Dating is a must before marriage

Dating No Sex Before Marriage: Dating Portals for Catholics in Poland

YouTuber tests dating portals

The Catholic dating world became known to a wide audience when the prominent Polish YouTuber Dymitr Błaszczyk opened the portal Singlowanie made. In his video "Catholic Tinder - How do Catholics pick up girls?" he did the self-test on his channel "Sprawdzam Jak" and logged on to the platform. The clip was viewed almost half a million times in a week and a half.

The highlight: Błaszczyk created two completely different fake profiles of women. So he wanted to find out which of the two gets more inquiries. The fictional "Izabela90" is completely against abortion, practicing Christian, prefers "natural methods" in contraception and advocates abstinence before marriage. "MoniczkaMonia", on the other hand, has no children and does not want any in the future either. In addition, depending on the situation, she is "natural" for an abortion, contraceptives and does not want to wait until marriage to become intimate with her partner.

After seven hours, 24 interested parties had already responded to the ad of the abstinent "Izabela90". The more liberal "MoniczkaMonia", on the other hand, wanted to meet 37 people. After only one day, however, the relationship was clearly reversed: "MoniczkaMonia" still wanted to get to know 43 users, but the devout "Izabela90" had already collected 62 inquiries. Nevertheless, YouTuber Dymitr Błaszczyk was amazed that so many people had reported on "MoniczkaMonia" because she actually questions the basic principles of the platform.

Great influence of the church

The Catholic dating portals hit a nerve in Poland and hit a huge market. According to the Polish Main Statistical Office (GUS), more than 33 million Poles are Catholics, which is almost 90 percent of the population. In addition, the Catholic Church has a great influence on the Polish state and society and has a significant influence on public debate. Representatives of the Catholic Church in Poland call LGBT an ideology and advocate a ban on abortions.

The Catholic television broadcaster TV Trwam, for example, recently caused a stir when a professor from the Catholic University of Lublin announced that there were only two possible paths in life for a Catholic woman: motherhood or a life as a virgin, for example in a monastery. She described contraception as a "diminution of one's own dignity". This traditional family image and such arch-conservative theses still have many supporters in Poland.

Catholic Church under fire

But social change is also increasingly taking place in Poland. While many in the country still refer to themselves as believers, the confidence of the young population in the church as an institution is waning, especially in the cities. According to a 2019 survey by the Polish polling institute CBOS, half of young people in large cities no longer practice their faith and only 35 percent attend church on Sunday.

Various abuse scandals within the Catholic Church in Poland have also contributed to the fact that the authority of the Church is increasingly being questioned. Many Poles are also critical of the closeness between the state and the church. Recently there were several large demonstrations against the influence of the Catholic Church, some of which were violently dissolved.