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Android Android: delete Google search history - here's how


Similar to your browser on your computer, your Android device saves all searches in the Google search history. On the one hand, it can be practical to have old search results suggested directly. On the other hand, this can inadvertently lead to uncomfortable, embarrassing situations. So if you prefer to prevent these situations from happening or if your privacy is important to you, we will show you how to delete individual entries or the entire search history on your Android smartphone.

Delete individual searches from Google search history

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Clear all Google search history

If you'd like to clear all of your Google search history, here's how to do it. Follow our step-by-step instructions and take a look at the quick start guide.

Tip: Do you want to limit all Google activities in the background? Then we will show you in our article about Android without Google how you can completely deactivate Google search history and other Google activities, for example.

Quick Start Guide: Delete Individual Searches From Google Search History

  1. Open the app "Settings"and tap on the option"Google".
  2. Go to "Google account".
  3. Now select the tab "Data & personalization".
  4. Here you look for the sub-item "my activities"and open it. Enter your Google login details when asked.
  5. Find the item to be deleted. To do this, enter "Google", click on the entry you want Three point menu and choose "Clear".
  6. Confirm the deletion with "Clear".

Quick Start Guide: Clear All Google Search History

  1. Open the app "Settings"and click"Google".
  2. Choose "Google account" out.
  3. Tap the tab "Data & personalization".
  4. Go to the sub-item "my activities". If asked, give your Google credentials a.
  5. Click on that Three point menu to the right of the search bar and select "Delete activities after" out.
  6. Select under "Delete by date" > "Total so far"from. Change the lower selection from"all products" on "search". Finally, tap"Clear".
  7. Confirm the deletion with "Clear".