Why is ERP so popular

Flexible ERP systems have developed into a key success factor and competitive advantage in medium-sized companies. Cloud solutions in particular bring completely new possibilities into play here. Department heads can find out here how you can get the best ERP with special IT partners and how to reduce individual concerns about the cloud.

Dr. Frank Termer is a software expert at the Bitkom industry association. (Image: Bitkom)

Digital transformation is when we no longer buy books in the shop around the corner, but rather the e-book online, which appears immediately on our reading device ”, as the industry association Bitkom put it.

This type of shopping has radically changed the supply chain in the book trade. This requires central software systems for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution links and centralizes business-critical processes - from purchasing to production to distribution.

And: “Digitization enables the development of new business models. Modern ERP systems support and accelerate this process", Says Bitkom software expert Dr. Frank Termer.

Isolated applications are brake pads

Isolated solutions, on the other hand, put the brakes on across the board. There is not only a lack of transparency, communication and flexibility, but also promotes shadow IT: For example, the sales department wants an analysis program and the IT department wants to take care of it. After waiting for weeks, the specialist department takes control of the issue itself - and uses a cloud application that, in the worst case scenario, the IT department doesn't know anything about.

Another example with potentially devastating consequences: colleagues in the company and in the home office exchange customer data for the sake of convenience via a public cloud service such as Dropbox.

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To prevent this, complete solutions are required that cover all the requirements of companies and their employees.

An increasingly popular combination: Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics NAV / CRM from the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 functions as an always up-to-date, secure office software and communication platform, while Dynamics in turn records and controls essential business processes.

The company software always gives employees, customers and business partners a comprehensive overview and universal access to processes and company information.

Own operation, public, private or hybrid cloud?

The individual ERP solutions should adapt to your needs and not the other way around. (Image: iStock)

According to a Bitkom survey, on-premise ERP solutions are currently still popular in Germany. This means that users retain complete control over their business-critical data. However, the effort for server installation, maintenance or monitoring then rests with the company's own IT department.

And so it is not surprising that cloud-based applications - especially in the private and hybrid versions - are in increasing demand.

The advantages of an ERP system from the cloud are increasingly taking over:

✔ demand-driven scaling and usage-based payment,
✔ the quick deployment of the application,
✔ shifting the investment to the cloud provider,
✔ the optimization of the use of IT resources in the company,
✔ outsourcing management to professional hands,
✔ Access to specialist IT knowledge,
✔ Compliance with the highest security standards,
✔ no effort for server installation, maintenance or monitoring,
✔ quick access to current innovations.

Interesting:ERP partners such as ACS Solutions can remove all hurdles and concerns that companies have with regard to a cloud solution and point out possibilities for hybrid ERP systems. Exclusively for cloudmagazin.com readers, ACS Solutions is therefore also offering a free consultation on the Dynamics NAV test offer - secure here.

Dynamics NAV - the barrier-free path to the cloud?

Many small and medium-sized companies are not yet clear about how appropriate concepts and strategies for the path to the cloud could look“, Says Torsten Albrecht, Head of Sales and member of the management team at ACS Solutions. The company offers "IT Full Service" and supports its customers in the transformation.

As an IT service provider, ACS Solutions also has state-of-the-art data centers at geo-redundant locations in Germany with the fastest access times and the highest bandwidth - economical and legally compliant.

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Whether managed hosting, a wide range of scalable cloud services, hybrid hosting for special applications or the location-independent provision of application servers: there is a suitable solution for every requirement.

Meticulous preparation avoids disappointment

However, their implementation does not take place in a hurry: "We first analyze the required services and programs for their cloud suitability and evaluate the risks on the basis of existing compliance guidelines and contracts“, Explains Albrecht.

Often it is succinct things that later turn out to be a stumbling block“, He explains. This is why ACS Solutions also analyzes the existing Internet connections at all locations and checks which bandwidths - technically and financially - are possible.

And so that no company buys a pig in a poke, ACS Solutions has a special offer: Interested parties can test both Office 365 and Dynamics NAV for 14 days free of charge and also receive a free consultation. "In this way, we offer companies the opportunity to bring their application landscape into shape and at the same time discover the potential of digitization“, So Albrecht's conclusion.

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