The best shops still exist in Seattle

Seattle's Best Coffee Seattle in Koenigswinter

For two years now, the name Seattle has also been spreading in Germany as a coffee brand. Aryzta Food Solutions offers the concept exclusively for petrol stations, convenience stores, bakeries, bistros, café lounges, trade fair catering and the hotel industry. Seattle's Best Coffee is branded by Starbucks. Aryzta brings in the cooperation with the coffee house operator the knowledge of the needs of the customers in the target groups and the logistic know-how in order to be able to offer everything from a single source.

One of the current ten partners is Roland Heinemann, who has leased an Aral petrol station from the regional MÖG Kuttenkeuler in the immediate vicinity of the A 3 in Königswinter. He had already gained experience with the Aral Petit Bistro concept. “But that's not the right brand for a coffee concept,” he says and switched to Lavazza until he came across Seattle's Best Coffee at the bft trade fair in Münster in spring. He is aware that the name has yet to establish itself in the shop landscape. One of the things that convinced him was the quick changeover time. After four weeks, the flag of his coffee bar had changed to red and white.

Among other things, the fully automatic coffee machine is new. Today Heinemann works with a machine from Franke, which from his point of view is the lightest and best machine. He had enough comparisons to be able to say that. The handling is child's play and the automatic cleaning once a day makes the work of the employees easier. It's programmed for the night. The gas station is open 24 hours a day, but that's when the demand for coffee is lowest. “The device cannot be tricked,” says Heinemann with a smile. It switches to cleaning mode and does not allow any delay. The equipment also includes a syrup station and a cooling chamber for milk.

Markus Sandmann, Business Development Manager at Aryzta, sees the system primarily from a qualitative aspect: “Seattle benefits from Starbucks' product and brand know-how. The machines are tailored to the beans, produce good milk foam, everything in consistently good quality. ”This is achieved, among other things, by the brewing time, the degree of grinding and the water used. Seattle also specifies the recipes. ”There are currently nine coffee varieties in the range at the Aral station.

Many regular customers drive to the Aral petrol station, including numerous craftsmen. A larger portion of coffee has been her wish for a long time and Heinemann has now fulfilled this with Seattle's: The large cup now holds 16 oz. the small 12 oz. - each 4 oz. more than before. In the future, Heinemann is assuming 2,000 coffees per month, with sales on Saturdays and Sundays falling to around 60 percent of the other daily sales due to the large number of commuters.