Why do claws get cauliflower ears


Saiyan in the Japanese comic book Dragon Ball uses her signature scouter to determine combat strength and how to judge combat strength in our daily lives? Actually, the cauliflower ear is one of the most distinctive features with the exception of the powerful muscles. How does cauliflower come about? Soft tissues and cartilage are located under the skin of the auricle. Bleeding between the auricle skin and cartilage usually occurs due to friction between the ears and pillows, the opponent's body, or clothing during intense exercise. Swelling is only caused by hyperemia, and blood is usually a transparent liquid that can be naturally absorbed. In fact, the repeated stimulation and friction result in bleeding and swelling. Then the parenchymal cell shrinks, denatures or even dies due to local tissue hypoxia, insufficient nutrient supply and accumulation of metabolic intermediates. With the proliferation of the interstitial fibers and the collagenization of the reticular fibers, the organs gradually appear as congestive sclerosis and are often accompanied by dry heat and pain. A repeated blow thus destroys the helix shape and continues to have a strong impact on hearing. The permanent magnet was already used to treat the cauliflower ear by MMA and was then called the cauliflower ear magnet.

Via Cauliflower Ear Magnet

Cauliflower ear magnet is made by plastic coated magnets or silicone coated magnets. It prevents hearing damage from being permanent and recovering much faster with less pain.