Do you have any internet friends

There are only pedophiles on the internet. The 12-year-old Susi, who is too shy to send a picture of herself, is actually called Günther and, at 69, is a bit older than she claims to be. Of course, the old abandoned playground, a few kilometers away from civilization, is the perfect place for a first meeting, as they would have a lot of space to play there. Just normal everyday internet life.

In fact, there are still people who really think that way. In the past you were always told not to give your mobile phone number to anyone on the Internet, or to give any other contact information. In retrospect, I'm pretty happy that I avoided this warning, because let's be honest, it's much easier to find people on the Internet who are just as crazy as you are, but still don't show you a real rabbit right away want, although the saying “Is that little Anna? But you have a cute rabbit. Come on, I'll show you a real rabbit. ”Was quite popular in my presence at some meetings.

The internet is, especially for shy people, a good way to get to know new people who have the same interests or are in the same fandom, as in my case LaFamilia, and possibly tick just like yourself. Unless you are Tried on Facebook, the principle works pretty well too. But even when you have found people you are very fond of, there is still one thing that throws a spanner in the works of many meetings: distance. Well-hated word among internet friends, I write from experience. This is exactly why many people believe that internet friends don't count. You write messages every day or make phone calls on Skype, but you rarely see each other, because most of them live very far apart, do not have the financial means to visit each other constantly or are simply too young and a ban on the Have got parents. Many people therefore often refer to this type of friendship as not relevant, which sounds pretty incomprehensible to people who value such friendships very much and therefore also cultivate them, because just because you don't see each other often does not mean that they Friendship is worth less. On the contrary! The real meetings are mostly warm and especially special, especially because you don't see each other every day, if at all. It is precisely these people that you miss a lot, because you often have the most fun with them, because with whom you can go to the zoo as a large group and run happily to the playground, which significantly increases the average age if not with internet people? But you can also talk to them about serious things, such as problems, because they always have an open ear and it is a bit easier to open up to others over the Internet. Internet friendships often last longer than those in so-called "real life". For example, the friendships from my school that I went to a few years ago before the move did not last, they ended shortly before or shortly after the move. The internet friendships that led back then, however, last to this day.

To look at it as a whole, internet friendships are something really great and special. I've seen meetings where people fell into each other's arms, they'd never seen each other before, only over the Internet, and they started crying for joy. Anyone who thinks that friendships like this don't count has never experienced anything like it. But no matter how nice the meetings are, the more sad the farewell will be. Often there is little prospect of when you will see each other next, whether in a week, a month or a year or if you lose sight of each other and there will be no further meeting. But if it works again, the reunion is all the more beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed my essay :)
I would appreciate your feedback and criticism so that I know where I can still improve :)
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