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Ballpoint pen comparison 2021

  • A ballpoint pen with an engraving is a great gift for a successful apprenticeship, an anniversary or the beginning of self-employment. Instead of always writing with cheap giveaways, you should at least treat yourself to a high-quality retractable ballpoint pen or twist ballpoint pen.
  • With this writing instrument, not only the writing color plays an important role in many industries, but also the line thickness and weight. Many people like a ballpoint pen with a thick grip better when handling, while others prefer light ballpoint pens.
  • Wooden ballpoint pens not only look classy, ​​but can also be used forever thanks to the replaceable refills. If you don't write with your right hand, you will also find special ballpoint pens for left-handers.

If at school they are forced to write first with a pencil and then with a rollerball or fountain pen for a long time, most people switch to ballpoint pens for good reasons at some point. Because a pen hardly spills, can Take notes at breakneck speed and does not have to be constantly sharpened or refilled with new cartridges. Most desks have mostly very cheap promotional gifts, which unfortunately often do not sit comfortably in the hand and only partially deliver good results when writing.

We have therefore researched various plastic and stainless steel ballpoint pen tests on the Internet at COMPUTER BILD, what a really good pen should be able to do. Find out in our ballpoint pen comparison 2021 how you can recognize good holding comfort, why the mechanism has to be robust and why there are also models for left and right-handers for the pen.

1. What is a ballpoint pen?

Stainless steel ballpoint pens look very classy.

Before we deal in detail with the findings from ballpoint pen tests, we will introduce you to COMPUTER BILD the functionality and the most important properties of a ballpoint pen in front.

That often also known as pen for short goes back to inventions and patents in the 19th century, when until then writing was only possible with pens or ink pens and liquid ink. The alternative to the damp and often spattering ink were pens and pieces of charcoal, with which the writing could be smeared very easily.

The ballpoint pen, on the other hand, uses ink paste to transfer the movements of the hand onto paper and hardly stains and does not have to dry for a long time. It rotates a tiny ball at the tip and absorbs ink paste from the reservoir inside and releases it again on the paper side in a targeted and well-dosed manner.

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Today we often think of twist ballpoint pens as ballpoint pens that are not opened by a pressure mechanism, but by a twisting movement. Originally, it meant the rotation of the ball.

Blotting paper and separating sheets are also useful for ballpoint pens

When writing in exercise books, it makes sense to place a separator sheet or a piece of blotting paper between the pages of ballpoint pens and fountain pens. Because if you apply pressure again on the back, the ink paste of the ballpoint pen often rubs off again.

Fountain pens tend to have to be moved a little slower and more carefully over the paper in order to achieve a decent result. A red, black or blue ballpoint pen, however dashes across the paper in no time at all. Exactly for this reason, students should not write with a pen, because it makes the script less legible. Another advantage of the ballpoint pen is the fact that you don't have to let the lines dry for so long.

Another advantage of ballpoint pens with a logo or luxury ballpoint pens is that compact and robust construction. Where the tips of pencils and colored pencils constantly break off and a separate cap on the fountain pen keeps the ink from leaking, with the pen, the lead is simply retracted at the push of a button or by turning. In addition, there are often clips in the rear area with which the pens with names can either be attached to documents, a pad or even the shirt pocket.

The advantages of the ballpoint pen with company logo or your own ballpoint pen in gold with name at a glance:

  • writes quickly and without spills
  • available in many colors
  • no dry season
  • no leakage
  • attractively priced
  • robust and practical

2. Ballpoint pens in comparison: What are the different categories?

You can divide engraved pens or promotional gifts into different categories according to their line width in mm, which we hardly need to explain in more detail. That is why we looked at COMPUTER BILD in the ballpoint pen tests on the Internet for other types into which the great variety of pens can be classified. Since we also find the classification according to font color or design superfluous, we opted for the mechanism for moving the tip out decided:

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Type of mechanismproperties
Printing mechanism

  • The pen consists of a housing with a lead guide and a lead
  • Refills sold separately for refill
  • available in numerous colors and designs
  • The button at the rear end drives the lead out of the front of the housing with a click
  • very robust and cheap
Rotating mechanism

  • The pen consists of a housing with a lead guide and a lead
  • Refills sold separately for refill
  • available in numerous colors and designs
  • Mine is moved out of the housing at the front by rotating the two housing parts
  • a little more sensitive and a little more expensive

Everyone has their own individual preferences with the two mechanisms, which can hardly be assessed using generally binding parameters. In very rare cases, the retractable ballpoint pen has the disadvantage that accidental pressure on the button drives out the refill and so on Documents, shirts or bags are dirty.

Tip: Both variants are equally suitable as a promotional gift and can be printed on as a ballpoint pen. You can also give good customers or business partners a ballpoint pen with a stylus or a pen with a USB stick, which offer greater added value.

3. Ballpoint pens in tests: which purchase criteria should one pay attention to?

If you buy a ballpoint pen that you use yourself or give away as a gift, pay attention to certain properties in advance. Unlike Stiftung Warentest, we do not name a single ballpoint pen test winner, but only that one best pen for your preferences. As a left-hander, you will prefer a different model than a right-hander with pre-formed recessed grips.

Inexpensive pens with a logo are often sufficient to give away to a large number of unknown people at trade fairs, while you can treat yourself to a chic ballpoint pen from Tchibo just because of its color. We have in our purchase advice collected some detailsThings To Think About Before Buying:

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3.1. What are the advantages of ballpoint pens for printing or ballpoint pens with engraving?

A ballpoint pen with a name can be wonderfully given away to an employee who has passed the exam or for an anniversary. He then never again has to discuss with colleagues who the pen belongs to. Printing on ballpoint pens is a great way to get around fond memories of customers and business partners to stay. This is also a small and affordable gift that everyone can use as a give-aways at an open house or at a trade fair.

3.2. How do you recognize a high-quality ballpoint pen?

There are ballpoint pens for both right and left handers.

High-quality ballpoint pens made of wood or stainless steel with a certain value practically never break. In addition, replacement refills are available from manufacturers, which makes an expensive ballpoint pen sustainable. The materials here are never thin, cheap plastic, but rather high quality and in good workmanship equally beautiful and robust.

In addition to the noiseless and robust mechanics in a blue ballpoint pen of high quality plays holding comfort plays an important role. It varies from person to person whether you find a ballpoint pen with a thick handle comfortable or whether you prefer to hold thinner, non-slip handles between your fingers. Some people feel more comfortable with heavy materials, while others prefer to hold delicate and light designs in their hands.

3.3. What role do the flow of writing and the line width play in mm?

The line width in mm is important for teachers and editors, for example, who often have to add something between the lines that have been written on. Thin line widths are popular here, but draftsmen and technicians also often love thin line widths in mm for sketches and corrections.

The writing flow of the ballpoint pen nib should be fluent and pleasant without dropouts occur. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with cheap promotional gifts, but with good pens the writing flow is unrestricted until the ink paste runs out. Then you should change the mine.

The font color, in turn, sometimes just has something to do with your preferences, while in different companies too Documentation color codes be used. Employees always assign receipts in red, while notes are entered in a different color.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fountain pen?

If you often stage yourself as the head of state with signatures on treaties and agreements, a fountain pen is of course unbeatably chic. In daily practice, the writing instruments present themselves with the following arguments on the pros and cons:

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  • very noble typeface
  • particularly attractive designs, exclusive typeface
  • many ink colors available
  • needs to dry for a long time
  • Ink cartridges dry out / leak
  • impractical

5. How do you use a ballpoint pen?

The writing flow of the ballpoint pen nib should be smooth and pleasant without dropouts.

Ballpoint pens are suitable for taking notes on paper and can neither on smooth surfaces such as mirrors or tiles can still be used legibly on soft surfaces such as kitchen rolls. After grabbing a piece of paper, a pad, or a scrap of paper, all you have to do is move the pen's lead out of the tip. This is done either by rotating the housing or by pressing a push button.

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6. Which brands and manufacturers offer ballpoint pens?

Well-known brands such as Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Faber Castell, Pelikan and Stabilo offer great pens, but also manufacturers such as Schneider, Tombow and BIC were able to achieve good results in comparison.

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7. The most important questions and answers about the ballpoint pen comparison

7.1. Do I have to disinfect pens?

In case of contamination Usually a damp wipe is sufficient. However, once you have loaned your pen, it makes sense to disinfect the pen for reasons of hygiene.

7.2. How expensive is a good ballpoint pen?

You already get high-quality pens for around 10 eurosThere are no limits to the top with gold-plated pens or diamonds.

7.3. What helps against stains from the ballpoint pen?

You can use robust fabrics proceed with citric acid or vinegar essence. A special ballpoint pen killer from specialist retailers helps in leather briefcases.

7.4. Are there ballpoint pens for left-handers?

Yes, there are actually some ballpoint pens that are designed to match the ergonomics of the left hand,

7.5. What are ballpoint pens with multiple refills?

These ballpoint pens are equipped with different colored refills that can be changed by clicking on the side.

Lamy ballpoint pen model 205
Customer favorite: the best-rated product in comparison on Amazon
Currently available from € 8.60
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Writing fluency+++
Balance and holding comfort+++
"Does the price of the Lamy ballpoint pen model 205 really include an engraving on the surface?""Yes, the Lamy ballpoint pen model 205 is laser-engraved in black / gray with a maximum of 40 characters according to your requirements."
Montblanc ballpoint pen with twist mechanism
Currently available for € 378.89
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Writing fluency+++
Balance and holding comfort++
"Does the price of the Montblanc ballpoint pen with twist mechanism include an engraving?""No, that is not possible before you buy it. You must subsequently order the engraving from a specialist on site or directly from the manufacturer if you want to decorate the Montblanc ballpoint pen with a twist mechanism."
Parker Jotter Stainless Steel
Currently available for € 12.66
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Writing fluency++
Balance and holding comfort++
"Does the Parker Jotter stainless steel ballpoint pen not slip out of your hand when you sweat because of its smooth surface?""The Parker Jotter stainless steel ballpoint pen sits comfortably in the hand. Every ballpoint pen with a smooth surface slips when you sweat."
Parker IM Gunmetal C.C. Ballpoint Pen S0856490
Currently available from € 29.00
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Writing fluency++
Balance and holding comfort++
"Is the Parker IM Gunmetal C.C. S0856490 ballpoint pen also suitable as a gift?""Yes, the Parker IM Gunmetal C.C. S0856490 ballpoint pen is particularly suitable as a gift, as it is in a jewelry box and an individual engraving is also included in the price."

Which are the best pens from our pen test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal ballpoint pen test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Lamy ballpoint pen model 205 - from 8.60 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Montblanc ballpoint pen with twist mechanism - from 378.89 euros
  • 3rd place - very good: Parker Jotter Stainless Steel - from 12.66 euros
  • 4th place - very good: Parker ballpoint pen IM Gunmetal C.C. S0856490 - from 29.00 euros
  • 5th place - good: Schneider LOOX ballpoint pen - from 23.79 euros
  • 6th place - good: Schneider Slider Rave XB ballpoint pen - from 4.29 euros
  • 7th place - good: Faber-Castell 241190 ballpoint pen - from 4.90 euros
  • 8th place - good: Tombow BC-AP12 Air Press ballpoint pen - from 7.13 euros
  • 9th place - good: BIC Cristal Medium ballpoint pen - from 5.99 euros
  • 10th place - good: Online miniature twist ballpoint pen - from 5.70 euros
  • 11th place - good: Stabilo Pointball - from 14.63 euros
  • 12th place - good: Pearl ballpoint pen with light - from 6.87 euros

So that you can choose either the 4 "very good" ballpoint pen models or the 8 "good" ballpoint pen models despite the particularly large selection of different ballpoint pen models, the table also contains the comparison winner Lamy ballpoint pen model 205 and the Price-performance winner Schneider ballpoint pen Slider Rave XB for 4.29 euros.

In addition to Parker, it is also the manufacturer Schneider who is represented in the pen comparison with several "good" and "very good" pens. A total of 2 ballpoint pens from the product overview above can be attributed to the respective brand.

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How many different manufacturers are examined and rated in the ballpoint pen comparison?

The editorial team examines and evaluates a total of 10 different manufacturers for you. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Schneider, Faber-Castell, Tombow, BIC, Online, Stabilo or Pearl. More information "

How much do I have to pay at least for a ballpoint pen?

You can buy the cheapest ballpoint pen for 4.29 euros, a maximum of 378.89 euros for a ballpoint pen. More information under ballpoint pen test. More information "

Which ballpoint pen is particularly popular with customers?

Customers have rated the BIC Cristal Medium ballpoint pen a total of 13947 times - it is the most frequently rated ballpoint pen in our product comparison. In contrast, the Lamy model 205 ballpoint pen received the most stars on average. More information "

Which ballpoint pens clearly stand out from the competition in the evaluation?

The following products deserve special mention due to the rating "VERY GOOD" by the editorial team:

  • Lamy ballpoint pen model 205
  • Montblanc ballpoint pen with twist mechanism
  • Parker Jotter Stainless Steel
  • Parker IM Gunmetal C.C. Ballpoint Pen S0856490
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Which well-known models does the ballpoint pen comparison contain?

If you want to buy a ballpoint pen, the following list may help you, which summarizes our ballpoint pen comparison (or test) again:

  • Pearl ballpoint pen with light
  • Stabilo pointball
  • Online miniature twist ballpoint pen
  • BIC Ballpoint Pen Cristal Medium
  • Tombow BC-AP12 Air Press ballpoint pen
  • Faber-Castell 241190 ballpoint pen
  • Schneider ballpoint pen Slider Rave XB
  • Schneider ballpoint pen LOOX
  • Parker IM Gunmetal C.C. Ballpoint Pen S0856490
  • Parker Jotter Stainless Steel
  • Montblanc ballpoint pen with twist mechanism
  • Lamy ballpoint pen model 205
More information "

Which other products, similar to those from the ballpoint pen comparison, are recommended to customers?

We recommend ballpoint pens as well as Montblanc ballpoint pens, Lamy ballpoint pens and Parker ballpoint pens. More information "