How can you rate an HDD-SSD

CrystalDiskInfo 8.12.0

If you want to restore files from a broken hard drive, this is either impossible or difficult to do in the event of a hardware defect, and it can also be very expensive. CrystalDiskInfo can recognize the end of life of a hard disk early on so that timely measures such as replacing the hard disk are possible.

Your own hard drive put to the test

With the free CrystalDiskInfo software, which is also available as a portable version, detailed diagnoses and analyzes of hard drives such as HDD and SSD hard drives can be carried out. CrystalDiskInfo supplies a wide range of different values ​​and information about the hard disk, which make its condition clear. Some of these are partitions, temperature, write and read error rate, speed, memory and buffer sizes, firmware version, serial number and the total number of hours the hard disk has been in use.

Settings for display and language

How the results are read out and displayed can be specified in the settings. CrystalDiskInfo can hide the serial number so that it cannot be seen on screenshots that you want to publish on the Internet. In addition, you can view all results in diagram form and define zoom levels and color schemes.

The freeware only supports English and Japanese during installation. Your own language can only be selected after the CrystalDiskInfo program has started if it was not correctly recognized during installation. To do this, go to the right menu in the menu bar and select the first item "A-N" after opening it. Another menu opens in which, among other things, the language "German, [German]" can be selected.

CrystalDiskInfo warns admins

In addition to the standard diagnostics, analyzes and reports in various formats, CrystalDiskInfo supports the setting and output of security alarms. Users can define different threshold values ​​for different data, and an alarm is triggered if they are exceeded. For example, you can receive a warning notification by email as soon as the hard drive gets too hot - together with a played alarm tone. For the e-mail warnings, CrystalDiskInfo requires the .NET Framework. Since the open source software also supports Advanced Power Management (ADP) and Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM), it is possible to regulate hard disk volume and performance.

Hard drive software editions

CrystalDiskInfo is available for download in two different versions. In addition to editing for installation, a portable version of the program is available as open source software that is free of advertising and can be taken on a USB stick to analyze the status of the hard drives from another computer. An installation version is also available, but it is ad-supported and comes with adware. You can also download the source code of the program.

Restore alternatives and files

CrystalDiskInfo isn't the only software that provides information about hard drives. There are also smartmontools, Personal SmartCheck, Drive Info and HWMonitor.

The freeware CrystalDiskInfo is not software that can restore files. There is also Recuva, which can handle a deleted partition and restore files even in the free edition. The Linux distribution Knoppix can also restore files, which our special data recovery with Knoppix deals with.