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1 youth church pierre his FILM TIP: Contributed by pierre roh Saturday, July 26th 2008 Jukis - the youth portal of the German youth churches Who doesn't know the great heroes of the comic series? Tarzan, Superman, Batman and Asterix have long since become cult figures, and for many decades they have been inspiring a huge fan base with their crazy adventures. Hardly anyone has not read one of these comics or seen a film of these comic book sizes in their youth. The first public projection of a film by the Lumière brothers in Paris, and with it the birth of cinema, happened just a few weeks before the first comic book "The Yellow Kid" was published in the magazine "New York World" in February 1896, according to the "father." "of all comics, Wilhelm Busch, once off. A short time later, the unprecedented success story of the two new visual means of expression began. In their more than 100-year history, cinema and comics have not only become extremely popular entertainment genres with which a mass audience could be reached, they also soon developed an intense and stimulating relationship with one another. In America, filmmakers realized this as early as the 1940s, when the booklet adventures by "Batman" (1943) and the feminist-inspired reporter "Brenda Starr" (1945) were first implemented with actors for the cinema. It then took some time for the drawn heroes to be particularly successful with children on television - until they grew up and wanted to see their idols on the big screen. Film adaptations of comics are of course also the dream of every marketing strategist: a hero and logo with the highest recognition value, endless marketing possibilities - and in the best case a worldwide fan base that can be equated with paying moviegoers, and at some point comic drawings and cinema images formed an irretrievable symbiosis - although they are actually quite different - nevertheless: live film adaptations of the comics are the latest trend in the growth-oriented cinema industry. Comic Real These films can therefore be seen again and again in the performances of commercial and non-commercial venues - but it was only with the burgeoning digital technology that real-life films of comics could credibly and with broad impact be accessible to a larger audience. The selected characters are almost exclusively those who first existed as drawn characters and were then implemented in real films - only "Tarzan" and "Conan" first existed as fictional characters before they were transferred to comic and cinema format and " Super mario "and" Lara Croft ", to name the most successful of the added value, which first conquered the game consoles of young people. After the first adaptations in the 1940s, the trend was first revived by "Super" and "Batman" and then by "Men in Black". "Superman" (1978) prepared the field as one of the first box office hits, but it took a few more flops ("Popeye" 1981, "Howard, the Duck" 1986) before Tim Burton directed and / or produced "Batman" (1989) and its follow-up films, the great cinema era of superheroes from the realm of comics dawned, although many comic adaptations still revolve around heroic figures in tight dress or fluttering costumes. Below is a statement from Warner, "While we're not going to post specific details of the meetings, we're always looking for ways to make the most of the DC characters. DC is incredibly valuable to Warner Bros. and is an integral part of the entire studio its franchise opportunities for all media. " Above all, the icons from the universe of the Marvel publishing house caught up with their Warner / DC competitors (Batman, Superman): "Spider-Man" became the biggest comic hit in 2002 and at the same time the eighth most successful film of all time. And together with "Blade", "X-Men", "Daredevil", Ironman "and now" Hulk ", the Marvel heroes mark one of the most commercially profitable film trends ever, followed by films by other publishers such as" Dark Knight " (Theatrical release August 28, 2008), "Watchman" (2009), "Tim und Struppi" (2010). Iron Man Ever since comic book films began their global triumph and superheroes played a decisive role in what goes on at the box office, the fund of Former "nerd labels" Marvel has developed into a veritable gold mine for Hollywood producers. Gradually, the universe of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., which encompasses characters, is exploited and the individual franchises are profitably thrown onto the screen.

2 Films based on Marvel characters have entered the US box office charts at number 1 eight times in a row, and since 1998 these works have grossed more than 4.9 billion dollars worldwide. Now the managers at Marvel have realized that they no longer have to rely on strong partners for the film adaptations of their comics - after all, Fox (X-Men), Sony (Spider-Man) and Constantin (Fantastic Four) have made most of the profit so far book for yourself. In 2007, Marvel gave the green light for ten self-financed event movies: This year started with "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk", "Captain America", "Thor" and "Ant-Man" will follow in the foreseeable future. What impact is this Marvel solo having for the common movie-goer? If the assessment is based solely on Jon Favreau's "Iron Man", the answer to this question is not particularly difficult: only good ones! With their first self-produced comic adaptation, Marvel Studios got off to a real start. The self-deprecating Eisenmann is not only by far the best blockbuster of the 2008 summer season, but also turned out to be a real blockbuster with gross profits of more than 300 million dollars. Multi-billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a genius who made his fortune developing the most modern and powerful weapon systems. But a self-centered playboy is also strong, whose private jet is stocked with stripping stewardesses and who has his devoted assistant Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) transport his annoying one-night stands out more or less politely. When he presented a new missile system in Afghanistan, Stark was kidnapped by rebels. He is supposed to build one of his missiles in a cave for the terrorists. But Stark does not even think about supplying the enemy with his technology. Instead, he tinkers with iron high-tech armor, with the help of which he escapes his prison and goes badly in the air. Although he made it back to American soil without significant wounds, his conscience now speaks out. Stark's new experiences have taught him that his previous life path has been the wrong one. At a hastily called press conference, the reformed company mogul announced that his company would immediately stop producing weapons. Stark Enterprises' share price has plummeted. His shady business partner Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) does everything possible to have Stark declared insane as quickly as possible in order to be able to exclude him from the group, and there are also the evil Afghans who are driving the plot forward. The contradiction between seemingly everyday horror images that we see all the time on the news and Iron Man slapstick at the terrorists suggests that it was supposed to satisfy expectations, and the directing actor Jon Favreau ("Made ", Buddy - The Christmas Elf, Zathura) would do well to put the character drawing in the foreground more than in other megaprojects of this genre. The fact that the computer effects are, of course, up-to-date, hardly needs to be emphasized in a film of this size. The Incredible Hulk Director: Louis Leterrier, USA 2008 In 2003 Ang Lee shot a blockbuster version of Hulk for Universal Pictures. The film, with its protagonist who was green for many viewers and bounced through the scenery like a bouncy ball, was hostile to almost all sides. Therefore, despite a passable box office success (Hulk grossed $ 132 million in the US and $ 245 million worldwide), the studio decided not to attempt a sequel itself. In the meantime, the rights to the character have reverted to Marvel Studios, which is why the legendary comic label itself has now undertaken a new screen attempt, completely independent of its predecessor - with the French action maker Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, Unleashed, Transporter - The Mission ) at the control rudder. Expectations for Marvel's second coup were very high after the success of "Iron Man". Therefore, it was almost to be expected that the green choleric would not come close. But instead of the expected conclusion: "Not quite as close as possible to the outstanding Iron Man!" only submitted it for: "Irrelevant comic film adaptation according to the usual knitting pattern!" A failure that can best be explained by the fact that the director, screenwriter and the "Marvels" are pulling on different strands. In this case, for once, the US box office proves to be a reliable quality indicator: "The unbelievable Hulk earned just over half of Iron Man's $ 55 million on the opening weekend - and is only half as good!" Oh no, the film is just green porridge - can easily be done with a succinct yodel (see Tim Burton's "Mars Attack"). Five years ago, scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) was exposed to radiation in a secret biochemical experiment. Since then, he morphs whenever his heart rate hits 200 beats each

3 minutes into the green monster Hulk, who beats everything in its vicinity. Because General "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) wanted to cannibalize Hulk's forces for military purposes, Banner fled to Brazil, where he has since worked on relaxation techniques and toiled in a lemonade factory. However, by an unfortunate coincidence, the US military stumbled upon the fugitive. Banner has to run away again and sneaks back to the USA, where he wants to research a cure for his condition with the support of Ross daughter Betty (Liv Tyler). But Ross does not give up. He incites the assembled US war machine on the green muscleman. When this didn't help to stop the Hulk either, the battle-obsessed marine Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth, Pulp Fiction, Jugend ohne Jugend, Funny Games US) voluntarily subjects himself to experiments similar to Banner once did, as a result of which he mutates into the destructive beast Abomination and attacked New York. Surely "The Incredible Hulk" could have been flagged as your average comic book action if it weren't for the last scene in the film, in which Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark steps on the scene. From here on, a comparison of the two Marvel films is finally inevitable - and "Hulk" so clearly draws the short straw that one seriously wonders why one is doing this run-of-the-mill product and not just doing Iron Man again. Asterix at the Olympic Games Director: Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann, France 2008 At the Teutates! Together, well over five million followers of the most successful French comic series of all time enjoyed the two live-action predecessors with which Europe was able to assert itself internationally at the box office. One day Asterix and his loyal friend Obelix struck a swath into the Roman occupation forces in "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar", fought against Rome's mighty Emperor Caesar in 1998 and defended the secret of their potions maker Miraculix, "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra" toured Egypt, to succumb to the seductive Cleopatra and participate in the construction of the pyramids. One can expect another miracle, and since the villagers are so sporty, antiquity offers them an ideal Mecca: Olympia! After they let the tills ring properly, Asterix and Obelix appear for the third time in a real film adaptation on the screen. With "Asterix at the Olympic Games", the two directors Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann filmed one of the most popular and best Asterix volumes. France's new shooting star Clovis Cornillac ("Mathilde - Eine große Liebe") slipped into the role of Christian Clavier as a little Gaul, while movie legend Gérard Depardieu ("The Woman Next Door", The Conquest of Paradise) played the part of the big giant, as usual Obelix fills in. The world-famous buddy duo is only completed by their petite mascot Idefix and acting legend Alain Delon slips into the role of Caesar ("Caesar does not age. He matures."). Big budget European production goes to great lengths to showcase its Hollywood-like effects. But it is also the allusions to current affairs that know how to please. The Roman torturer, for example, calls himself Guantanamos, the athletes are subjected to a doping test on application and in Olympia there is a danger of terrorism due to the presence of Caesar ("Suspicious birds are shot down"). A few short appearances by prominent people have also been successful, for example when Zinedine Zidane is allowed to give a headbutt or Michael Schumacher shows up in a Ferrari-red vehicle at the chariot race. But the actors do not succeed in the end (only Gérard Depardieu, who simply fits Obelix, and Alain Delon succeeds in doing so) to let the spark jump to the audience - rather they wither because of their weak roles. This is also the case with Michael "Bully" Herbig (Manitou's Shoe, Dreamship Surprise - Period 1), the German on the cast list. The story begins when the Gaul Romantix (Stéphane Rousseau from "Invasion of the Barbarians") travels to Greece in passionate love for Princess Irina (Vanessa Hessler), with the firm decision in his heart to marry her. Once there, he finds out that Caesar's son Brutus (Benoît Poelvoorde) has already fallen in love with the pretty princess - and as the offspring of the Roman emperor, he of course clearly has the better cards, purely politically of course. But since the princess is much more interested in Romantix, she makes a suggestion: whoever wins the upcoming Olympic Games should become her husband. Back home, Romantix tells the people from his village about the matter, whereupon Asterix and Obelix agree to take part in the games - nothing can go wrong with the potion-brewing druid Miraculix in their luggage. One thinks. Since the magic potion is counted as doping for the Gauls, they now have to fight their way through the competition without aids. And as if that weren't enough, the nasty one cares with an inferiority complex

4 blessed Brutus for plenty of pitfalls. Even the staging of the Romantix travel route to Greece makes it unmistakably clear which stylistic means the film works with: Imposing tracking shots, an orchestral score and spectacular backdrops set the tone - and of course most of the film is lifted with special effects. The third live-action adventure from Asterix the Gaul swallowed a record-breaking 78 million euros and offers only the best for its money in terms of cast and technical equipment. In terms of effort, equipment and stars, no continental production can currently compete with this trilogy, and you can see that in the fun in the spirit of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Again, the alliance of subtle satirical humor and colorful slapstick hits the right note, which made the comics a huge success across all age groups. And you can't get enough of the supporting roles and guest appearances anyway - and the DVD release is always well timed: The Olympic Games in China will begin in a few days! Dark Knight Director: Christopher Nolans, USA 2008, Germany start: August 21, 2008 In the sequel to the action hit "Batman Begins", Christian Bale again plays the role of Batman / Bruce Wayne, who continues to fight evil under Christopher Nolan's direction fights. Aided by Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman continues his quest to crush organized crime in Gotham for good. But the powerful trio is soon confronted with an ingenious, increasingly powerful criminal known as the Joker: He plunges Gotham into anarchic chaos and forces the Dark Knight ever closer to the borderline between justice and vengeance. Oscar nominee Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain) stars as Batman's archenemy Joker, and Aaron Eckhart plays District Attorney Harvey Dent. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Rachel Dawes. As in Batman Begins there are Gary Oldman as Lieutenant Jim Gordon; Oscar winner Michael Caine (God's Work and the Devil's Contribution) as Alfred; and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) as Lucius Fox. After the undeniable success of "Batman Begins", another movie was only a matter of time. Rumors of a sequel surfaced in early 2006 and it was said that David Goyer and Christopher Nolan had worked out a "roadmap" for the next two films.It was announced fairly early on that the Joker would star in the second Nolan film and the time until the actor was announced was rife with speculation. On July 31, 2007, Warner Bros. officially announced the next Batman film, "The Dark Knight". Christian Bale returns as Batman and Heath Ledger plays his archenemy, the Joker. The script was written by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, based on a story by David Goyer. The title "The Dark Knight" is Batman's comic book title and has been an unmistakable synonym for the character for decades. At the same time, this title marks a turning point in the history of Batman films. It is the first film to be released without the word Batman in the film title. One thing is certain - the new Batman adventure will be hugely successful. "The Dark Knight", directed by Christopher Nolan, caused a real Batman fever even before it hit the US theaters, and a tragic event also drove the box office run: The 28-year-old actor was in his New York apartment in January died of a prescription drug overdose. The critics were particularly enthusiastic about Ledger's appearance as the terrifying "Joker", which additionally heats up the business. The demand was so great that movie tickets up to $ 150 were traded on the Internet. Batman is therefore the most successful - at least if you go by the box office results on the premiere weekend. "The Dark Knight", the sixth adventure of the superhero, brought $ 155.3 million to the box office in the first three days, according to preliminary studio information. And so Christian Bale in a bat costume and Heath Ledger, who died in January, as the villain "Joker" far outstripped their superhero competition "Spider-Man 3". Its third episode in May of last year was considered the most lucrative premiere to date, at $ 151.1 million. DRAGONBALL Director: James Wong, USA 2009 "Dragon Ball" is the most successful comic series in the world with over 200 million books sold. The story about little Son-Goku, who is still looking for the seven dragon balls, based on the old Chinese legend of the monkey king, started in the Japanese magazine "Shonen Jump" in November 1984 and, due to its enormous success, was published until June 1995 continued .... The TV series "Dragon Ball" (1986) produced by Toli Animation broke all records in comic history. Together with the successors "Dragon Ball Z" (1989) and "Dragon Ball GT" (1996) there are 500 anime episodes and

5 countless fan articles. In the area of ​​merchandising alone, she has made over three billion dollars in sales so far. Only "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" are based on Akira Toriyama's manga. As early as 1989 in Hong Kong under the title "Xin Qi Long Zhu Shenlong De Fu Shou (Dragonball - The Magic Begins)" a "Dragon Ball" film was made, which, however, tailored to the Asian market, passed the cinema audience without a sound . After all these years of waiting, the planned US real-life film is finally being realized. The producer is Stephen Chow, known for directing "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle". The director of "Final Destination", "The One" and "The X-Files", James Wong, will not only direct the real version, but will also be responsible for the script. It is an adaptation of Akira Toriyama's manga "Dragon Ball", which was published from 1984 to 1995 in the weekly manga magazine Shõnen Jump. The story is about an alien who is sent to earth to destroy it. However, the alien has a change of heart and from then on helps people on earth to fight other alien and bad guys. DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION, as the film is called, tells of the young Goku's adventurous search for the legendary seven dragon balls. The magical dragon balls keep a different number of stars inside and are widely scattered. However, to those who manage to bring all seven dragon balls together, the sacred dragon Shenlong appears, who fulfills a wish. One day Goku receives a dragon ball from his grandfather Gohan, who has been teaching him martial arts for years. On the same evening, while attending the celebration of the attractive Chi Chi, with whom he is secretly in love, the grandfather's house is attacked by the powerful Lord Piccolo and his accomplice Mai. You are looking for Gohan's Dragon Ball and you have no idea that Goku is carrying it. When Goku comes home, he finds the dying grandfather who, shortly before his death, makes him promise: Goku should go in search of Master Roshi and find the six remaining dragon balls with him. However, this has to happen before the approaching solar eclipse, otherwise the forces of evil will prevail and realize the plan of their world domination. Goku goes in search of Master Roshi. When he finally finds him, Goku quickly realizes from Goku's fighting style that he must have been a student of old Gohan. He instructs Goku in the dragon temple in the art of how to properly deal with the energy of the three elements air, fire and water. They are joined by the clever fighter Bulma and the strong Chi Chi and together they go in search of the dragon balls. You have to hurry because the evil Lord Piccolo also wants to find all seven dragon balls in order to destroy the earth. Justin Chatwin ("War of the Worlds") takes on the role of Goku and villain Piccolo is played by James Marsters (including "Buffy") ... Jamie Chung (including "Samurai Girl") plays Chi Chi and Chow Yun Fat (including " Tiger & Dragon ") the master Muten Roshi. In addition, Emmy Rossum will be seen as Bulma, Joon Park as Yamcha, Eriko Tamura as Mai, and Randall Duk Kim as grandfather Gohan ... "Tintin" comic series honored On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the start of the "Tintin" comic series, the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano" honored the creation and its creator, the Belgian Georges Remi alias Hergé, over the weekend. The text says that Tim is "a classic, pure hero". He was "passionate, courageous, polite and generous". He is a hero who is "as everyone wants to be and a friend as everyone wants him". "Tintin" is one of the best known and most important European comic series. Hergé wrote and drew the humorous adventure comics from 1929 until the end of his life. The hero of the stories is the young Belgian reporter Tim, who travels around the world and is drawn into hair-raising adventure stories. The cartoon character was first presented to the public on January 10, 1929. Hergé, a devout Catholic, was the editor in charge of the children's page of the Brussels Catholic daily "Le Vingtième Siecle". The figures of Tim (Tintin) and Struppi (Milou) also saw the light of day in January 1929. A total of 23 comic albums were created. Hergé was unable to complete a 24th volume with the title "Tim and the Alpha Art" until his death. The series has sold more than 200 million issues worldwide. The comics inspired many artists, including director Steven Spielberg and painter Andy Warhol.