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Is Thor stronger than Superman?

Marvel Comics / DC ComicsBy Lea van der Merwe / .15. November 2019, 11:50 a.m. EDT

Ah, the age-old question of who beats whom in a fight: Thor vs Superman Edition.

Marvel vs DC is by no means a new argument. Fans of the two franchises have long debated what subtleties the DC hero could kick the Marvel hero's ass and vice versa. They even got the chance to officially weigh up in 1996 when the two comic book titans released together DC versus Marvel, An event where readers could vote on the results of epic battles like Spider-Man versus Superboy and Batman versus Captain America.

Few fans of any flick, however, would argue that Marvel's Thor Odinson and DC's Superman are some of the most powerful heroes in any comic book story, and there are more than a few similarities between the two. Both come from other worlds, both can use a strength from within to defeat villains even more powerful than themselves, both can fly, and both wear long red cloaks (okay, we know the last one is a little thin). Your opinion on who is the more powerful of the two will likely depend on whether you're a bigger fan of the Mighty Marvel or the Distinguished Competition, but there are certainly comic and movie stories out there that can at least partially help settle the debate.

There are of course several factors to consider in a battle between the god of thunder and the man of steel. After all, this isn't a straightforward bar arm wrestling (although we'd honestly pay good money for it). Let's examine the intricacies to determine: is Thor stronger than Superman?

Can Thor keep up with Superman's raw strength?

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When it comes to sheer strength, you'd think Superman would have the upper hand. Big Blue has dragged planets around, benched the earth, moved the sun, and put people into orbit on more than one occasion during combat. In the DC Universe, its strength is hard to beat. According to Canon, it can lift around 2 billion tons, a volume we humans can barely fathom. However, to at least put it in perspective, keep in mind that the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world - has a curb weight of around 500,000 tons. That's right: in theory, Superman could lift 4,000 Burj Khalifas at once.

Thor's brute strength, however, is nothing to sneeze over. The god of thunder lifted the world serpent, which has the same weight as the earth. He has fought the Hulk several times, destroyed an entire planet in one fight, and stopped Godzilla from pushing over the Empire State Building by applying the same force to the opposite side of the building. He also has the ability to temporarily reach Warrior's Madness, a state where his strength increases tenfold. If sheer strength were the only criteria by which the fight is judged, it would likely be a very close competition.

When it comes to weaknesses, Thor has the edge

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Let's take as an argument that Thor doesn't somehow have a stash of Kryptonite lying around in his bedroom closet to get him to fight. This removes Superman's most famous weakness. But what Thor has is magical ability, the Man of Steel's lesser known weakness. It's not that Supes isMore prone to magic than other heroes, but he has no specific defense against it - which would mean trouble in a fight with Thor.

The Asgardian is rarely without Mjolnir, his magical hammer, and let's face it, nobody wants to be struck by this thing, not even the last son of Krypton. Add to this the fact that Thor has the ability to conjure magical lightning bolts, and we have the possibility that Superman will be frozen over by the millions of volts Thor could throw in his direction.

Unlike Superman, Thor has no known weaknesses. He is not susceptible to cold or heat, so the frozen breath and thermal image of the Man of Steel would not necessarily give him an advantage. Having fought both frost giants and celestial bodies Thor would have experience of hardcore temperature extremes and would have no problem withstanding them.

Thor has no answer to Superman's speed

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Speed ​​is the only area where Superman has any real advantage over Thor. Superman could fly around the earth and come back in the same place before you can blink. The only hero in both universes faster than Superman is (of course) Lightning - but while Superman has super speed, it's not that he could surprise Thor by just flying at him. The comics have seen Thor recognize objects moving incredibly fast so he may still be able to see Supes coming.

Even at Superman's speed, it's well documented in the comics that Thor can throw Mjolnir at the speed of light, and his magical abilities mean he can spin it too twice the speed of light. He may not be able to fly at the same speed as Superman, but the man of steel may need to watch out for flying hammers that deliver the right punch when trying to hit Thor with the ancients around the world unprepared to catch the blink of an eye.

Of course, one also has to take into account that Thor has been protecting multiple universes from insanely powerful threats for centuries, and has done so quite successfully, no less. His combat experience would count in his favor when faced with the fight against Superman.

With all of these things in mind, we believe that only one reasonable conclusion can be drawn. Sorry DC fans, but realistically speaking, the god of thunder seems to have an unmistakable advantage over Krypton's last son. That's not to say Superman wouldn't be fighting a damn fight - but for our money, Thor wins this battle of the titans.

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