Who is Apasmara in Hinduism

Hinduism and Buddhism

Apasmara: dwarfish demon of Hinduism.


Is primary Hinduism a sociological term for life within the castes and numbering about 300 million believers. There is no founder, nor is there any binding dogmatics. Hinduism does not convert individuals. It is the eternal religion that has been proclaimed time and again by holy men and seers.

Hinduists can be poly-, mono-, pan- or even atheists; there is also no specific god. About 90% of the population of the Indian Union are Hindus, many also live in Pakistan.

The lesson: There is a scale of life, beginning with plants and ending with the highest gods. Humanity is divided into numerous classes, the topmost of which are the Hindu castes. There is transmigration of souls and good and bad deeds in a previous existence. The transmigration of souls ends only through self-renunciation and divine grace, which leads to an inalienable state of bliss.
At the top of all castes is that of the Brahmins (= hereditary priestly nobility), gods of the "pantheon".

The period from 800 BC BC to 800 AD can also be described as Brahmanism. Around 800 AD. begins today's Hinduism.

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