Why did IHOP change its name 1

Burgers instead of pancakes: excitement about IHOP marketing gag

The US restaurant chain IHOP replaced the pancakes in their name with burgers, causing outrage on social media. But: The renaming will not last, but a PR gag was successful.

The American restaurant chain International House of Pancakes, or IHOP for short, surprised its fans on Monday with the announcement that it would change its name to "International House of Burgers". A week earlier the new abbreviation "IHOb" was presented on social media, but initially the company did not want to reveal what the "b" stood for. The hoped-for reaction from fans was not long in coming, the discussion on social media went viral. In the meantime, however, it is clear: the renaming was just a marketing campaign - and the coup was a success.

IHOP, as the name suggests, is known for serving breakfast all day long. Around 65 to 70 percent of orders are breakfast items. Half of the breakfast orders are also placed for lunch or dinner. Accordingly, the excitement on social media was great when the name change to "Burger" was announced. Fans of the chain can breathe a sigh of relief: there are still pancakes available and the name IHOb is only temporary.

"Take burgers as seriously as pancakes"

So why the burger campaign? "We will definitely remain IHOP", explained restaurant chain boss Darren Rebelez. "But we want to show that we take burgers just as seriously as pancakes." The PR gag was supposed to draw attention to the newly introduced burger line in the menu. In addition to the breakfast business, the restaurant chain wants to attract more guests for lunch and dinner. With a larger range of burgers, this should now be possible. Advertising posters with the new slogan "Burgers, Burgers, Burgers" therefore adorn the fast food restaurants. A few of the chain's restaurants, for example in Hollywood, have even got new "IHOb" signs. Rebelez said, however, that the majority of the restaurants would continue to be labeled with the name "IHOP".

Rebelez wasn't afraid of negative publicity. Some would have taken it very seriously, but "the vast majority of people enjoyed solving the name puzzle." Since burgers are an unexpected addition to the menu for the pancakes restaurant, they wanted to attract attention with a creative campaign. That succeeded. The COO remained loyal to the pancakes: "Just because we have pancakes doesn't mean that we can't offer anything other than pancakes. Still, the pancakes don't go anywhere."