Can someone share Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Co have made the leap out of their niche

Soaring flights and crashes: This has characterized Bitcoin from the start. It is still not clear who actually invented this digital unit - and whether the idea behind Bitcoin, to create a democratic and independent currency, will ever work.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin has become an indispensable part of current events. The cryptocurrency has made the leap into the world of payments. Again and again one could read of shops or hosts who allowed payments in Bitcoin. That has always pushed the cryptocurrency. But that was not sustainable. Such actions have always been a niche program. On the one hand, the coin fluctuates quite strongly from time to time, which makes pricing a challenge. On the other hand, Bitcoins are not yet in everyone's digital wallet.

Acceptance increases

What started with individual actions and Bitcoin ATM (here currencies can be exchanged for Bitcoin, you get a QR code with which you can load the Bitcoin credit into your wallet), is now drawing wider circles. After Visa, Mastercard has also announced that it will accept crypto currencies as a means of payment. To do this, however, the currencies in question must be stable. Questions about consumer and data protection still need to be clarified here.

In the USA, customers can already process their payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin via PayPal. The crypto units are also pushing more and more into the business world. For example, you can pay with Bitcoin at Microsoft, Mozilla, Dell, Expedia, Lieferando or WordPress.

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin and / or another crypot unit will become widely accepted as an alternative payment method. In any case, interest in digital currencies was shaken up with the advent of crypto units.

The world's most important central banks are already developing digital offshoots of their currencies. A digital euro, dollar or rinmimbi are in preparation and have long ceased to be a fiction. (Bettina Pfluger, May 17, 2021)