How accurate is the hadith

Mikado in the morning

The Koran is the holy scripture of Islam.

This week's Mikado in the Morning is about Islam. As you probably know, Islam is a religion, more precisely the second largest religion in the world. But what exactly does it mean to be a Muslim? Moderator Jessica talks about this with her studio guests Mohammed (11), Isra (10), Schanin (11) and the dialogue officer of the Islamic Center Mohammad Ale Hosseini. They tell what faith means to them and what differences there are between religions.

Ramadan is coming soon! What does that actually mean?

Mohammed explains to Jessica why it could be difficult when two Muslims shake hands. Because women and men are not always allowed to simply touch each other - not even on their hands! In Islam, after a certain age, you can only shake hands with people who are very familiar to you. That is what the rules of Islam dictate. They also say, for example, that Muslims should pray towards the east five times a day - towards Mecca, where the Prophet Mohammed was born. In addition, Muslims should also fast for a month, in the so-called fasting month of Ramadan. During this time, Muslims are only allowed to eat before sunrise and after sunset, i.e. only when it is dark.

Christians and Muslims have a lot in common

Our studio guests report what they experienced in the Imam Ali Mosque.

Our studio guests also discover similarities between the religions. Shanin is a Christian and says that Christians also fast once a year. In addition, both religions have only one God, both believe in life after death and both have holy scriptures: for Muslims it is the Koran and for Christians the Bible.

In addition, our guests tell what they experienced with reporter Jantje during their visit to the Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg. And of course - like every Sunday - there is a new dream job, jokes, a good morning story and the best music to start the day.

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