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Information sheet. Local community. CONTENT. The Im Kulei fountain in Elsenborn. Distribution: free of charge to all households in the municipality of Bütgenbach


1 Municipality of Bütgenbach Distribution: free to all households in the municipality of Bütgenbach Info sheet appears every six months Issue No. / 0 CONTENTS The Im Kulei fountain in Elsenborn Page The progress of construction work: - At the building yard - The supply lines to the TWA - In the Seestrasse side of the garage and half-timbered school Elsenborn Nachteerungen des Jahres 0 Forest inspection 0 Page Water quality in the Bütgenbacher See Annual report on the drinking water quality Am. November 00, the local council approved the execution of work to beautify the old village fountain Im Kulei in Elsenborn. Landscape architect Heinz WINTER in Eupen was commissioned to design the project. The company GmbH RÖHL in Rocherath received the order to carry out this work. Originally the cost was., 0. After work began in 00, an old bluestone trough was discovered during excavation work, which it was worth keeping and integrating into the project to redesign the old village well. This increased the cost to an estimated 0.0. The municipal council approved the project, which was modified in this way, provided that the Ministry of the German-speaking Community subsidized the purchase of materials for work on its own. At the. In October 00, the municipality received the definitive grant approval for the material deliveries required for the extra work. Immediately thereafter, work was resumed. A quarry stone wall was built by the bricklaying school at the employment office of the German-speaking community to the full satisfaction of all those concerned and all other extra work was done by the community's workers' service. This meant that the RÖHL company was also able to complete its work. The provisional acceptance of all work has lasted. November 0 took place and as you can see in the photo, the entire work can be described as successful. A visit to the facility is definitely worth it! Page Notes on the results of the tender: a. Chapel of the Dead Nidrum side b. Revitalization of Bütgenbach page Police action week - administrative penalties Bütgenbach - tourist community page Garbage calendar 0

2 PUBLIC WORKS Progress of the work on the building yard The move of the workers' service to the new building yard is imminent, as the photos show: The work that the community services are carrying out on their own is also making good progress. Progress in the work on the supply of drinking water to the population The new treatment plant in Elsenborn is ready to take in water from springs and wells in the community, in order to then distribute it to households in a processed state. For this purpose, the work to lay connecting lines to the new Elsenborn drinking water treatment plant will be completed shortly by the temporary company merger ELSEN-MERTENS-TRAGECO. Only recently the municipal council decided to initiate work on the necessary cable laying and the installation of the electronic control between certain waterworks in the municipality. The retrofitting of the telecommunications technology and an extension to telecontrol technology for certain waterworks in the community are also initiated. Thanks to the telecommunications technology, breakdowns and emergencies in the systems are reported directly to the municipality's water service. Using telecontrol technology, the service will soon be able to act directly on such breakdowns. The rather complex control takes place via computer and by means of data transmission (fiber optic cable or satellite connections) between the individual plants. This should ensure more efficiency and ultimately contribute to reducing running costs. Progress of the work in the Seestrasse in Bütgenbach As a result of the mild autumn, the SA TRAGECO company was able to work continuously. It can therefore be assumed that the main line of the sewer system and all of the private house and waiting connections in the building trade will be finished before the Christmas holidays. If the weather conditions permit, the cable laying work by concessionaires, i.e. Belgacom, Interost and others, will take place afterwards.

3 Garage and half-timbering at the Elsenborn school At the beginning of the year, the local council approved the purchase of new garage doors at the school gymnasium in Elsenborn and the college commissioned Paul WEYNAND PGmbH in Elsenborn with the delivery and installation. The costs for this amount to around,000. At the same time, maintenance work was carried out on the gable side of the Elsenborn youth home, in the direction of Desherenborn. The half-timbering and the plaster were renewed and that on their own by the workers' service of the community. Subsequent tariffs in year 0 As in every year, the municipal council approved maintenance work on public roads and parking lots for an estimated amount of .0 including VAT. This work was awarded as part of a public tender, i.e. the cheapest provider wins the contract. However, according to this, the cheapest provider was included,, including VAT, which in turn meant that the municipal council had to approve this cost increase again and adjust the municipal budget accordingly. After that, the company Roger GEHLEN in Weismes could finally be commissioned. The start of work was mutually agreed on. Set September 0. In the course of the work, so-called supplements were made to the planned work on Wirtzfelder Weg in Bütgenbach, Lehnenweg and Neuer Weg in Weywertz, as well as adjustments to the work in the Zum Giesberg area in Berg, Am Venn and An der Janskaul in Weywertz, as well approved at the parking lot of the multi-purpose hall in Nidrum. More significant changes then took place in the following street areas: The planned work on Wirtzfelder Straße in Elsenborn was changed to the effect that the paving stones were not removed and the foundation completely rebuilt, which ultimately led to a reduction in costs by around; For this purpose, the renewal of a first section was started in Warchestrasse in Nidrum, which resulted in costs of good value. Forest inspection and very good municipal timber sales On 0.0, this year's forest inspection by the municipal council and the forest administration took place. This year the Nidrum-Weywertzer Heck and Rurbusch districts were visited. The Douglas fir plantations were examined in the Nidrumer Heck. The Douglas fir, a North American tree species, is increasingly being planted in Western Europe because of its strong growth and the good prices that strong Douglas firs achieve in timber sales. It is also believed that it will cope better with global warming. It is also more storm-resistant due to its tap roots. The future management of the Weywertzer Heck was explained. In this forest block, more clear cuts will be carried out over the next few years in order to rejuvenate the old stands. In order to prevent windthrow damage, these clear cuts must be carried out against the main wind directions from southwest to northwest. Then the forest block behind the stern, which was planted in the 0s, was inspected. 0 years ago there was still an open Venn area here. In the meantime it has to be observed how the storms tear more and more gaps in this forest on peat floors. So that not all trees fall victim to the storm and the community can still book interesting income, this forest block should be harvested earlier. Clear-cutting from spruce to peat that was sold a few years ago not far from the street ORTIS Küchelscheid has naturally developed into a birch forest without additional planting. In the Rurbusch district, the problems of spruce planting in extreme frost conditions were explained. A lot of plantings suffered as a result of the late frosts this spring. In addition, there were high failures due to the persistent dry period in April. The local council was also able to get an idea of ​​the successful regeneration in the old beech trees. One week after the forest inspection, this year's autumn wood sale took place on 0.0. In the community forest were. Solid cubic meters of softwood offered. The amount of wood is divided into lots and is located in the Nidrum-Weywertzer Heck and Rurbusch districts. Overall were. Solid cubic meters of clear-cutting and 0. solid cubic meters of thinning sold. The opening of the submission resulted in an amount of.00.0.0 for the municipal treasury. After the timber merchants or sawmills have paid a deposit and a corresponding bank guarantee for the remaining payments, you can start advertising the wood. You have until. March 0 time to harvest the wood.

4 Water quality in the Bütgenbacher See During the bathing season, the Wallonia public service checks all official bathing areas once a week. These water analyzes will be carried out from June 0 to. September by a recognized company and published on a special website (If the public service of Wallonia informs the municipality of a danger, bathing in the affected waters will be prohibited until further notice and the general public will be informed via the communal notice boards and the information point , which is set up near the bathing resort concerned. In these water analyzes, the microbiological parameters intestinal terococci and Escherichia coli bacteria have been analyzed. More in-depth analyzes have been carried out since summer 0. In particular, the chlorophyll content to determine the algae biomass and the toxin content ( like microcystins) measured in the case of high levels of biomass of cyanobacteria. Area F0 - Der See von Bütgenbach quality class excellent on / 0/0 intestinal terococci limit value for intestinal terococci (/ 00ml): 00 limit value for Escherichia c oli (/00ml):.000 Escherichia coli As you can see from the graphic above, the water quality of the Bütgenbacher See was rated excellent throughout the bathing season. Annual report on the quality of the drinking water In order to monitor the quality of the drinking water, the municipality has the water checked for various parameters by a recognized laboratory at regular intervals. For the years 00, 0 and 0 the institute MALVOZ in Liège was commissioned to carry out the drinking water analyzes. After all, the annual costs amount to around 000. The water samples are taken directly from the tap in the kitchen of each household. This is done randomly and in all localities of the municipality. The bacteriological water quality can be described as GOOD. No additives are currently added to the drinking water of the municipality of Bütgenbach. In all localities (except Küchelscheid and Leykaul) the drinking water is only sterilized by UV systems. The table below shows the analysis values ​​of various parameters, which are usually examined once a month. These are mean values ​​that the consumer can also see on his annual water bill. The slight acidity of the surface water is due to the proximity of the water intake points to the catchment area of ​​the High Fens.

5 Table of mean values: For the towns of Küchelscheid and Leykaul, the manganese value does not correspond to the value according to the decree of the Walloon government of. January 00, relating to water intended for human consumption. However, this value is a guideline. In the course of 00, a total of 0 m of water was pumped. m fed into the grid and. m billed to the end user. Until. October 0, 0.0 m was already fed into the grid. Pending work & tender results New construction of a chapel for the dead in Nidrum After several years of planning, the time has finally come: The work on the construction of a new chapel for the dead in the village of Nidrum can begin next spring! The parish council has dealt with this file several times since that year, and after intensive preliminary discussions with the church council of Nidrum, it was finally agreed to choose the location opposite the church, adjacent to the rectory. The project worked out by the architect Johann BOEMER, including the costs for the outdoor area, was estimated at around 000. In the meantime, the tender for the work has taken place and the only offer that has been accepted by the local company HECK in Nidrum. The order will be placed soon, so work can start in spring 0. The execution period is a total of 00 working days.

6 Revitalization of the town center of Bütgenbach - start of construction in prospect As you know, the then regional minister Michel DAERDEN granted the community of Bütgenbach between 00 and 00 grants totaling for work on the development and upgrading of the public infrastructure in the area of ​​the perimeter of the revitalization in the town of Bütgenbach . The work of the community includes, among other things, the repair of the community roads to the Walkerstal, Hofstrasse, Am Weiherchen and Klosterstrasse and they were planned by the BERG & Partner study office in Eupen. A.I.D.E., acting as an approved wastewater treatment company of the public company for water management (S.P.G.E.), will be responsible for the laying of new sewers in these street areas, but especially in the regional street (Monschauer Straße). The laying of new sewers takes place in the so-called separation system, i.e. households have to discharge the dirty water separately from the rainwater. After long years of waiting, the Walloon public service (i.e. the Verviers road administration) has finally given the green light to order the urgently needed repair of the regional road N on this section (between Warchebrücke and the roundabout). Thus, the work of the A.I.D.E. and finally those of the church to be tackled. On ..0 the opening of the offers took place in the premises of the ÖDW in Verviers as a result of the public tendering of the work that took place at European level. The result was that the business combination BODARWE BAGUETTE TRAGECO had deposited the cheapest offer at a total price of ... 0 (including VAT). The individual lots are divided as follows: WORK at the expense of the AMOUNT Lot A Monschauer Straße - repair of the roadway SPW-MET.0.0, Lot B Monschauer Straße - construction of the sidewalks of Gemeinde.0, lot of infrastructure in the revitalization area of ​​the municipality .., lot of sewer relocations in Monschauer Street and revitalization area AIDE .., Los Monschauer Straße. Laying of a new water pipe municipality., Around 0 working days are estimated for the execution of this work, so practically several years. Work can be expected to begin before the coming summer.

7 Police action week In the week of. until. October intensifies compliance with the various regulations relating to the maintenance of hedges and parcels, free roaming dogs and house numbers. Violations are punished with administrative penalties of up to 0.00. I would like to remind you once again that the administrative police ordinance of the Eifel communities a.o. provides for the following provisions: For the maintenance of the hedges ... Hedges and plantings that delimit the property and the public road or that are laid out near the public road must be cared for all year round so that they do not affect the protrude from the public street, do not obstruct the view and do not hinder anyone. Traffic signs, power supplies, cable television, public lighting, electrical, telephone, television distribution poles and sidewalks must remain clear. The hedges must remain limited to a height of. 0 m, provided they are less than two meters from the tramway. The rubbish created by trimming the hedges must be picked up and cleared away immediately. Cycle paths and sidewalks must be swept clean. The hedge must be cut at least once a year before. November. For the maintenance of properties ... In built-up areas or residential areas, parcels that lie fallow, are built on or serve as pastureland, must be kept perfectly clean. In principle, these plots need to be mowed or cleaned twice a year: the first time before the. July and the second time before September 0. As for stray dogs ... it is forbidden to let dogs stray unattended or to give them exercise in public or private places that are open to the public. Dogs must be kept on a leash. About the house numbers ... A house number must be placed on the street facade of each building. This must be clearly visible from the street at all times. If necessary, a repetition should be attached to the mailbox. Dear fellow citizens! These provisions serve to make coexistence safer and to maintain the quality of life in our localities. Sunday work The municipality of Bütgenbach has been recognized as a tourist municipality! At the. On June 0, the responsible federal minister, Joëlle MILQUET, approved the application of the municipality of Bütgenbach for recognition as a tourist center for the entire municipality.In the past, the village of Bütgenbach was recognized as such as a tourist center, which allowed Sunday work in retail and hairdressing salons. The retail trade in all localities in the municipality now benefits from this regulation. Sunday employment in retail shops in tourist centers is regulated by the Royal Decree of. Further information on this is available from the administration but also from the representative of the SME associations.

8 WASTE CALENDAR 0 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC PAPER PAPER 0 0 PAPER PAPER PAPER PAPER Weekend Holidays Bulky waste for the villages of Weywertz, Elsenborn and Lager Elsenborn Bulky waste for the localities of Bütgenbach, Berg, Nidrum, Küchel Publisher of the information sheet: Community college of the community of Bütgenbach with seat in the community center. The parish college, the parish council and the parish administration wish all citizens of the parish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 0! Municipality of Bütgenbach Municipal administration of Bütgenbach Zum Brand 0-0 BÜTGENBACH Tel.: 00 / Fax: 00 /