What is ProPay payment

Foreign payments

Are fast and cheap international transfers important to you? We offer European and worldwide transfers in euros and US dollars and a particularly interesting alternative for transfers to Eastern Europe.

You can make international transfers in the following three ways:

  1. SEPA: free transfers within Germany and to the EU [1]
  2. ProPay: Euro transfers for 2.50 euros per transaction in favor of customers of the following ProCredit banks: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ecuador, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine [2]
  3. SWIFT: For payments to all countries that are not part of the SEPA area, as well as for transfers in US dollars. For a payment from the euro-managed account in EUR and a USD-managed account in USD, we charge a fee of 10.00 EUR and 10.00 USD, regardless of the amount of the transfer. For a payment from the euro account in USD, we charge a fee of EUR 20, regardless of the amount of the transfer. The respective correspondent or recipient bank may incur additional fees, which we will then have to charge you retrospectively.

We offer you short transfer times. With ProPay transfers, you can count on same-day processing until 2 p.m. This only applies to bank business days. Weekends and public holidays such as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are not included.

[1] The SEPA area (Single European Payments Area) consists of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino.

[2] These countries are part of the “ProPay” payment network that exists between ProCredit Bank in Germany and ProCredit banks that do not belong to the SEPA area. Within this network, payments can be made comparatively quickly and cheaply.