What is my PPO number

1. Go to Settings > bills > preferences and set the following preference to “Yes”: “Use order number in invoices”.

2. Create a new invoice or open an invoice that has already been created.

3. When you create or edit an invoice, you will see the field for the order number OR you can click the three dots at the top of the invoice page next to "info"click to Enter order number to choose and add it.

4. To add the order number to your invoices, go to Settings > Document templates > bills and add the shortcode $ INVOICE_PO_NR $ to your Word document.

Note: You can also show the order number column on the invoice summary by clicking the little gear in the lower right corner.

The order number is also available for Excel exports. In addition, invoices that come from a deal or project automatically take on the order number that was entered for that deal or project.