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Aging App: These 3 free apps make your face age

You are wondering how you will look in ten years? Your cell phone knows the answer. There are some aging apps in the app stores that can at least age your face on the screen. In our test, we recommend free apps that show you how old you will look.

The apps presented are available as free downloads for Android and iOS. You do not need any knowledge of image processing. Once you have selected a photo with your face, wrinkles, gray hair and bald spots are not long in coming - but of course only on your mobile phone display.

The simple one: AgingBooth

The app AgingBooth is a time machine for your selfies on the Android device and iPhone. You either shoot a new photo or select a face image from your cell phone memory. The app automatically shows the image section with your face. Here you mark your eyes, face and chin.

If everything was recognized correctly, your aged self appears on the screen, including wrinkles and gray hair. If you display the original image in parallel with the aged variant, you compare the changes directly. You share the result from the aging app with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

  • Funny and amazing results
  • Very easy to use
  • The result can be shared directly
  • Face is sometimes not recognized

Click here for the face time machine:

The multifaceted: FaceApp

FaceApp is easy to use, but is generous in scope. After the first start, the aging app searches your photo collection on your mobile phone for pictures with faces. Either choose a portrait photo from your phone memory or take a new selfie. The image must then be uploaded to the cloud for further processing.

The app recognizes faces automatically. So all you have to do is select the filter for the old face and you will see how you could look in a few years. That leaves youFaceApp not only age, but also offers numerous other filters with which you can change your face. For example, you swap your hairstyle, see what you could look like after a gender swap or go bald. However, some filters can only be activated in the paid Pro version.

  • Lots of effects
  • Very easy to use
  • Image must be uploaded to a server
  • Some filters are only available in a paid version

FaceAppdownload here:

The communicative: Snapchat

Snapchat delivers a complete package of different photo filters to your mobile phone. The aging effect is just one of many options that the popular app offers you for editing your photos. First select the effect for the old face next to the circle button for the camera. Then position your head in the field on the display. Take the photo and you will look a few years older. If you swipe across the screen, you equip the image with additional filters.

Use the toolbar on the right to edit the image and add, for example, text, links to websites or stickers. You save the result in the photo gallery of your mobile phone. Snapchat offers a huge community that you can get in touch with. Your picture, grandma or grandpa, can be sent directly to friends on Snapchat, for example.

  • Lots of different filters
  • Free and without advertising
  • Lots of community functions
  • An account is required
  • Effects only available for new images

Here it goesSnapchat:

Conclusion - our test result

The apps make you look old in the truest sense of the word. If you just want to see how you look as an old person, that's enough for you AgingBooth. FaceApp is not just an aging app, it also provides you with various, varied filters for your face. At Snapchat however, photo editing is just one of many features. You can also use the app to exchange photos and messages with friends. A popular feature are the messages that delete themselves after a specified period of time.