What do acne scars look like

Treat pimple scars and acne scars effectively.

Even when pimples and acne have finally healed, memories often remain in the form of unsightly scars. Pimple scars and acne scars are not only bothersome, but often even painful. But they can hardly be removed without professional treatment. We at Permabeauty have mastered a number of methods with which you can find your way back to beautiful skin. We would like to explain to you below what these are.

What are scars and how do they arise?

A scar is the final stage of a healing process in which the collagen fibers have been destroyed. This means that the collagen is no longer intertwined, but the fibers are arranged parallel to each other. The scar then consists of what is known as fibrosis, an inferior and fibrous replacement tissue. Small depressions appear in the skin. The edges of the scars often appear hardened.

The formation of pimple scars or acne scars:

The formation of a scar is similar to normal pimples and acne. However, in acne the sebum glands are chronically inflamed and constantly produce too much sebum. This clogs the pores and leads to recurring pimples, blackheads and nodules. Unfortunately, this also increases the chance of scarring enormously.

A pimple usually arises from a blackhead. These are small bumps with a black point in the middle. This point consists of the skin's own pigment (melanin), which turns black when combined with oxygen. Such blackheads are also called "open or blackheads" in specialist circles.

They are called open because the opening of the follicle is open and pressure can escape. A distinction is also made between so-called "closed or white blackheads". The opening of the follicle is closed. With this type of blackhead, the pressure from below cannot escape, which in most cases leads to inflammation.
When blackheads become infected, a pimple develops. In technical jargon one speaks of pustules and papules, colloquially it is known as pus pimples.

Individual pimples heal with a little patience and proper care without scarring. And even if that is not the case, with a non-chronic course you only keep a few, often less deep scars.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case with acne. Since it is a chronic inflammation of the valley glands, deep, often even discolored scars form over time in most cases. This is because the destroyed tissue is very sensitive to light and can discolour if the sunlight is too strong.

Do not squeeze out pimples yourself!

To prevent pimple scars or acne scars, it is important to resist the temptation to express pimples and blackheads yourself. Because this allows the bacteria to get deeper into the skin and significantly worsen the inflammation. In the case of acne in particular, you should put yourself in the experienced hands of a professional cosmetic institute in order to prevent long-term effects.

We at Permabeauty can help you gently cleanse your skin and treat scars so that you quickly feel good again.

With special methods we are able to make pimple scars and acne scars appear less noticeable or in some cases even to eliminate them completely. We work with very gentle, but highly effective applications. First of all, we take a very close look at the complexion of your skin in order to tailor the treatment to your needs. This is important for the success of the treatment. Depending on the severity of your scars, microneedling, an AHA peeling treatment or cosmetic acupuncture can be used.


In microneedling, the pimple scars or acne scars are treated by using an electric pen with a sterile attachment, equipped with the finest needles, to pin the areas of the scar. The length of the needles is matched to the respective skin type and the treatment area beforehand.

The course of treatment:

During the treatment, the smallest injuries occur in the epidermis. But these are by no means bad for the skin. On the contrary: These injuries stimulate the formation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal. And it is precisely these effects that are used in the treatment of pimple scars and acne scars. The skin should regenerate new collagen to fill in the scars and make the wound edges appear smoother. With the help of microneedling, our special care products can also be smuggled in particularly well. This treatment method is not an operation and therefore requires a light anesthetic cream. In addition, wound healing is very uncomplicated and the reddening of the skin has subsided after a few days. Even if it sounds painful at first, the method is also suitable for the faint of heart. In contrast to other methods (such as microdermabrasion), the skin is not thinner and more sensitive, but even significantly strengthened. The complexion looks refreshed and rosy after the first application.

Depending on the depth of the scars, the treatment must be repeated several times until the desired effect occurs. Microneedling should not be used on active acne, as otherwise the bacteria can spread over the entire face.

AHA peeling treatment (fruit acid peeling)

Another option for treating active acne and mild acne scars is the so-called AHA peeling treatment. Alpha-hydroxy acids (also known as fruit acids) are briefly applied to the skin in high concentrations.

What sounds very aggressive at first, is extremely beneficial for the skin. The upper horny layer peels off and the underlying rosy skin appears, after which the skin has to renew itself, which flattens the scars. Compared to peelings with other acids, AHA acid only loosens the first horny layer and does not penetrate deeper layers. This type of peeling is therefore much gentler than comparable methods.
One advantage of this peeling is that you can flatten the wound edges of the scars by removing the upper layer of skin. This method is not only effective for mild acne scars or pimple scars, but also rejuvenates your skin by reducing small wrinkles. Care products are also more effective when the uppermost horny layer and thus also dead cells are removed. Another positive effect of the AHA peeling regimen is that it counteracts the inflammation of active pimples or acne.

What must be considered after microneedling or AHA peeling cure:

Both after the microneedling and after the AHA peeling cure, the skin is slightly reddened immediately after the treatment and sun exposure should also be avoided during the healing process. If the scarring is very severe, several applications may be necessary. A combination of AHA peeling and microneedling is highly recommended here. However, you have to give the skin some time to regenerate between the individual peelings and the skin also needs at least 4 weeks to recover between the microneedling sessions.

Cosmetic acupuncture can also lead to a significantly better complexion. The method, closely related to traditional Chinese acupuncture, works with the finest needles that are inserted into the skin along the facial muscles. This leads to a stimulation of the muscles, the connective tissue and the skin. Through the stimulation, the facial muscles receive stimuli that are intended to tighten the facial features and thus also minimize small wrinkles. It also stimulates the skin's collagen formation, which is very important for the regression of annoying pimple scars or acne scars. Since with cosmetic acupuncture no skin is removed and no large-scale micro-injuries arise as with microneedling, it is more suitable for the treatment of very light pimple scars such as B. caused by individual pimples. Treating acne scars is therefore somewhat difficult with cosmetic acupuncture.

The time in which the needles have to remain in the skin can be ideally used for relaxation. Since cosmetic acupuncture is particularly gentle, sensitive skin can also be treated very well. However, several sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired result.