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Blessed is a participatory adjective to bless. Blessed is the past participle of Blessing and in turn has something to do with blessing.

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When one asks for God's blessing, that is blessing. A pastor can bless the believers by asking for God's blessing. God blesses us and we can ask for God's blessing and we can feel blessed when we experience the divine presence.

You are blessed and you should be a blessing, according to a Bible quote. Feel yourself blessed, feel God's blessings and well-being.

No matter what happens, everything happens by God's will. And in yoga you also start from karma and say whatever happens it's something you can grow on. You cannot always accept and perceive all of this, but that is also not necessary. But for most things you can be grateful that they happen.

You are blessed with everything that happens. You are also blessed with tasks, you are blessed with difficulties, with strokes of fate, but everything is somehow a blessing so that you can grow with it.

You should be a blessing, you want to do good for others and you want to be an instrument of God that is helpful for others, good for others.

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Learn a lot about Blessed in this video presentation. Sukadev, head of Yoga Vidya e.V., interprets the word or phrase blessed from the point of view of classical yoga.

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Some terms that may not have to do directly with blessed, but may be interesting, are e.g. vows, commandments, formless, shapeless, godly, divine glory.

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The adjective Blessed can be seen in the context of religion, Hinduism, and Christianity.