How do I update my application

How do I update the application on an Android phone?

We continue to answer questions about the Android operating system. Today we are going to talk about how to update applications and games. Just remind them that with a few exceptions, you cannot remove updates. So, be sure to read the reviews before upgrading your application. The update may not have been successful.

Let's begin. We're connected to the internet and we're going to google play.

You can find the application you want to update by searching Google Play or using the My Applications section. Consider the second way.

We swipe from the left image from left to right, after which a menu will appear. Select "My Applications and Games".

You will see two tabs: "Installed" and "All". The first tab shows the applications that are installed on the device you are holding. On the “All” tab, you can see, without exception, all applications that are installed on all devices on which this account is used. Stay on the Installed tab.

Suppose you need to update the Yandex.Browser browser. We click on the application and go to the browser page. Then click the “Update” button.

If necessary, grant the application permissions:

Updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

Once the application is updated, an “Open” button will appear. This means that the latest version of the application is being used.

Remember, you can update all of the applications at the same time. To do this, return to the Installed tab and click Update All. In this case, all applications for which updates are available will be updated. Keep in mind that this will take some time and it can spend a lot of traffic. We therefore recommend updating applications over the unlimited internet, e.g. B. at home.

If you want the application to update automatically, go to the menu and select "Settings".

Click on "Automatically update apps" and select "Always" ..

Applications are now automatically updated when connected to the Internet.

How to update the application on Android using a computer (without a Play Market)?

The easiest way is to download the application with the latest update in the form of an APK file, download it to the device and install it using any file manager.

Where can I download the installation file? Of course, making the best use of the Play Market is easier and safer. However, if you don't have access to the online application storage, you can get the APK file on the network, download it on your phone, and install it. We have described in detail here how to install applications from a computer.