What are some really good chapsticks


Fruity, fresh and cheeky - the lip balms from the city pharmacy

What do colorful flamingos, dragonflies, marmots and raccoons have in common? They are the animal stars of our new, in-house product line! The Lip Balms from Stadt-Apotheke Judenburg are a treat for your lips and the perfect care for when you are out and about.

Crazy animal parade, absolutely natural

The creation of our lip balms was animal-like in terms of the eye-catching packaging design, but inside there is nothing but natural cosmetics, free of animal testing and artificial additives. Based on shea butter, we have developed our recipe for soothing lip care and optimized it for a wide variety of tastes.
The result are four great products that not only ensure smooth lips, but are also real eye-catchers.

Pink flamingo
Weird birds, watch out! Our superstar in dark pink tastes wonderfully like strawberries and gives you a well-groomed kissable mouth.

Blue Dragonfly
Blue looks good on you when you often swarm elegantly? Then our lovely dragonfly is just right for you. Flavor: blueberry

Green Groundhog
And do your chapped lips greet you every day? Not with our cuddly marmot, which hugs your mouths really gently with the taste of Ho leaves.

Red Racoon
One should kiss red lips, said the busy raccoon. And so that you shine in a beautiful shine even in heat or cold, the Lip Bal with raspberry flavor may be perfect for you.