What is the story of Scandinavian Airlines


100 years ago, Alfred Colsman founded the world's first airline: Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft Delag. Today there are over 6000 airlines on the move, and even industry experts find it difficult to keep an overview. Here is an overview:

SAS Scandinavian Airlines was created in 1946 through the merger of several Northern European airlines. In 1997 the company was one of the founding members of the Star Alliance, which is now the largest aviation association in the world. After the company was split up into various national companies under the umbrella of the SAS five years ago, this year the motto has been: command back! SAS, which has three home airports due to its history with Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, will be centrally managed again in the future. At the same time, the Scandinavian airline wants to concentrate more than ever on the Northern European market. This can also be seen in the sale of the shares in the Spanish airline Spanair, which it acquired over 20 years ago.

SAS - 270 flights to the north

Route network: SAS flies daily to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenburg from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart. There are more than 270 flights to Scandinavia per week.Fleet: Boeing B-737, Airbus A-319 and A-321, Boeing MD-81/82/87, Bombardier CRJ-900 Next Gen and Fokker F-50 on European routes, Airbus A-330 and A-340 on long-haul routes.Home airports: Copenhagen, Oslo, StockholmAlliance: Star AllianceOffers for corporate customers: Corporate Plus corporate support program for medium-sized businesses, corporate rates, web check-in, increased baggage allowance, fast lane at check-inClasses: Business, Economy Extra, EcoNew hits: Economy-Extra passengers can check-in at the business counter. SAS customers have free entry to the Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm.

Lan Chile was founded 80 years ago as a national airline. In 1989 the airline was privatized and since 2004 it has been called simply LAN. Because LAN now also has subsidiaries in the neighboring South American countries Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. Apart from Madrid, Frankfurt is the only self-flown destination in Europe. From there it goes directly to Santiago with a stopover in Madrid. LAN, which was named “Latin America's Best Managed Company 2009” by the financial magazine Euromoney, has a dense route network in South America. Business travelers who have more than three connecting flights can save with the South America Airpass (only available outside of South America). Since June 15, LAN has been flying daily from Frankfurt to Lima via Madrid.

LAN Airlines - Daily to Chile

Stretch: from Frankfurt daily to Santiago de Chile with a stopover in Madrid. Via Madrid to Lima and Ecuador. Fleet: A-340 (5), B-767 (26), A-320 (18), A-319 (20), A-318 (15)Home airport: Santiago de ChileAlliance: OneworldOffers for corporate customers: Company rates for Business Class, company promotion program Business Flyer (Oneworld), web check-in, preferential check-in and increased baggage allowance for Business Class, frequent flyer programSeat spacing: 188 cm (Eco: 84 cm)

Seat inclination: 180 degrees (Eco: 122 degrees)

Internet:www.lan.comNew offers: For the Frankfurt – Madrid route, LAN is offering a special price from 90 euros. Specials in Premium Business Class with 180-degree seats cost 3311.75 euros for the Frankfurt – Santiago de Chile route.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is one of the three largest members of the Star Alliance with its fleet of more than 180 aircraft. The airline serves a total of 22 destinations in Asia, Europe and North America, and in Japan it has a market share of almost 50 percent. So that passengers on long-haul flights between Europe and Asia don't get bored, ANA offers an in-flight entertainment system with 160 programs. First-class guests are pampered with an eight-course menu. From July, ANA will cancel the kerosene surcharge on all intercontinental routes. The airline is the launch customer of Boeing's Dreamliner 787. ANA has ordered 50 machines of this model. The first B-787 is scheduled for delivery in February 2010 and will be put into service at ANA one month later.

All Nippon Airways - dream jet before approach

Route network: The airline flies daily to Tokyo from Germany. There are also codeshare flights with Lufthansa to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya from Frankfurt and Munich. Further destinations in Europe are London and Paris.Fleet: ANA operates more than 180 aircraft, the majority of which are from Boeing and some aircraft from Airbus. Home airport: TokyoAlliance: Star AllianceOffers for corporate customers: In Japan there is the company support program Pro Flyer. In Germany, the airline takes part in Lufthansa's Partner Plus Progress and Partner Plus Benefit funding programs.Classes: First, Business, Premium Economy, EconomyNew hits: A Boeing 777 will be used on the Frankfurt flight from September. Although it offers fewer seats than the previously used 747-400, it is newer, more comfortable and more energy-efficient.