What makes common ground in general


What defines our bike tours!

The ADFC Saar offers well over a hundred bike tours every year. From spring to autumn you can discover the Saarland and the neighboring regions by bike with us. Experiencing nature and culture together as well as having fun cycling are the focus of our guided tours. Your bike should be suitable for the tour you choose.

Anyone, whether a member or not, can ride on the ADFC's bike tours. Children aged 14 and over traveling alone require written permission from their parents. The road traffic regulations apply to all participants! The participants themselves bear the general risk that participation in road traffic entails. You are responsible for observing the traffic rules and for the roadworthy condition of your bicycles. Please follow the instructions of the tour guides. They serve the safety of the participants and the orderly flow of the journey. In the most extreme case, the line can exclude a participant.

The tours are led by experienced and committed tour guides who work on a voluntary basis. They invest free time and material resources in planning and preparing the tours. You should therefore support the tour guides in carrying out the tours. Donations are welcome.

We make sure that the route is bike-friendly and, where possible, avoid main roads and drive on quiet secondary roads, field and forest paths. In the case of inclines, which are almost unavoidable in Saarland, we orientate ourselves on the * - *** - tours to the weaker participants. We ask participants who drive with motor assistance to show consideration for those without a motor. Driving in a group places increased demands on the participants. Please therefore drive carefully and with sufficient distance from the woman in front. Be considerate of each other.

Registration is required for some tours. This applies above all to the offers where sections of the route are covered by rail. If not expressly stated, registration is not necessary. Just get to the specified meeting point on time. If you have any questions about the tours, please do not hesitate to contact the ADFC office or the tour guide.

And which tour suits me and my condition?
So that you are not spoiled for choice in the large / wide range of tours, we particularly recommend newcomers to pay attention to the following information.

The answer is in the stars. The difficulty of the tour is marked with * to ***** stars. The stars refer exclusively to the average speed driven on a flat, easily navigable route. To do this, you have to consider how long the route is and how many meters in altitude you have to master. You can find this additional information in the text for each tour.

*short, easy tour up to 30 km, 12 to 15 km / h
relaxed driving, for beginners
**easy tour up to 50 km, 15 to 18 km / h
flat route, for the experienced
***Moderately difficult tour up to 80 km with gradients 18 to 20 km / h
partly unpaved roads, for experienced cyclists
****brisk tour up to 130 km with gradients of 20 to 22 km / h
demanding route, good physical condition
*****   sporty tour over 130 km or with many gradients over 22 km / h

very good condition

If you haven't ridden your bike or have only ridden short distances, you should start with * to ** tours. A tour with *** to ***** is only recommended for experienced cyclists. Our tour guides are required to drive the specified speed so that no one who has classified himself correctly is overwhelmed, but also not under-challenged.

Autumn and winter cycling
In addition to the official ADFC tours, after the end of the official ADFC tour program at the end of October, there is autumn and winter cycling in the cold season. This is where cyclists meet who want to go on a bike tour together. There is no tour guide, everything is decided together. These tours are not official ADFC tours, but - legally speaking - private bike tours.

Please note the following information in preparation for the bike tours:

  • Think of weather-appropriate clothing, so depending on rain gear and / or sunscreen and headgear.
  • Please bring something to drink and something to eat if you are hungry.
  • A small emergency tool kit that fits your own bike with matching keys, repair kit and replacement tube will help you not to get left behind. Please also think of the air pump that goes with the valves. A small first aid kit is also useful.
  • The basic requirement is a roadworthy bike: This is mandatory for all guided tours of the ADFC!

The ADFC Saar, with around 1,500 members, has not only launched this extensive and varied range of tours on a voluntary basis. In Saarland and nationwide, we mainly deal with the interests of cyclists in terms of transport policy. This is often decades of drilling thick boards for traffic planners and politicians. Much has happened, but more remains to be done. Convince yourself and get active!

Have fun on the tours