What signs of the zodiac people hate Leo people

That is what the zodiac signs reveal about the furnishing style


A garden? Gladly, it is also part of a standard family life. Wild flowers? Absolutely not, the lawn is trimmed and can be presented at any time. The accurate hedge is high enough to protect the private life in the home from the neighbors. Capricorns love rules and laws and have grown together with tradition and the past. They try to preserve what has proven itself.

You can always rely on the good German oak, tiles in the kitchen, because they are so easy to care for. The typical Steinbock apartments rarely have anything cozy, they are rather solid and good. Decorative bells and whistles? What for? Capricorn doesn't need it. Either he consistently relies on furnishing with enduring antiques or on high-quality, functional design classics.

Dark tones, preferably wooden, but also cool tubular steel - just plain and slightly conservative elegance. The younger ibex also like to fall back on the Scandinavian style, only without the hygge, i.e. the cozy component. Color, trends and impulsive purchases? Nothing. Domestic animal? Well, maybe a German Shepherd?


Live in accordance with society? Just not. Move to the country? No, too narrow and too boring there. Better a loft in an urban setting, preferably bright and with a view of the city. Instead of walls, there are quite transparent curtains in this loft, perhaps also mobile dividing elements, but hardly any doors. This supports the expanse and lofty lightness of the apartment - and provides the framework that Aquarius and their element of air need.