What are guidelines for using the Facebook logo

Rules for using the Facebook logo

If you want to use the Facebook logo for your own purposes, you have to observe some rules prescribed by Facebook.

First of all, there are rules about how you can refer to Facebook. Facebook is always written with a capital "F" in front and never completely in lower or upper case letters. The same font, size and formatting must always be used as in the surrounding text. Variations such as "fakebook" or the verb "facebooken" are not accepted. Furthermore, the word Facebook must not be replaced by the logo or the Facebook lettering.

In addition, the use of the word must not give the impression of cooperation, collaboration or support with or through Facebook.

Even if the use of the Facebook brand or the logo on advertising material or websites no longer requires additional approval by Facebook, there are some rules that you should adhere to. The Facebook lettering is reserved for Facebook for its own communication and must therefore not be used.

The “f” logo, the Facebook thumb and the words “Find us on Facebook” are freely available for this. However, you should only use the logos and files offered for download in the Facebook brand area and no other sources. The proportions, colors or other aspects of the Facebook “f” logo should also remain unchanged and sufficient space should be left around the logo. Facebook merchandising articles (T-shirts, mugs, pillows) should, however, not be created with the F logo, lettering or thumb.

In the Facebook brand area you will also find a selection of screenshots that you can use for your own purposes. These are available, among other things, as a PSD file with the corresponding layers, so that there is no need to recreate them yourself.

Only the templates offered for download may really be used. Elements of a Facebook post (images, names, post text, etc.) may be exchanged, but the general structure of the Facebook page or app may not be adapted. You are not allowed to use personal information of real people, neither names, email addresses nor photos.

Any advertising visible on the screenshot must be removed.

If you want to use the Facebook logo in film or television productions or commercials, you have to pay attention to the following things. Facebook requires prior approval.

and want to know a lot about you. On the one hand, you have to indicate which links on Facebook you want to use and provide excerpts from the script. You have to summarize the entire story for Facebook and also provide information on the duration, target group and media budget for advertising trailers. The whole thing requires Facebook in English or in English translation.

Since Facebook gives a period of 2-3 weeks for an answer, you should definitely plan enough time to avoid problems with deadlines.

You should absolutely adhere to these guidelines, as Facebook not only has enough resources to register its own brands and logos around the globe, but also to enforce the associated rights against third parties.

Have fun using the Facebook logos (correctly)! ;)

Lea Steger