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The way to the cinema
Richard Tiffany Gere was born onAugust 31, 1949 born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father Homer George was an insurance agent, his mother Doris Anna worked as a housewife. Richard grew up on a farm in Philadelphia with his three sisters and brother. He was passionate about music and learned several instruments. He attended North Syracuse Central High School and then enrolled at the University of Massachusetts. From then on he studied philosophy there. However, he did not graduate and left the university after two years.1969 Gere decided to switch to acting and appeared regularly on Broadway.1973 Richard appeared in the classic musical "Grease" and attracted the attention of some producers early on. It wasn't long before Richard received his first offers from the film.

The breakthrough
So he received1975 for the first time a film role in "The Lonely Job". Gere was able to convince with his interpretation of Billy and received regular appearances in the cinema in the following years. beginning of80s He first gained the attention of international critics in “American Gigolo”. Although his flagship appearance in "An Officer and Gentleman" was already quite successful, he celebrated his final breakthrough as a Hollywood star in "Pretty Woman". Along with Julia Roberts he captured the hearts of cinema-goers around the world. Gere switched to Buddhism in the early 1990s. Since then, Gere has been actively campaigning for the rights of other peoples - especially in China.1991 Gere married the model Cindy Crawford. The marriage lasted only four years. Of1996 on, Richard was dating Carey Lowell. 2000 Lowell bore him a son. They married in 2002.

Gere today
Gere had a short time to be successful in Hollywood after the "Pretty Woman" remake "The Bride Who Doesn't Dare" was a relative failure. He therefore took dance lessons for “May I ask” in order to do justice to the demanding role. The reviews became more positive again. After that, Richard tended to prefer the darker characters and cult films like "The Mothman Prophecy" (2002), "The Hoax" (2006) and "The Flock" (2007) followed. Most recently Gere was in "Hachiko - A Wonderful Friendship" (2009) and "Law of the Road - Brooklyn's Finest" (2010) to see. Richard Gere can look back on countless awards, including a Golden Globe, the ShowWest Award and the Golden Camera for Best Actor International. Geres German dubbing voice is Hubertus Bengsch.
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Richard Gere Films
1975 - The lonely job
1975 - Strike Force
1976 - Baby Blue Marine
1977 - Looking for Mr. Goodbar
1978 - hot blood
1978 - In the embers of the south / days of heaven
1979 - Yanks - Yesterday we were still strangers
1980 - A man for certain hours
1982 - An officer and a gentleman
1983 - breathless
1983 - The Honorary Consul
1984 - Cotton Club
1984 - King David
1986 - Power - the way to power
1986 - Merciless
1988 - Miles from Home
1990 Internal Affairs Trust him, he's a cop
1990 - Pretty Woman
1991 - Rhapsody in August
1992 - Ice cold passion
1993 - Sommersby
1993 - Mr. Jones
1994 - Encounters - Intersection
1995 - First Knight
1996 - twilight
1997 - Red Corner - Labyrinth with no way out
1997 - The jackal
1999 - The bride who doesn't dare
2000 - It started in September
2000 - Dr. T and the Women
2002 - unfaithful
2002 - The Mothman Prophecies
2002 - Chicago
2004 - May I ask?
2005 - Bee Season
2006 - The Hoax
2007 - I'm Not There
2007 - Hunting Party - When the hunter becomes the hunted
2007 - The Flock - Dark Shoots
2008 - The smile of the stars
2009 - Amelia
2009 - Hachiko - A wonderful friendship
2010 - Law of the Street - Brooklyn’s Finest
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