickly.
Melee fighters For every melee kill your skills are renewed and you get some life energy back.
Bodyguard Explosions and poisons do you less harm.
Survivor The time it takes for your life to recharge is reduced.
Bounty hunter You get more battle points than usual.
Resourceful All of your skills have less loading time.

With the multitude of star maps you are spoiled for choice in SW: Battlefront 2.

Skill star cards of all classes

The skill star cards, which replace the respective skills of your trooper, are again dependent on the genre. The Assault Trooper receives the following star maps:

Skills Star Map effect Replacement for
Front fighters: renewal In the event of a kill, your secondary weapon abilities are recharged. Front fighters
Front fighter: bullet Your secondary weapon will have increased range and less dispersion improved. Front fighters
Front fighters: series If you kill an opponent, you will receive a runtime extension of the secondary weapon. Front fighters
Hardening If this ability is active, your health regenerates. Scan arrow
Flare gun Use this side weapon to fire a blinding projectile that steals your enemies from sight. Scan arrow
Improved scan arrow The ability of the scan arrow lasts longer. Scan arrow
Intelligent ion grenade This grenade automatically explodes as soon as enemy shields or vehicles approach. Thermal detonator
Acid thrower Does powerful damage over a long period of time with this attack. Thermal detonator
Improved thermal detonator The radius of the detector increases and the charging time is shortened. Thermal detonator

For the heavy group there are the following additional skills:

Skills Star Map effect Replacement for
Ion gun This deployable gun fires especially at vehicles and does more damage to them. Battle shield
MPL Equip yourself with a grenade launcher and deal long-range damage. Battle shield
Improved battle shield The shield charges faster and provides you with additional health. Battle shield
Detonite charge Lay a mine, which you can detonate by remote control at will. Contact grenade
Ion torpedo Swap the contact grenade for a homing missile launcher. Contact grenade
Improved contact grenade The grenade has an increased radius and a reduced loading time. Contact grenade
Explosive guard gun Your secondary weapon has more explosive damage. Sentry gun
Mobile guard gun The gun does less damage, but it is much more mobile. Sentry gun
Overloaded sentry gun The guard gun has a high explosive damage, but it loses the rate of fire. Sentry gun

The support group of the Officers can be improved by these skills:

Skills Star Map effect Replacement for
Improved blaster gun The gun has a shorter loading time and you get more health. Blaster gun
Disorder Deactivates enemy guns and overheats their weapons. You can also ward off explosives. Blaster gun
Squad shield Creates a protective shield that allies close to you can use to escape into. Blaster gun
Defuser Repels explosive attacks. Flash grenade
Improved stun grenade Your stun grenade has an increased radius and damage value. Flash grenade
Target shot Swap the grenade for a guided missile launcher. Flash grenade
Combat Command: Charge Upgrades the normal combat command and reduces the loading time. Combat Command
Combat Command: Annihilation The ability of the combat command is also improved and your weapons are protected from overheating. Combat Command
Improved combat command The combat squad has a larger radius and a shorter loading time. Combat Command

The Specialists also bring a number of useful Skill Star Cards:

Skills Star Map effect Replacement for
Infiltration: series The duration of infiltration is extended in the event of a kill. infiltration
Infiltration: disruptive Enemy scanners are briefly disrupted and at the same time enemies are marked for your allies. infiltration
Infiltration: enhancer The damage you take is reduced while the ability is active. infiltration
Repulsor cannon Swap the grenade for this cannon and trigger a shock wave at close range. Shock grenade
Stinger gun Enemies hit by these projectiles take damage over a period of time. Shock grenade
Improved shock grenade The radius and shock duration of your grenade are increased. Shock grenade
Body shield An all-round shield protects you from enemy fire. But you can't fire for that. Thermal binoculars
Stumbling blocks The mine is triggered by a laser as soon as an enemy enters it. Thermal binoculars
Improved thermal binoculars Mark opponents not only for you, but also for your allies. Thermal binoculars

With these star maps you are well equipped in combat even without strong support and can support your squad in the best possible way. May the boost be with you.