Which alcoholic beverages are low in carbohydrates

Low Carb Alcohol - The 9 Best Drinks For Weight Loss

Tips on saving carbohydrates and calories while losing weight

Dilute the alcohol:

As you already know, spirits are carbohydrate-free, but very high in calories. Mixing them with soda or other calorie-free drinks will save you a lot of calories.

Pay attention to the alcohol and sugar content:

So that you can calculate what fits into your eating plan, you should always look at the carbohydrates and the amount of calories. In this article you will find a few drinks that you can easily incorporate into a diet.

Drink a glass of water with every glass of alcohol:

This tip will keep your hangover from getting too bad the next day. You will also notice that this will make you drink less alcohol. Because instead of every glass being alcohol, it is only every second one.

Stay consistent:

Often it is not the alcohol that triggers the high calorie surplus when partying, but the cravings.

If you drink alcohol, you often develop cravings for fatty, high-calorie foods.

In everyday life you can certainly handle such a situation well. However, when you are under the influence of alcohol, you may find it much harder to pull yourself together.

But once you are aware of this, it will probably be easier for you to avoid this stumbling block in your diet. For example, prepare some low carb snacks to take home instead of eating kebab and pizza on the go.