What do you call three girls

What is it like when a boy is a girl?

"Inter" means "between". One out of 2,000 children born is intersex. With him you can already see at birth that there are sexual characteristics of a boy and from a girl. For example, the vagina may look a little different or the clitoris may be larger than other girls. It can also be that the penis is very small or that there are very small testicles.
Often, however, it is not noticed until puberty that a child is intersex, i.e. was born with two sexes.

What is in the birth certificate?

Since 2013, it has been the case that an intersex child cannot simply tick “boy” or “girl” on the birth certificate. The law says: If an intersex child is born, no gender should be entered for the time being. Because whether the child feels more like a girl, more like a boy or entirely like an intersex child, often only becomes apparent later, when the child gets older.

Intersex or intersex?

The Federal Constitutional Court, the highest court in Germany, demanded from politicians last year that a suitable word should finally be found by the end of 2018 for a child who was born as a boy and a girl. This word will then also appear on the birth certificate next to “boy” and “girl”.

How different is Jill really?

The story of an intersex child is told in the children's book “Jill is different”. How it lives, what it plays with, what it likes to do and what it doesn't like. Above all, one thing emerges: Jill is a child like any other.