Is it possible to breastfeed your grandchildren?

Children and Corona - "Can I still see my grandchildren?"

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good evening children can also get corona from 3 years of age or whatever, best thanks

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: Yes, children can also have Corona - regardless of age.

Our daughter is a kindergarten teacher and is 19 weeks pregnant. She teaches 19 children between the ages of 4 and 6 years. Since the distance to the children is difficult to keep, e.g. B. when going to the toilet, when dressing and undressing, when comforting, doing gymnastics, etc. there is a risk of infection. If there is a possible infection of the coronavirus by the children, is there a risk for our daughter's unborn child ??? Thank you for the information.

Christian Kahlert: Based on previous experience, illnesses in newborns are possible, but they are mild.

I tested positive for Corona last Tuesday. My partner & I live in a small apartment with our 7-month-old daughter. I found it difficult to isolate myself, we didn't take any major protective measures against our daughter. It was also very difficult to keep a distance or distance from her. I am now a little worried that it will only have long-term consequences or damage. It is still far too little known. What is your opinion?

Anita Niederer-Loher: You don't have to worry. While we don't know much about long-term sales of COVID-19, other coronavirus infections are very common and well known in children, and they do not have any consequences. We know that children rarely get COVID-19 and when they do, it is practically never seriously. In addition, children are generally infected less often, even if they have contact with an infected person. There is therefore no need to fear long-term consequences.

Tennis club, training in Halle (600m2, over 2000m3 air, aired for 5 minutes every hour): Our juniors train for up to 90 minutes at a time, without a mask. Distances of less than 1 m occur very rarely and for a maximum of 5 minutes. Of course there are aerosols and thus probably droplets in the air. How big is the risk of infection for an adult? Merci.

Christian Kahlert: It is important that the recommended preventive measures are adhered to. If the juniors are in secondary school, the risk is very likely comparable to the situation when training adults.

Hello, My son's family recently contracted Covid19. The boys, 2 and 4 years old, were also sick. They had a fever and cough, but according to the pediatrician they did not have to be tested. Now my question: How should we behave as grandparents, 69 and 72 years old. Can we look after the children again? What special precautionary measures do we have to take? Thank you for your response

Anita Niederer-Loher: The children will probably go through the disease without complications and when they are healthy again, which is usually the case no later than 10 days after the onset of the symptoms, they are no longer contagious, even if they have a slight cough for a while to have. So you can look after your grandchildren when they are well again.

Good evening, we would have to take care of the 6 month old grandson / Göttibueb during 5 hours. He has the "schnudderi" and the parents are healthy. How critical is the situation. Thank you in advance and good health!

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: I don't consider this situation to be critical. If the parents are healthy, the 6-month-old hardly carries the virus. In addition, according to the current state of knowledge, children transmit Corona much less often.

As a club, we run a larger junior tennis school. The question arises again and again whether a smear infection can happen via the tennis balls or how likely this is. What experiences do you have in this regard? Thank you very much.

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: There is no evidence of transmission through tennis balls; Especially with good hand hygiene before the game and when entering the tennis court in good general condition (without respiratory symptoms), such a risk seems to be negligible. The transmission takes place mainly before the game and / or in the clubhouse.

It wouldn't make sense to close youth clubs now. Many young people from different communities meet there.

Anita Niederer-Loher: Even in youth clubs, just like in schools, the organizers and those present should be aware that there is a need to keep a safe distance and hygiene (including masks) and that certainly no one with cold symptoms takes part. The activities in the meeting should also be adapted to the current situation (e.g. outdoor activities, ventilate rooms). Young people can infect each other, so caution is certainly necessary and awareness and information on hygiene and distance is important, but I do not consider closings necessary.

Are we allowed to give our children 3 & 5 to their grandparents to babysit when they are “healthy”?

Christian Kahlert: Based on previous experience, children can pass the virus on, but less often than adults. This also means that contact with your grandchildren is less of a risk than contact with your own children. This is especially true when there are no symptoms. On the other hand, contact should be reduced overall. This is especially true for older people with risk factors. With regard to these points, one grandparent is of course different from the other. This has to be weighed up on a case-by-case basis in the situation in which the number of cases increases.

Good evening. When our children's school friends (8 and 6 years old) are at home to play, my husband and I each wear a protective mask. So far we have done this because we were afraid of infecting the "strange" child and not that the child would infect us adults. In addition, we ventilated and paid attention to the distance. What is the best way to deal with children from outside the family who come home to their own children? Is this still possible?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: Your previous protective measures have certainly been exemplary cautious and not only protected the visiting children, but also themselves. In general, contacts between people should currently be restricted as much as possible. Contacts between children of the same age are important, which is why this is possible with a very limited number of each other.

Good evening, my 7 year old daughter has a fever (38.7) and Schnudderi. In addition, she is very tired and limp. Can or should I have a quick test done with her tomorrow so that we can go to work with a clear conscience, the brother can go to the KIGA and the little sister can be looked after by someone else? Or do we all stay at home until it is possibly over?

Anita Niederer-Loher: As long as none of the adult family members have cold symptoms and your daughter does not have a close adult contact person for COVID-19, the likelihood of a coronavirus infection in your daughter is extremely small. There is no need to test in here, your daughter should stay home until she is fit and all other family members who are healthy can go about their normal activities and activities.

Hello, could it be that our daughter infected everyone with Corona for 16 months? That means I had it, my husband didn't eat my father, my in-laws both had it.

Christian Kahlert: Based on the previous data on transmission chains, this would be a very unusual case. Children are practically never index patients (i.e. the first people to show signs of illness). The risk of infection increases with age. Children <12 years rarely infect individuals. Accordingly, an 18-month-old infant is extremely unlikely to infect more people. I would even rule that out.

I have a 10 month old son and I am pregnant again. There are several reasons why I should absolutely avoid getting infected. What about the risk of being infected by my son? Is it responsible that relatives continue to carry it around, provided that the adult distance is maintained? Would masks make sense or would it be better not to have any physical contact at all? How big is the risk when he is with other small children or school children?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: Children can be infected, but under the age of 12 they are less symptomatic and less likely to transmit the virus to adults. Therefore, the risk of being infected by your son is rather small. Rather, the principle of increased caution applies to you, since as pregnant women you are at risk. It can still be carried around by healthy relatives, but you should minimize the risk of infection in such a situation by keeping your distance or wearing a mask.

How do you rate secondary school students as possible drivers of the pandemic. On the one hand to each other, on the other hand to the parents and, above all, to the teachers?

Christian Kahlert: We practically always see that teachers at a school are the first to be affected by an infection. Masks for teachers make sense in the current situation. Risk situations are mainly in the staff room when drinking when the mask is taken off.

I finally want to know what the chain of infection is like from child to adult. We only ever talk about children-children and adults-children. Thank you very much.

Christian Kahlert: Unfortunately the books are not closed yet, but based on what we know, the likelihood of transmission from children to adults is significantly lower. The infection is mainly transmitted via droplets. Imagine the spread of the droplets when coughing a man weighing 80kg and then a child weighing 10kg. The range is very different and so is the risk that comes from both.

Good evening, baking biscuits is coming up soon. Can I bake biscuits together with a group of children (everyone under 6 years of age). What do I have to consider. Thanks. With kind regards

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That is certainly possible. Please note the general hygiene measures: Wear a mask in particular.

My son and his wife were Corona positive. You have a 2 month old daughter, she was always super fit. Now everyone is healthy again. Julia's first vaccination was due on the day of the corona test and was of course canceled. How long should you wait to vaccinate Julia?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: Julia should be vaccinated as soon as possible, as soon as the parents are completely healthy for 10 days.

Good evening, my mother belongs to the risk group because of a lung disease. Nevertheless, she looks after my son two days a week for 21 months. He currently has a cold and coughing. In this case, would it be dangerous to give the little ones to my mother and to what extent is the risk in general that he could infect them, even if he does not have any symptoms?

Anita Niederer-Loher: If there is no close adult contact person for your son has contracted COVID-19, the risk of him being infected, and thus the risk of infection for your mother, is extremely low. According to the current state of knowledge, infection of adults by asymptomatic children is also extremely unlikely.

If one parent tested positive and the children remained symptom-free in quarantine, does it make sense to have a blood test for antibodies carried out on the children afterwards?

Christian Kahlert: That depends very much on what conclusions you draw from a positive antibody test. The infection is mainly transmitted in the same household. This means that the probability that the children went through an illness without symptoms is very high. If this information is enough for you, I wouldn't take a test. If you want to know more, you can take a test. But what is the consequence?

Good evening, my husband tested positive for Corona. I have no symptoms and neither do our two-year-old twins. Should we still get tested? And how should we behave towards grandparents? Thank you very much

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: As long as all 3 are symptom-free, no test is necessary. The whole family should be completely healthy for 10 days before you have contact with your grandparents again.

How big is the danger for me (67) when looking after grandchildren and when working in kindergarten? Should I take a break from hating or wear a mask with my grandchildren (2 and 4)?

Anita Niederer-Loher: The risk of being infected by one of your grandchildren or kindergarten children is extremely small, as children of this age are only very rarely infected, and even if they were infected, they rarely pass the virus on. However, wearing a mask can still make sense, especially if you have contact with other adults, e.g. in kindergarten or in the break room, as the risk of infection is significantly higher among adults.

How big is the risk that we grandparents will be infected by our 2 1/2 year old grandchild? His parents are very careful about Corona.

Christian Kahlert: The risk is small if the children have no symptoms. It is good if part of the time is also spent outside, there the risk is practically zero.

We have a business with employees and customer contact. The customers are separated from us by a pane of glass. What do we have to do if any of us (my husband, our employees, our children or I) test positive? Do we have to close for ten days and give our employees time off?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: Basically, everyone who has had more than 15 minutes without a mask closer than 1.5m to a person who tested positive must be in quarantine for 10 days. It is therefore worthwhile to adhere to the general hygiene rules accordingly.

How can it be that my children have to be in quarantine for 27 days. Me and my wife both tested positive. My isolation ended on November 10th and my wife's today. According to the canton of Lucerne, my children have to remain in quarantine until November 27th. Where are the children's rights? Yours sincerely

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: According to the BAG, the quarantine is defined as follows: 10 days from the date of the last contact with the contagious person. In the case of families in quarantine, the quarantine may be extended over time if symptoms occur among family members.

We look after our grandchildren (6 and 8) once a week. Today our daughter-in-law tested positive again. So, for the time being, be careful. But afterwards, can we dare again? E.g. after 2 weeks?

Christian Kahlert: If there are no more symptoms, then nothing speaks against it. It is recommended to wait for the quarantine period of 10 days.

I have a grandson who is 10 years old. Both parents are currently Corona positive and sick at home. Can I take my grandson with me during this time without being infected by him? He is not allowed to go to school and so he could come to me ...

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That certainly doesn't make sense. He should stay in quarantine at home, otherwise you risk getting infected.

My son and daughter-in-law have Corona. They have a three-year-old daughter. Do you have to have the little one tested? Can we, as grandparents, keep the girl in isolation after 8 days

Anita Niederer-Loher: A test on your granddaughter is not necessary. You can take care of your granddaughter when she has no symptoms or when she has been fit for 48 hours. Your son and his wife could at most pose a risk of infection as long as they still have symptoms. This means that special care must be taken when handing over children. After 10 days, however, this is no longer the case with adults either and the isolation is therefore lifted.

Our 11 year old son has a dry cough without a fever and a sore throat. Shouldn't I have it tested?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: As long as it is in good general condition, it does not need to be tested.

What are the most common symptoms in children between the ages of 4-10? Same as with adults?

Christian Kahlert: Most children are asymtomatic. This means that symptoms of illness occur less often, but they are similar to those in adults, including fever, cough, headache and body aches, but also changes in taste or diarrhea.

Good evening my daughter 6 years old Has a fever (rising temperature) no sense of smell. (Runny nose, sore throat) can the first symptoms be?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That could be. Get in touch with your pediatrician.

We are grandparents 68 and 69 years old. Look after our grandchildren aged 9 and 10. From Tuesday evening to Thursday morning. Are we at risk? Or should we no longer supervise? Thank you for your opinion.

Anita Niederer-Loher: If the children are healthy and no close adult contact person for the children has found out about COVID-19, you can look after the children without any worries.

Our daughter (3) has had a cough and runny nose since Saturday. Otherwise she has no further symptoms of the disease. Do we have to do something special or treat it normally as a cold?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: As long as she is in good general condition and only has mild symptoms.

Is it better if I hold my 5-week-old granddaughter in my arms that I wear a mask? I have no symptoms, but I am at risk.

Christian Kahlert: If the child is healthy, the risk is very small.If you have symptoms yourself, then you should put on a mask.

We live with my parents in a 2 family house. My father 68 has an artificial heart. I myself had cancer. Now I keep asking myself whether my 2.5 year old daughter is a risk of infection for us if we come into contact with other children on an outdoor play area. We pay close attention to the recommendations of the BAG, but every now and then we go to the public playground and short contacts there cannot be completely avoided.

Anita Niederer-Loher: You certainly don't have to worry about your daughter's brief contacts with other children on the playground. It is important that you protect yourself well, as you do if you follow the recommendations of the FOPH. You should avoid contact with other adults if possible, or protect yourself appropriately with distance and a mask.

I consider the physical education with a mask in the upper school (12-15 year old kids) to be an imposition for the young people. I think they are getting too little oxygen to even exercise. Can you stand behind it with a mask for physical education class in the gym? Or how do you feel about it?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: I agree with you that a mask prevents you from exercising - but you don't get too little oxygen and it's not dangerous. In children> 12 years of age, the risk of transmission is comparable to that of adults. This is why it is currently the case for this age group (secondary level) that sports activities are permitted indoors, provided a mask is worn and the distance (1.5m) is maintained. A mask is not required outdoors if the distance of at least 1.5m is maintained (e.g. jogging).

Good day. We are currently very cautious about social contacts, but we regularly meet a family for walks in the forest. How likely is Covid transmission for us parents in the fresh air if there is no physical contact? It is very important for the children to continue to play with their gspäbdli.

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That is very sensible and correct. Infection from this is very unlikely. Enjoy the forest walks together and don't forget to keep your distance. :-)

We look after our grandchildren (1.5 years and 3.5 years) once a week. They go to daycare once a week. How should we behave, wear a mask, etc.? Thank you very much .

Anita Niederer-Loher: Overall, your grandchildren have an extremely small risk of being infected with the coronavirus or of transmitting it. Infections rarely occur in day-care centers either, and most of the time they come from an adult caregiver. So if no close, adult contact person of your grandchildren is sick with COVID-19, no special measures are needed in dealing with the children, including masks.

Hello, both my son and his wife are immunosuppressed as a result of ulcerative colitis. Her older daughter goes to kindergarten and was partly dispensed at the request of her parents. It is probably possible that the child could take an illness home, resp. could infect her parents or even me as a guarding grandmother. Does it make sense if, as a grandmother, I wear a mask when looking after the children? Thank you for your reply.

Christian Kahlert: Yes, it is possible for children to infect adults, but it happens less often, especially when the children are small. If you or your granddaughter have no symptoms, I wouldn't wear a mask at home. If the grandchild is in quarantine, i.e. has had contact with a person who tested positive, I would refrain from herding.

We have two grandchildren (5 years in kindergarten and 15 months in daycare). My husband (69 years old) has a previous illness (heart failure). I (64) am healthy so far. Can we see our grandchildren? So far we haven't met the little ones for 4 weeks.

Anita Niederer-Loher: If the children are healthy and no adult, close contact person for the children is sick with COVID-19, there is hardly any risk of infection. You can then meet your grandchildren without hesitation.

As a secondary school teacher, I experience some parents / students / colleagues who express health concerns about the mask requirement. How can I calm her down? Are there any studies on this?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: One should have health concerns before falling ill with Covid and not before wearing a hygiene mask. Medical protective masks have been worn almost all day by many professional groups such as surgeons for over 100 years. I don't know any studies on this.

I have atrial fibrillation. Can I continue to herd my two 4 and 1.5 year old granddaughters one day a week?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: Child care is justifiable in this situation, if your grandchildren and their parents are healthy (they also have no mild symptoms), they keep their distance from their parents, above all pursue activities outside, and observe hygiene and behavioral rules (hand hygiene Etc.).

Why are some school classes not quarantined even though there are 2 positive cases in the class and it can be proven that the students did not comply with the hygiene measures? Isn't that negligent?

Anita Niederer-Loher: Quarantine measures are assessed by the cantonal authorities and various factors must always be taken into account, which then lead to a quarantine decision. The decision cannot be assessed without knowing the overall situation. However, it is the case that children, especially in primary school, hardly pass the virus on to one another and the risk of infection in a school class is low overall.

We run a small daycare center in our village! For lunch where students participate, volunteer women of retirement age come to support us! Is this still possible or do we have to forbid them to do so? What has to be said is that they have been advised several times that they belong to the risk group and that we appeal to their self-responsibility! For these women, however, it also means an important task in their everyday life! Thank you very much for your opinion

Christian Kahlert: Even in this setting, it seems to me possible to adhere to hygiene rules. Therefore, this should still be possible in the current situation. It is particularly important that sick children and adults do not take part in the lunch menu.

I belong to the risk group because I have high blood pressure and 10 years ago I had an aortic valve operation. Now I am fit and healthy. New question: should I look after the grandchildren and can they stay with me? They are 4 and 5 years old. They both go to kindergarten.

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: Child care is also justifiable in this situation, if your grandchildren and parents are healthy, they keep their distance from their parents, especially pursue activities outside, and pay attention to hand hygiene. Whenever possible, only meet with your grandchildren without their parents.

How dangerous is Covid for babies?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: According to the current state of affairs, not. Even so, infants should be protected from infections as best as possible.

My husband tested positive for Corona 2 days ago. Now he is in isolation and my 2 daughters (9 and 5) and I are in quarantine. This morning my younger daughter woke up with a "runny nose". Will our quarantine be extended again by 10 days?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: No, not yet. Wait for the course, if you get additional symptoms, you should contact the pediatrician.

Our grandson is 3 1/2 years old and keeps catching colds. He visits the farm playgroup twice a week. His parents are healthy, the mother works in an emergency room. We are both 65 years old and unsure about herding duties. Thank you for your reponse!

Anita Niederer-Loher: If you are concerned, you should talk about it openly with the grandson's parents. Overall, the risk of being infected by your grandchildren is minimal as long as no adult, close contact person of the child is sick with COVID-19. Children are very rarely infected and hardly pass the virus on.

Good evening. Should I continue to send my daughters (6 and 9) to swimming and handball training? How about birthday parties and the like, continue to perceive? Merci!

Christian Kahlert: Training at this age is currently still possible, taking the hygiene measures into account. If birthday parties can take place outside, it is more likely to happen. Otherwise, in the current situation, I would rather postpone these events or greatly reduce the number of children taking part.

Are Children With Type 1 Diabetes More At Risk?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: No, according to the current state of knowledge, not.

Good evening, I am interested in whether my baby can catch Corona at 7 and a half months?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That is basically possible.

Good evening, The father of two Gspändli (3 and 4 years old) my daughter tested positive for Corona. He is in isolation. The mother tested negative (rapid test) and is healthy. The children don't have any symptoms either. When will my daughter be able to play with the children again? Thanks for the answer.

Christian Kahlert: If the father is in isolation, the children are in quarantine for 10 days. A meeting is not recommended during this time.

My 12-year-old daughter wears the protective mask between 8 and 9 hours a day at high school, practically continuously, also in physical education and even outdoors. Since then, my daughter has complained of headaches every evening and is completely exhausted. Do I have to worry about their health? How seriously do you have to take this?

Anita Niederer-Loher: Masks do not in themselves pose a health risk, and wearing the mask does not lead to a lack of oxygen. But you can already imagine that it is stressful for your daughter to always wear a mask and I would advise her to take off the mask from time to time and then keep a distance from her colleagues, especially when she is outdoors.

We are in the +65 risk group and we are grandparents. Every 14 days we look after our three grandchildren for one day. Ages 8, 6 and 3. There is close contact with them. The two parents just tested negative. Is it advisable to beware at the moment? We kept guarding until October 16, not since then. Thank you for your reponse.

Christian Kahlert: As long as the children have no symptoms and have not been in contact with people who have tested positive (i.e. are themselves in quarantine), hating is possible.

I will look after my 3 year old great-granddaughter all day tomorrow. She has an 11 year old sister. This is at school. Should i wear a mask?

Anita Niederer-Loher: If the great-granddaughter is healthy and no close adult contact person from the family or the immediate environment is sick with COVID, the 3-year-old is hardly at risk of infection. You don't have to wear a mask.

Today is the last day of our quarantine. Our 6 year old daughter has had flu symptoms since yesterday (some temperature, cough, runny nose, red eyes). Of course she won't go to school until further notice. Now my question: Should the big brother (9 year old) stay at home and should we go to the pediatrician to have a test? And what should we parents do? Normal to work?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: Yes, you should contact your pediatrician. He will advise her.

My daughter complains of a sore throat, coughs and a stuffy nose. How do I behave there? Do I have to pay attention to certain things?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: If it is> 12LJ, it should be tested. In the age up to 12LJ with only a slight cough, without fever and without risk contact (i.e. close contact with symptomatic child> 12LJ / adult or person who tested positive regardless of age, especially in the home environment), she can attend school in good general condition. If the child has a strong cough up to 12 years of age, the child should stay at home (free of symptoms for up to 24 hours) and does not necessarily have to be tested.

Good evening, I am a teacher and should go to the ski camp with my middle school class (10/11 years old). The school management finds it reasonable, I myself have concerns as to whether an appropriate protection concept can be created / implemented in a ski warehouse. How do you rate it - does a ski camp with children under 12 currently make sense?

Christian Kahlert: How useful this will be during the ski camp is difficult to predict at the moment. If there is a suitable and feasible protection concept and if the number of cases does not explode, implementation is possible. It is always important that children with symptoms of illness stay at home.

Good evening, I am interested in whether my 7.5 months old son can get infected with Corona if I can no longer breastfeed?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: Your son can get infected regardless of breastfeeding.

I, 65 y. and risk patient, take care of my grandchildren, 3y. and 1.5 year olds, both of whom go to daycare one day a week. We had no contact with them during the lockdown, now the same question arises for me again. Or should we use masks to minimize possible infection?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: Here, too, the following applies: Child-minding is justifiable if your grandchildren and parents are healthy, they keep their distance from their parents, above all pursue activities outside, and pay attention to hand hygiene. Whenever possible, only meet with your grandchildren without their parents.

I am pregnant (35 weeks) and tested positive, but only have mild cold symptoms. What effects can the infection still have on my unborn baby? What data is there at this point in time?

Anita Niederer-Loher: At the moment there is no evidence that a coronavirus infection during pregnancy has a negative impact on the unborn child.

Which children with which previous illnesses belong to the risk group?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: When it comes to corona, there are no risk groups for children.

Can my girls (5 and 9) still go to play with their friends at home or should it be better not to do so at the moment?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That is certainly possible with individual friends.

Good evening, as I understand it, children can e.g. B. 6 years old carry the virus but only pass it on to adults with symptoms (cough or runny nose). Otherwise rather not. Am I right there?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: Children <12LJ can also be infected, but are less symptomatic and less contagious. They are less likely to pass the virus on to other children and adults.

Good evening, I tested positive last week and I'll be in isolation until Wednesday. Can my children aged 3 + 5 visit their grandparents afterwards when I'm back home. Or is the risk too great that they will be infected in day care centers and spread the virus?

Christian Kahlert: As long as you are in isolation, your children are in quarantine. If there are no symptoms during this time, you can go back to the grandparents. Children can become infected and pass the virus on, but this happens much less frequently than it does in adults.

I am a primary school teacher in the last school year before retirement. I am increasingly afraid of infection, I sit with up to 11 children around a large table in a small room. We also sing because that's a part of learning English. Of course, I usually wear a mask, I ventilate a lot, but we're very close.

Anita Niederer-Loher: You don't have to worry about the schoolchildren, they are rarely infected and hardly contagious. It is different among adults, which is why it is particularly important in contact with the other teachers, for example in team meetings and in the teachers' room, that hygiene measures are observed and that the distances are observed, especially when drinking coffee and eating, because then the mask is yes is removed.

I (64 years old) was infected with covid two and a half weeks ago and have been symptom-free again for a few days. The course of the disease was very mild. Can I now meet my 4-year-old granddaughter again without hesitation?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: That is definitely possible again now.

Good evening, isn't the risk for children and adolescents much greater that they are harmed by wearing a mask than by a possible infection? I am very worried about the children and young people.

Christian Kahlert: I have not yet encountered any health risks from wearing masks. Of course it's uncomfortable. But think of the many professional groups who practically always wear masks in everyday life.

Why don't students have to quarantine if the teacher is positive?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: If he wore a mask resp. the distance rule was not adhered to.

Good evening, my son has a bicuspid aortic valve ... is there a risk that his heart could be damaged by a corona infection? Is he a risk patient?

Anita Niederer-Loher: Experience so far shows that the risk factors known in adults cannot be transferred to children. Like other healthy children, children with risk factors are rarely infected with the coronavirus. Severe courses rarely occur in children with an underlying disease, so that these children do not have to be viewed as persons at risk.

Take care of grandchildren (7 and 4 years old). Possible? With a mask? What to watch out for?

Christian Kahlert: Yes, no, unless there are signs of illness.

One hears that the so-called "dead air" could be a problem in children under 12 years of age when wearing a mask (e.g. dizziness).Is that correct? If so, from what age does this theory apply?

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: Wearing a mask is generally harmless for healthy people (including children) and does not lead to a lack of oxygen. The masks do not create a complete dead space (= space in the airways in which there is no exchange with fresh, oxygen-rich air) because they are not airtight. The exhaled air mixes sufficiently with fresh air from outside.

What experiences have there been with infections in daycare centers?

Christian Kahlert: Infections are mostly carried to the daycare centers by caregivers, occasionally infections are passed on from child to child or at home. The latter are rarer events.

How dangerous is this pandemic situation for the psyche of our children?

Heidi Zinggeler Fuhrer: There are already various studies on this and it depends on various factors. It is important to be sure that children can continue to go to kindergarten and school. even if they can maintain limited contact with other children.

Hello, because I am sending my 11-year-old son to school temporarily wearing a mask after a corona case in the school class, the school wants written permission from me that he may wear a mask. Masks are unhealthy for children. What can you say about it?

Christian Kahlert: I have not yet encountered the health risks.

What are the latest findings about Kawasaki syndrome as a complication of corona disease in children? At first the fear of many parents was fueled and suddenly you can no longer hear anything ...

Anita Niederer-Loher: This complication of COVID in children has been described and a few cases have also occurred in Switzerland. Overall, however, it is a very rare event and successful treatment is usually possible. The media interest was initially very high, so it was perceived as a relevant problem, as was the case with many events related to the pandemic.

Why do so many virologists propagate that schools should be closed when data on transmission by children are still so unclear or children do not seem to be the drivers of the pandemic?

Anita Niederer-Loher: In my opinion, this has to do with the fact that these people are not confronted with looking after children in everyday life and then assess the situation based on numbers and theoretical considerations.

I'm going to be a grandmother soon. How can I meet my newborn grandson? Can I kid him? What do I have to consider? Many Thanks.

Patrick Meyer Sauteur: If you are healthy (i.e. you have no symptoms of an acute infectious disease), you are allowed to hold the newborn. Hand hygiene also applies here - regardless of COVID-19. In addition, newborns who are sick with COVID-19 often only have mild symptoms.

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