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Holistic Online Classes

I would also like to be there for you at home with valuable yoga practice. Especially now in this new and challenging situation for all of us. Especially now when you may sit more (in the home office) or “couched” and yourself Body, mind and soul may report loudly and demand healing movement and introspection. Right now where our Immune system all the boost it can get it needs.
The online classes cannot replace the on-site classes with personal assists, Shavasana massage etc., but should be a support for you - also around your own home practice to cultivate to listen more to your inner teacher, "To stay on the ball" and to incorporate new routines into your current everyday life. The 75 minute units focus on exactly that. Of course, mine also flows into the online classes naturopathic and osteopathic background with a.

I publish playlists on my Spotify profile (Anja Mester) & shortly before the start of the class inform in the live stream which playlist you can use.
You can find out how registration & live streaming works below.

IMPORTANT: If you don't play along with the technology or if the registration is a hurdle for you, then get in touch with me. We solve it together! If you have an injury or something else I should know before the practice in order to deal with it accordingly, please contact me by email in good time before the classes.

And more importantly - you are welcome to help shape: Write me your wishes and needs for the classes ... Would you also like to practice Yin Yoga or Yin Flow, which times are optimal etc.


  • Just register as usual via the eversports app or the atemSCHÖPFER website for the desired online class. If you haven't registered before, today is a great opportunity to do that for the first time. For the online classes please z at least 30 minutes before the start book.
  • Select the product you want to participate with: You can use your current yoga card - after 3 online participation via the on-site cards, I will give you a unit for your health. Alternatively, you can take part using the new "One-Timer ONLINE" or the "10-ticket ONLINE". All new customers practice online for the first time with a trial lesson. All atemSCHÖPFER members take part with their membership at no additional cost!
  • After a successful booking you will find under "My bookings" for the relevant online class a note about online streaming and you can open the door to our virtual "class room" as follows:
    >> Via the eversports app: from 15 minutes before the start of the class, a green button appears and the online class becomes accessible. With a click on the button you will be redirected to the corresponding online streaming page and you will be there live! As long as the button is still gray, the online stream is not yet available.

    >> On the breathCREATOR On the website, you will find the link to the live broadcast after a successful booking under the tab "My bookings / activities" for the relevant activity.










  • The transmission will take place via zoom. If necessary, you can download this popular meeting tool free of charge in advance. You can also open the transfer via the browser. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection & your device has enough battery 😉
  • To be on the safe side, I will send the participation link to all those who have registered by email about 15 minutes before the start (see spam folder if you can't find the email in your inbox)
  • To participate you also need: your yoga mat / gymnastics mat, but you can also practice on a carpet / towel, probs: a blanket, a pillow (doesn't have to be a yoga pillow), 2 blocks / alternatively: thick books, as always your favorite -Yoga clothes for optimal freedom of movement (pajama pants are also allowed by the way 😉) and the desire to take a little break and try something new

If you have any questions, please contact me on 0179/92 00 600
I'm happy for you!