Success is the opposite of failure

Motivation: The opposite of success

What is the opposite of success? 99% of all people answer this simple question incorrectly! So do you know the correct answer? Let me just tell you so much at this point: "Failure" is the wrong answer! This may be justifiable in the classic, linguistic sense, but let's be honest, in real life failure can never be the opposite of success! Do you play to avoid losing or do you play to win? Mistakes, setbacks, failures, all of this is part of life - and also of success! Therefore, the real opposite of success is: "Do nothing"! Because only those who do nothing can and will never be successful. Burying your head in the sand, hiding behind excuses and excuses and giving up your dreams, goals and wishes forever is the opposite of success! Failures, on the other hand, are part of success, in fact they are an essential part of it! You learn from failures in order to do better next time. Over and over again, until you are finally successful.

How is that supposed to work you ask?

The equation: failure = success

Well how do you become successful? By making the right decisions. And how do you make the right decisions? By having the experience necessary to know which decisions are right and wrong. But where should the necessary experience come from? By making lots of wrong decisions! Seriously, experience doesn't just fall from the sky. If you really want to be successful, it is simply part of making a lot of wrong decisions beforehand. This is the only way to learn and make better decisions in the future. Don't make the mistake and underestimate the art of failure.

Success without failure is not success, but luck! And I don't know about you, but for my part I never want to make my success dependent on such an unreliable constant as luck.

Overcoming mistakes is essential

Makes mistakes, mistakes are part of it! And stop all the excuses and excuses. "I will not be successful because ...

... I was abused as a child. "
... my parents were alcoholics. "
... I had a traumatic school days. "
... I don't have the necessary prerequisites for this: "

Of course, you can take refuge in all of these phrases. Or you can say, precisely because all these terrible things have happened to you, precisely because you allegedly lack the necessary prerequisites ... you will be successful. Have you ever heard of Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the glow-electric effect? Exactly this Edison was expelled from school several times due to his lack of intelligence and ability to learn. After all, having arrived very early in professional life, he was fired again as quickly as possible by each of his employers. Did he let it deter or demotivate him? No! Instead, he pinched his ass cheeks and continued to work on his dreams until he finally made it and became one of the most successful and richest men of the time (more about Thomas A. Edison's success story here: A story about success ).

Success is freely selectable

There is no such thing as fate. We always have the choice to do what it takes to achieve our goals. Even in bodybuilding, genetics are not everything! You decide for yourself whether “fate” determines your future path in life or you yourself. The latter will be more difficult and strenuous, but it is also more effective. In order to change something in the circumstances you have to change yourself. Therefore, you should never wish that a situation was easier. Rather, you should wish that you yourself will become better (and therefore be able to cope with the situation more easily). Don't want fewer problems, you want more skills. Accept all challenges ahead and try to understand them, because without challenges you cannot grow. The sooner you learn to accept and understand this, the faster your life will fundamentally change.

If you take this to heart, success, whether in a professional, sporting or personal sense, will soon no longer be a dream for you!

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