Why do songs have beats

…that's how it works!

Everyone can join in and compose a piece of AI music! Here we answer the most important questions about the diverse topic of AI music tools.

... is there a little Mozart in all of us?

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to compose a song is easier than you think - there are now numerous programs and tools that can help you with this. Not only professionals can use it to produce music, especially people without previous experience in composition can make AI music programs easier to get started with.

Despite artificial support, there are no limits to your creativity, because AI cannot replace it! However, it can make you think - here you can get inspiration from some artists!

What counts for us: We are not looking for the best machine compositions, but the best Human-machine cooperation!

Whether hip-hop, indie, classical, electro or jazz - there is no genre in which you cannot use AI music programs and tools.

... Can I compose a song even if I don't play an instrument?

Naturally! We recommend that you simply try out some of the programs and tools presented here. But you can also let your creativity run free beyond that. Whether you take a song composed by an AI and sing about it yourself or whether you play the melody with your guitar is up to you. You can also compose the music yourself and have an AI write a text. However, AI music does not only take place on the computer: there are now AI-controlled instruments such as the Piano Genie from Magenta or AI drums, which you can of course also use for your piece of music, should you have access to them. You can see what such an AI instrument looks like here.

... Which AI music programs and tools can I use and how do they work?

Most AI music programs create parts of a song or even an entire song with just one click. It is important, however, that you can and should of course influence the composition yourself! There is a long list of these programs, but we don't want to withhold a few examples from you:


The American start-up Amper is the official partner of the Beats & Bits competition. Using it couldn't be easier: the program creates a complete song for you at the push of a button. The only thing you have to choose is a mood and a genre of music. Then you can export the entire song or the individual soundtracks. In this video you can see how to make music with Amper!

If you want to try Amper Score for your song, we have good news: You can use the platform as part of the competition Use it for free for two months! Write us an email to [email protected] and we will provide you with a license to use the platform. Here you can find out more about our cooperation with Amper.

Magenta Tensorflow

Magenta is an open source research project created by Google, which aims to explore the possibilities of AI in art. There are countless sub-projects that you can try out. However, it is worthwhile to be able to program something for this.


AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) has a database of 30,000 scores and pieces by well-known composers such as Beethoven and Bach. The AI ​​creates its own compositions with the help of algorithms that the developers have trained it. This means that she knows which part of a score represents which emotion and, based on this, creates her own piece.

The list of possibilities is long, but we still have a few more programs and tips for you! You can help your creativity on the go with the help of the following programs, some of which are AI-supported:

The Chrome Melody Maker

Chord chord

Song Lyrics Generator

For the mobile phone:

Amadeus Code



... Which music programs can I use for further processing?

You can edit your songs with free tools such as Audacity or Wave Editor as well as with paid music programs such as Logic Pro and Ableton.

... How do melodies still work and how are chords formed at all?

To use programs such as Amper, you hardly need any knowledge of music theory. If you still want to refresh your level of knowledge, you can find out more here:

school of sound


hyperbits music

... I found the perfect AI software, but you didn't mention it. What to do?

Our overview does not claim to be complete. There are too many options and developments in the software market for that. It is important that the software you use has an AI element and works on the basis of machine learning. The same applies of course to other AI music tools. Please indicate in the participation form which software or tool you have used.